How To Build A Great Holding Company For Business!

hey what's going on guys we'll blend it

thank you for coming back to the channel

first of all

a strange things started happening on my

channel mainly sanaya business

you guys started listening you just

thought more people are starting to


you know I'm not saying it's a traumatic

amount but I'm getting some viewers like

the same viewers comment so I know it's

the same people who don't really start a

watch and that tells me that

you believe in what I'm trying to pull


and that is to build

not perfect

but a well-structured holding company

build corporate credit on that holding


I'm at least three operating companies

under my holding company

bring it all in money a backup to my

holding company

I know I can pull this back cut off guys

because I've set up corporations before

but I didn't have all the pieces

I put all together all the pieces from

everything I've been doing for the past

couple of years all of my mistakes

you know reverse the mistakes and not

spend unnecessarily

I'm Tony guys I have all any workings to

build a successful company that could

possibly make me those I don't want to

set the bar too


I have everything in place think about


I have a company to set up LLC's or


the company could build a business


I even have a company a place to help

you repair your own personal credit

like who's gonna do for me so I have all

the pieces

necessary to make this company

successful the only thing I really don't

have design it pick a CPA law firm

because there's to thinking about going

one I know it's going to be drastically

more cheaper but the other that will be

more expensive but being there like

lawyers on top of CPAs so it's like

we're deed to real estate law so they

could give you all the loopholes

necessary on the real estate side but

the other company off thing about going

with is dramatically cheaper good advice

but amazingly cheaper and they don't

have the law stopped on they got the CPA

stuff down


but a certain just certain laws that the

other company has that's why they could

charge you more money

certain laws they know about

so I have that in place I'm finally

gonna go to cheaper just to set up my

initial holding company because I don't

look at it is it makes sense to charge a

lot of money up front I'll pay a lot of

money up front when I could make some

money and then go back and go get higher

paying companies to do stuff

so that's my goal

I'll set up the holding company

with the cheaper CPA law firms whatever

his last company let them set that up

for me start working on my

transportation company

the media company act relaxed because

I'm already building it every time I do

videos on YouTube I'm building the media

code or what will be in immediately

this is setup now the LLC in Connecticut

but what I'm going to do is just let

because I never paid taxes yet on this

LLC I'm probably just gonna let this

time out as far as when you're supposed

to renew you all your fees and every day

and just have my holding company start a

new LLC to control generic business

so my proof

I'm gonna need proof to get more clients

paying me a thousand two thousand three

thousand just for my services so for in

order for me to do that and pull that

off I've got to build all this stuff for

myself first

believe it or not you have to do all

this stuff yourself just the province of

people that it can be done

so all myself I'm going to build a brand

new holding company build corporate

credit on it

it won't be hard to get my credit rate

because I have the rate credit repair

company in mind

you know I let it lapse a little bit

that's the amazing stuff about this even

if you let her lapse a little bit you

made some mistakes you can always go

back and fix it and if you even make a

mistake on a LLC you could just either

start a new one and just shut down that

one so there's no ends to this stuff you

put the Builder as many corporations you

want providing you you're going to pay

those administrative fees to keep things

go you know there's fees involved with

setting up the corporation maintaining

business address because you don't want

to do your personal home ever for your

business so you can have a corporate

address and then that company they have

is like a mail service they will just

mailed all the corporate papers to your


or your office whatever you prefer

but I'm gonna make build all this out

while I'm doing the job at the group


over a lift z tegrity z black art

building the channels cars nachos one

channel I'm building out multiple

channels I have a channel a way of

Bootsy Glendon I have the nice guy

driver Channel I got a few other

channels that I just got dead that I'm

not really doing anything with but

actively I have for real well TV and I

don't know why but I stuck just my seat

Acree stuff over there it's just real

well TV way I'm boots he blended it's


I don't know let's put it I probably

won't gonna monetize this video now cuz

I swore but my you're gonna see

personal moments I had with friends and

family and you're gonna see a mixture of

crazy TV that I watch and a few business

video sprinkled in but not a lot just

sprinkled in you see one or two business

videos because that's what that shadow

started up as but that's mainly like a

pump just having fun on vacation or

chillin I'm gonna put those videos on

that jet he'll get to receive my real


non-artists that great now but hopefully

when a money starts rolling in there

will be something worth watching

it's not yet but it will be

just to prove to you viewers

I have to do all the stuff for myself

and then I may have to floss a little I

mean I don't like that's what's called

you know

what do they call it

let's look porn they call it

when you on here and you just flash

somebody in cars I don't want to throw

any of that out on my channel but I may

need to sprinkle a little bit in there

otherwise you guys gotta believe this

stuff to work so I may have to show a

few things here and there

that I considered valuable toys or


so just the kids you put my point across

that this is real

I may have to you know if I get a new

vehicle to show it to you it so

I'll show that so you know it's a little

bit not crazy I'm not to be flashing

money here not like that

occasional bank receipt baby baby

once I get in

but I noticed that works nice because

you know I've done all the business

stuff in the past I had a cellphone

store for three years I kept his channel

running for a couple of years I've been

in a wireless cellphone industry for

probably offline and online 20 years

thank you my own rock debt old I'm not

even fifty yet but I have experience

with different type of business

structures and entities and I've already

made the mistakes so now all I got to do

start bringing on the rate partners now

start bringing on the rig Parkers now

all I gotta do the structure on break

and then put them in place where they

can run that actual business and I don't

we - agreement I provide the ongoing

management and they've run the business

and we could do 50/50

you know you want to be generous with

this stop because these people are going

to run you what's coming your companies

they're gonna run it

so that takes you to an equation to go

start more companies that's how I'm

going to build this business by well

I'm gonna have a master holding company

most likely a s corporation and Wyoming

so there's like you know concealment did

because Wyoming they don't have to

report who owns a business and editor

details just all for like lawsuit stuff

like people try to sue me down a line

I'm gonna have this stuff set up so

flawless that you're not even gonna know

I own it to try to get money out of me

I'm gonna have my stuff structured so

everybody thinks I'm still broken

you're not gonna know I own a corporate

at the very least you're gonna think I

make decent money once I start making

some decent money but you'll just think

I'm a manager of a company you're not

gonna know I own the cup

because is corporation holding company

it's gonna be set up so did you even

look it up you want you're not going to

see my name anywhere to notoriety

therefore you can't sue me and that all

my assets are going to be segregated in

different LLC's

to avoid any lawsuits that may come up

yes some paranoid a little bit because I

know it with time and money people come

looking for

they want excuse to come out you can

take a little bit

I'm gonna set this stuff up so nobody

knows I own it

therefore they're not going to come

after me at the very least you're gonna

know I manage they come

and even with my properties if I live on

a property at home I will never tell the

tenants I own the property never I will

tell them I'm a property manager

dr. lepercahn what I'm a property

manager and then I'll probably have a

handyman in place so if they're coming

to me talking jobs but landlord what are

you gonna talk to me and I'll probably

play fake yeah yeah he's a bastard

yeah but he's throwing his check you

tell me because people will take

advantage of you if they know you're the


meanwhile I just played a property

manager they come tell me everything

that still pay to write to me but I take

all the complaints out of my life

they'll tell me to complain I'll be like

yeah okay I'll submit it to the owner

that's only the property I live on if it

has people living above below or next

door that's how I'll play down

and I'm going to start doing putting

this stuff in a plate now

as we speak I'm working on the holding

company the next step is start stacking

my money I would take the stimulus check

and put it right in the bay

and get dust all working for me to start

doing my thing either prepare my

personal training

oh sorry guys I got sick of this all cut

even in the pandemic I don't want to try

to get pulled over for nothing yummy but

uh this stuff is gonna happen

you're gonna watch me on this channel

full step-by-step what I'm doing I'm

doing it

and I'm not gonna get rich over late I'm

not thinking that but what I am thinking

is I'm gonna get rich so if it takes me

a year or two to get there you're not

gonna know it anyway because you're I'm

gonna live the same lifestyle once I get

to fifty thousand dollars a year I'm

gonna live on only fifty thousand a year

so even as my money grows in the

business that I lived on staying level

of lifestyle that's somebody that just

makes $50 here and just have my


pay for everything my homes my cars so

that 50,000 is true 50,000 you're gonna

feel rich if you have the truth $50,000

you can basically spread on food clothes

and party because your company's money

it's paying for everything


your car's your home

I can literally do a lease to myself and

pay rent to myself will say I bought it

built-in it has a couple of pockets and

I could be wandering tenants and pay

rent on my own corporation that's how

you want a structure

so you're paying rent to your own


it owns a building and then that money

flows up to my holding company which in

turn pays me

this stuff is again I said I can't prove

it to you I gotta be about it and I

understand that but I hope once things

are starting to progress along I get

more viewers on a channel I get more

people thinking ok wow this is a regular

dude and he did this stuff

and yes I am going to charge for my

service and it's not gonna be cheap

right now you can get the dirt sheet so

if you have anything for me to do now is

the time to have me to do it because I'm

geared to you guys once I get to a

certain level my prices are going to be

I'm talking thousands

because the nautch I'm going to teach

you guys I believe has worked at lunch

I really do

but especially everybody under 30 you

need to see proof which is fine so I

can't I will not expect to be making a

lot of money from this channel until I

start making progress in my home life

and then that's what I'll have clients

coming to me I expect to have people

begging for my services by next year


and I can't wait because that's what I'm

gonna hit them hard with the prices I'm

gonna be very expensive just to show you

how to structure your corporation

properly how to build business credit

fix your personal credit just that now

Jalloh even on that actually doing the


just that knowledge alone I can charge

as much as five thousand dollars and

actually kidding but because I made a

few mistakes in the past I want to build

my own corporation flawlessly start

doing those things for myself so I have

the proof of concept for future clients

I'm not going to look back on these

videos and be like okay this is where I


this is where I am now

and I want to bring some people along

with me on this journey

so I will have some information below

I'll try to remember to keep my email

below this video if you want looking to

contact me and work will be now well I'm

cheap all right I'll catch you guys in

the next video subscribe like and

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