How to Make Old Fashioned Rice Pudding: Deep South Meso Style

hey guys it's your girl me so here how

are you doing welcome to my kitchen

where I want you to come on in and get

in here and help me to make this

old-fashioned Deep South rice cream you

see here I've got some water already

pulling and I've got some last year this

is four cups of rice got to get it into

this boiling water now you use your

package directions to make how much you

need for your family how many people

you're going to serve look at your

package directions we got to cover this

and I'm gonna let it simmer for about 12

minutes okay so that's that action has

already happened and look what I got

this rice is done and I'm gonna go ahead

and continue with my recipe see how

flaky that is looks good so let's just

take a look at some of the ingredients

that we use you see here I have three

eggs I do have some allspice some nutmeg

cinnamon I have some ginger

focus ginger yeah I have got some

vanilla flavoring I've got some rum

flavoring some lemon flavoring and some

butt tuck yeah okay so I've got some

sweetened condensed milk and I have a

half a stick of butter I've got a hook

these eggs up excuse me

then I'm gonna go ahead and take up my

rice now I'm gonna be using some of this

rice in another recipe so I'm gonna use

eight cups for this recipe so here's

four of the eight cups and get them in

this bowl and that's the second four

cups this is a cuts it off alright let

me go ahead and whip my eggs and I'm out

Oh what my um Khalid's milk and I'm

gonna get it into my eggs I'm gonna put

all that together

now you see that I put some butter into

this rice and we go ahead and get the

mixture of eggs and the condensed milk

in there and I'm going to start putting

in my in my flavors so remember that we

had the lemon yeah we had the vanilla

and I'm using about a teaspoon of each

but for the vanilla music about I have a

teaspoon and a half this is my rum

flavoring that's going in right now and

this is my butter flavoring oh yeah

coming back in with that nutmeg and the

allspice where's my cinnamon cinnamon


got put ginger in this is gonna be about

1/4 of a teaspoon of ginger you can put

more if you'd like I've got 1 cup of

raisins and make sure your raisins are

plump if they're a little bit dried out

you just put them in some water and put

them in the microwave for a few minutes

I'm mixing this together here okay I've

got a can of coconut milk that I'm gonna

add at this time this this dessert is so

rich it's so good and so I'm just

getting this mixed up so I have milk

here the extra I'm using 2% milk

go put 2 cups of milk into this and just

a dash of salt maybe an eighth of a

teaspoon make sure you put your salt in

cuz it's gonna enhance all those flavors

let me put it it's gonna bring it all

together it's gonna make every flavors

pop it's dead out I have grease that's 9

by 13 casserole dish and I'm getting all

of this and I do say all of this in this

casserole dish so I know it might ball

over so I put foil on my cookie sheet so

how much I'll clean up he goes into my

oven at 350 degrees I'm gonna bake mind

for an hour look at that

let's get this guy out of here let me

get this in a bowl I can get to the next

step and start tasting and let you know

what this guy is tasting like so I've

got this in a bowl look at that

if you could smell my kitchen right now

you'd want to move in with me and you

would never want to move out let me go

ahead and taste this why am i playing

around let me taste it oh yeah

this is good guys I like mine just like

this and I also like mine creamier I

just like it any way that I get it hmm

look at that

I'm just tipping y'all I'm just messing

with y'all but if you want yours

creamier just don't cook it as long do

the same thing and maybe check it at 45

minutes and it'll be cleaner but I like

mine any way I can get it this stuff is

delicious I want to thank you all for

coming by and watching my channel get

some of this in your life get some of

this in your life get you some feed this

to your man too you want to be man to

your kids to your girl feed this to

yourself you're worth it I just

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