How To Make The Best Rice Pudding Ever!

today we're doing something new

something fresh I have never done this

category yet as far as I can think of

it's called desert I try to stay away

from deserts

I should stay away from pasta too but

we're going to do dessert it's going to

be rice pudding now this is the way my

family does it it is a simple version

it's easy but long it's going to take

about two hours to make total from

beginning to end but it's a piece of

cake to make okay here's all the

ingredients you have 4 cups of water you

got 6 cups of milk 2 cups of sugar

one-and-a-half cups of long grain rice

now I'm all about prep work so what I'm

going to do is I'm gonna take these

three ingredients I'm going to mix them

in the bowl and stir it up and leave

them there until the very end okay but

let me show you how to do this first

before we start cooking the rice all

right now I don't know if many of you

know how to crack eggs is how I do it

okay you tap them together until one

breaks set the other one down so you

have a little dent ation just press your

fingers there and separate comes right

out now when you get down to the bottom

one I just kind of take my knuckle and

tap it like that it's a little Messier

but it still separates easy 1 tablespoon

of vanilla this is obviously just for

flavoring there we go

drop it in there here is a dash of


dash is just kind of a shake or two so

we're just going to that's a dash then

you take this mixture what I want you to

do is I want you to to mix that all up

right there break it up break the yolk

up stir it up and then once again before

you put this in the rice pudding mixture

you're going to have to do it again a

little mixing ok it's going to separate

that's it

looks nasty it's going to be delicious

all I care about is the end result for

the 4 cups of water into the pan put the

rice in the water then you're going to

turn it on high flame now you just want

to high flame till it starts to boil

going to cook this just like you would

pasta okay keep stirring it this recipes

could require you to constantly check it

and stir it I would not go more than a

minute or two without stirring so once

again it's going to be a long process

piece of cake

so we're going to cook this down right

now when this gets thick we're going to

throw the next ingredient in as you can

see the rice is thickening up

be careful keep stirring this getting

real puffy now now here's a tip you want

to remember this if anything sticks

during this entire process leave it on

the bottom keep going

do not scrape the bottom with a spoon

just stir on top okay once again

anything sticks leave it on the bottom

to the end you'll scrub it out later

it will not ruin the rice pudding I've

done it you can now see that almost all

the water is gone out of this rice it's

really puffy a little bit of water left

so this is what you're going to do you

can take those six cups of milk and add

that in there we're going to cook that

down next our flames at 50% here's what

I recommend the milk should be at room

temperature but if it's cold it's going

to take a little bit longer to heat up I

go back up to high till it starts to

bubble bring it back down to 50% again

okay now it's time to pour in your sugar

and it should thin it out a little bit

there we go now sugar right in there and

as you mix it up and that sugar melts

into the mixture you're going to see it

kind of loosen up a little bit and it's

kind of like almost make it lazy looking

too as you can see it's looking really

thick really creamy and really shiny

okay you're going to be tempted to call

this done I'm telling you when you think

it's done you're probably going to be

about five more minutes away so be

patient okay

now it's getting pretty thick look at

that we're going to add in the mixture

at the end here's the important process

now you guys remember this mixture here

is the egg the cinnamon the vanilla we

made in the very beginning okay it's

what you're going to want to do you're

going to pour it in slowly you're going

to mix it in you don't want the egg

cooking in a clump so you got to keep

stirring this is the probably the

hardest part it's not hard

at all ready here we go put in a little

bit stop make sure it blends in whoops

all over the place good job jack just

put it in nice and smooth okay there we


don't get too carried away and put in

some more and put in some more just

slowly stir it in no great rush it's

only getting a thicker and better make

sure it mixes it all and good don't want

to see any yellow should blend right in

okay oh wow you could totally smell the

cinnamon now the sugar the cinnamon Saul

mixing together it's delicious keep

stirring it and it's all blended good

turn the flame off and we're going to

pour this out all right let's pour this

in the bowl and see how that goes

pour it in slowly now to top it off take

your cinnamon lightly sprinkle the

surface you're going to stick that in

the frigerator depending on how you like

it you want a really cold leave it in

there for about 15-20 minutes you like

it just chilled a little bit you want a

little warmth to it

then just put it in for about five

minutes and that is my family's rice

pudding secret recipe we only make this

during the holidays normally but I

haven't done a dessert so I thought I

would do one and the good news is I just

scraped some right off the other pot

that's right there's always something up

in the pot don't rinse the pot right

away the kids love the pot and I didn't

burn any none none

all right so here we go so we're gonna

try this oh wow

cinnamon sugar it's beautiful here we go

oh that's delicious and in celebration

I'm gonna go to Walmart right now and

pick up my miracle knives and we're

going to start filming that video next

enjoy I'll enjoy see you later