Rice Pudding Recipe Demonstration -

hi I'm Stephanie giorgia joy baking calm

today we're going to make a creamy rice

pudding what I think of as the ultimate

in comfort food and this is a really

easy recipe to make and it uses the most

basic of ingredients things like sugar

and rice and milk things that we

normally have in our pantries now while

a lot of recipes bake the rice pudding

in the oven I prefer to do it on the

stove so to begin we need about a

medium-sized saucepan and to the

saucepan add two and a half cups that's

about 600 milliliters of milk now you

can use whole milk or you could do use a

reduced fat milk just keep in mind that

the fat content of the milk if you use a

whole milk your rice pudding will be a

lot more creamier than if you say a 1%

but I mean the choice is yours

and try to use an organic if you can

because that has much better flavor now

so to the milk I'm just going to add a

third of a cup which is 80 milliliters

of rice now I like to use white rice and

you can use either a short grain or long

grain rice I'm using a short grain today

and then just add a pinch of salt but an

eighth of a teaspoon I like to use a

kosher salt and that's it for now so

we're just going to put this on medium

high heat and we're going to just bring

it to a boil just like what you would do

when you make steamed rice just stir it

to kind of mix it and then now you may

think that only a third of a cup of rice

to two and a half cups of milk that

seems like a lot but keep in mind that

the rice does expand as it cooks and we

do want some pudding so we need quite a

bit of milk to rice so just bring this

to a boil

okay so as you can see the milk is

starting to boil so just turn your heat

down to medium medium-low just so the

milk is simmering and what we want to do

is continue to cook the rice and we're

not going to cover the pan like you

would say steamed rice we're going to

just cook this at a simmer until the

rice is just tender you don't want it

mushy you want to tender or al dente as

I say and that will take about 25

minutes depending on your heat so adjust

the heat to keep it at a simmer and then

stir it you don't have to stir it

constantly but stir it every once in a

while so the rice doesn't stick to the

bottom of the pan and you can use like I

have here a heatproof spatula or you can

just use our rubber spoon so just

continue to cook this and stir it every

once in a while until it's tender okay

it's been about 25 minutes and what I

like to do is actually taste it to make

sure that the rice is tender yeah so

what it has it has a little bit of a

chew to it it's not like mushy still

holds its shape so that's what you want

so just remove it from the heat and then

I have a quarter of a cup of granulated

white sugar it's 450 grams and I'm just

going to add about a quarter of a

teaspoon of ground cinnamon to that and

stir it in if you don't like cinnamon in

your rice pudding then just leave that

out but this is the way I've always

eaten it and I've made it without the

cinnamon and I always feel it's just

lacking something so let's just stir

that in so it's one of those things my

mother always made it with ground

cinnamon so I have to have it with that

it but you can certainly leave it out

okay so now we're going to put it back

on the heat and

again just simmer it now we're going to

simmer it for about five to ten minutes

and all this we'll want is to just

thicken up our rice pudding just a

little bit it's still a little runny

right now so about 5-10 minutes and

stirred quite often just until it's

thickened up a little okay our rice

pudding has thickened so I'm going to

remove it from the heat so this is about

what you're looking for now remember

this will continue to thicken as it

cools and now I'm going to add one

teaspoon of pure vanilla extract is it

nice vanilla flavor which is always good

in rice pudding and I always like

raisins in my rice pudding so I'm going

to add about a quarter of a cup about 30

grams of dark raisins you can use golden

or you could just leave it out if you

don't like raisins it's another one of

those childhood things so now this will

make two large servings or three smaller

I was like a large bowl and you can just

you want to let it cool a little so hot

to serve you'll see two pretty

good-sized soup bowls of rice pudding

now I would let it cool little obviously

it's a little hot right now if you want

a film on the top of skin as they call

it just let them cool like this

personally I don't like the skin so I am

going to cover it with some plastic wrap

you can on serve these quite warm room

temperature or even cold you can serve

them with a dollop of whipped cream if

you like or some jam on top that's also

very good so until next time I'm

Stephanie jours give joy baking calm