Ol' Fashioned Rice Pudding


I got a good one for you today I'm going

to make an old-fashioned rice pudding

okay and and so this is something that

you can do when you have extra rice you

know you can the next day you can make a

rice pudding all right so what we gonna

what you're gonna need is this I'm gonna

put on the topping at this cooked before

we serve it so I'm just actually show

you what you're gonna need is you're

gonna need for a family of four you're

gonna need two cups of rice or between

two and two and a half I was saying

cups of rice depends on how well and how

much they like a half a stick of butter

and you the grace has to be cooked okay

this is cooked rice half a stick of

butter a cup of milk a cup of brown

sugar 3 eggs and this is for the pudding

part after we cook it for 30 minutes

we're going to add 1/4 of a cup a little

bit more it depends on how well and how

much you like raisins this is a teaspoon

of vanilla and then we're gonna sprinkle

the top with ground nutmeg okay so what

we can do because this is this is a pan

and we're gonna put this in and this got

water in it so you're gonna make water

in a this is because we want our sea

willing to come about halfway so because

we're gonna cook it in the oven in the

water okay so what we gonna do we going

to mix this together

okay we mix all this together and since

we're gonna cook it in this water and we

can we can mix it up in the pan that we

gonna cooking in okay all right so we go

as simple as easy and it's fast and

we're gonna use a half of this butter

and make sure your butter is soft

otherwise you can melt it you can me up

the butter mind is soft so about half of

a stick of butter should be enough okay

now if you're making more a bigger one

then you ant you just double your recipe

okay all right you put your butter yeah

this is this is um your brown sugar

about a cup just mix it real good and

we're going to use our needs so what

we're gonna do is right

over here and this stir it okay now what

we gonna do next we're going to cook it

in the oven in this pan for 30 minutes

we're gonna take it out and we're gonna

add the vanilla and the UM and B raisins

but we're not gonna add them right now

okay all right we're gonna cook this for

30 minutes in the water make sure you

have your cooking in the water because

that's why we should do a Mississippi

all right okay so let me open my 350 for

30 minutes and then we're gonna add the

raisins and the vanilla and we're gonna

sprinkle this on the top you know nut

meat on the top of the whole thing and

it won't cook it for another 30 minutes

one hour all together I'll be back and

I'll show you what it looks like

welcome back so if see our rice pudding

is done and see we cooked it in steam

water see how 1/2 cup see we the water

gets hot and the first half

we used we had the top on because you

remember 30 minutes you're gonna cook it

and then you're gonna take it out the

oven and you're gonna put the raisins

and you see if I have a put the Rays and

see the raisins right here you're gonna

put the raisins and vanilla and you're

gonna sprinkle on top with with the of

nutmeg and you're gonna put leave the

lid off and put it back in with the

water with the same pan back in like

that and then for the last 30 minutes

and you can serve it hot or a cold you

can serve it right but it's right out of

the oven if you want to or you can let

it chill okay so I'm gonna and I'm gonna

taste it hot shoot I'm going to taste it

hot but you can eat either or either

wait hot or chilled okay so let's try it

alright see you look that's the way it's

supposed to look okay and then you can

use whip topping whipped topping if you

would like to you can use it with that

without that's optional you don't have

to do it if you don't want to okay put a

little topping on top of it all right

good let's try it

it's hot it's real hot too just came out

of it yes oh that's so good yes it's hot

so I can't eat too much of it because

it's too hot but I just wanted you to

see it and this is a excellent dish to

make with rice that's you know that's

leftover you know you can because you

have to have cooked rice and so rice

that's leftover that you used and you

could you couldn't use this you don't

have to throw it away make a rice

pudding that's what we used to do a

Mississippi okay it's delicious

I mean it's so delicious excellent for

the holiday remember how they said this

is our holiday series excellent so good

I wish you was here to share it with me

okay and see you think it's easy the

dish you make it in you can make sure

you have a dish that has a cover to it

so that when you get ready to put it in

your freezer and you have the cover on

it or you're gonna leave it so the

people can come and eat as they please

it could cause an eat it cold or hot or

chilled no good oh so good

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