Fragrant Spiced Rice Pudding | Gordon Ramsay

fragrant spice rice pudding I love

cooking with spices but you don't have

to just cook save your dishes using

aromatics and spices across desserts

takes your puddings to a completely

different level first off a spices this

is a fresh vanilla pod fragrant and

packed full of flavor use the back of

the knife and flatten it that removes

all those little seeds off the skin of

the vanilla pod take your knife slice

down the middle and then when you open

that up smell is incredible take the tip

of the knife and you scrape inside and

look all those seeds dying to come out

that is incredible there are thousands

of seeds still ingrained to the pod so

put them in the casserole cardamom

powerful spicy take two little pods

place your knife on top lightly crack

them cracking the cardamom pods helps

release all the amazing flavor close

because that kind of aniseed flavor with

a lot of depth one two three cinnamon

stick snap and in just smelling that

level of fragrance you can imagine what

the rice put in the taste-off turn on

the heat lightly toast those spices just

a couple of seconds I was gonna happen

it's just gonna sort of enhance those

spices in a way that it just draws out

and even more powerful fragrance coconut

milk in sugar two tablespoons

milk and then a couple of tablespoons of

cream bring it slowly to the boil to

allow the flavors to infuse and this

rice pudding reminds me of my time in

India where I got really into that chai

tea fragrance because it was just so

delicious and so comforting

take a line in the line just cuts

through the richness of the coconut

gives it that nice little bit of acidity

goes fantastically well with a cinnamon

and that fresh vanilla nice have a taste

hmm now let's go up to the ball give it

a nice little clean around the outside

and in with a rice use 200 grams of

pudding rice don't wash it beforehand

because the starch helps thicken the

rice pudding in the oven and just turn

that down to a light simmer and the

pudding rice starts to open up and it

absorbs all that coconut vanilla

cardamom clove and cinnamon bring up to

the ball gently and cook it out for

three to five minutes boiling it rapidly

the rice opens up and it goes into mush

we'll want to keep that nice texture

that sort of fragrant rice pudding on a

gentle simmer

next a little luxury I will show you how

I take this simple delicious aromatic

rice pudding to a completely different

level here's what I do take two egg


separate them now give that a really

nice whisk to nice tablespoons of

mascarpone cheese whisk that into the

egg yolks just as nice and smooth it's

almost like finishing the rice pudding

and a delicious custard turn off the gas

add that into the rice pudding and what

happens it starts to enrich and really

thicken this rice pudding and takes it

to a completely different level the rice

is still not cooked start to get nice

and soft you can just see how it's

opening up but look it's like rich

aromatic lava bubbling away finally

great more citrus zest the lime on top

roasted caramelized lime zest on top of

the rice pudding is phenomenal then put

it in the other 15 minutes at 200

degrees to finish cooking the rice and

develop the intensely aromatic flavors

look at that an incredibly fragrant rice

pudding how beautiful is that look

spices are a brilliant way of helping

classic dishes come alive

I'll guarantee you'll never ever have

had a rice pudding like this before

yeah the beef start placing it around

your salad saffron is the most expensive

spice in the world made from the dried

stigma of crocus flowers