How To Start A Holding Company & Fund It With Side Business!

all right what is going on guys

welcome to my channel thank you for

giving me your time today for those of

you who don't know

like you're just getting on here for the

first time

my name is william pootsie blanding

and uh shania business is my first

attempt at a media company

but my goal on the

is to basically within the next

six months you're going to continue to

follow me

on a journey of not only

building a holding company

but i'm actually going to show you the

stuff i'm doing

over there between now and the next six

months of what i'm gonna do to fund that

holding company all with the purpose of

keeping anonymity so nobody knows i own

this company

um building corporate credit which is

not easy to do

when you're using the anonymity part

but you're still going to be able to

build corporate credit

uh business credit

um you'll be shielded from lawsuits


the holding company isn't the company

that's going to be doing

business with anybody what i'm going to

do is set up a

operating company under this holding


once i fund the holding company

uh quite a bit i don't have a dollar

amount on that

that i'm trying to build

but eventually i'm going to build a

operating company under this holding


and all you got to do is follow me along

this journey for the next six months

and you will actually have enough


to not only start your own holding

company but

successfully fund it start

getting corporate credit i may drop some

gems on personal credit as well

um and there are actually some platforms

that used properly will not only help

you on your

personal credit but also will help you

on your business credit

almost at the same time

um where i am right now in the stages of

building my holding company

i have a uh

a holding company established right now

if you go back to my older videos you'll

see along that journey of doing it

um i have one

physical bank account for my holding


as of right now i have a

uh business bank account with navy

federal as of this date

i'm still waiting for my oxygen bank

uh account it's actually established

but i'm still waiting for the actual car


i have a link a referral link to oxygen


you know after you fund your

your account just for the personal side

if you establish an account with oxygen

bank you fund it with 200

and i think after five transactions or


they will actually give me twenty five

dollars and then you can also refer

people and get to twenty five dollars

so i believe we'll both get twenty five


once you hit that five transactions

you'll get 25

but i'll get 25 for referring you so

there will be a link for that oxygen


um like i said it's a long process for

oxygen bank

so you have to be patient um

you can go to my link or you can do the

app i just won't get credit for it

but you can go to the link below

sign up um just be patient they're about

backed up they're behind i think due to


um i set up my account probably three

weeks ago and i still haven't received

my debit card

the account's established i can go on

the the app and i see it

is established but i don't have the

debit card to link up to the account yet

they're a little behind on that but if

you're patient enough

and you follow these steps that i'm

gonna be laying out for you

you will have a lot of hidden gems that

will help you

build a iron-clad holding company

in a pandemic which is harder to do

before it was it was it's a lot harder


than it was before the pandemic because

everything was moving everything was


you were able to get things done you


it's a little hard to pull that off now

only because of the pandemic but you

still could get it done

um you got to be patient with even navy


the steps you got to take to even get in

the navy federal on the personal side


i'll be dropping gems about that go back

to my previous videos

about navy federal that'll give you more


but i have an established account with

native federal

i have a personal account with oxygen


what i have to do is wait till i get my

debit card

go back in the app and then i'll build

to set up

a business account with auction now


is going to be a game changer because

you'll be able to

not only set up a business account but

you'll be able to do things like

um uh put

all your accounts in there let them see

all your accounts and you'll be able to

build personal credit or business credit

based on all your accounts that's a

gotta be a game changer right there

so you want to keep watching for more


about oxygen bank navy federal navy

federal is the biggest

credit union probably in the country

um they're known for being generous with


before the pandemic i think they're

going to pull back a little bit

during the pandemic but they're still

going to give out great credit lines

and i have now established two

accounts with the

navy federal on a personal side i have a

check-in savings

and then on business side i also have a

check-ins and savings

so i'm gonna have the ability to get

because while i'm working on a lot of

stuff i'm actually doing this stuff

because i'm working on a course i'm

working on a holding company course

and please if you're at all interested

and um getting in on this holding

company course

because initially when i put it out

that's going to be the lowest price

so the first people to get it will get

the absolute lowest prices

i will slowly creep up the price

so i have a email

list you can get on below i have a get


email list please get on my email list

you'll be the first to be notified

i will not spam you guys send you emails

every week

probably not even every month but it's

just when i want to get out some good


and i want you guys to be first i know

about it you want to get on that list

and just be waiting for my holding

company course

it's probably going to be one of the

cheapest courses out there

but it's going to allow you to

avoid mistakes before you make them

because a lot of courses just go in and

just tell you stuff

and it's not based around certain times

so things

change i'm basing this on in a pandemic

so that an event that even if you get

this course after this pandemic

you're gonna be thankful because it's

gonna be easier process

after this pandemic everything's gonna

be easier after the pandemic as far as

getting things processed through the

mail and

setting this stuff up so it's a perfect

time to work on a course because if you

could do it

in the worst of times like right now

you better pull it off anytime the only


that might be better

right now is the government is giving

out money

and i'm not gonna lie um i've gotten a

lot of help from the government and

probably will get more

but if i didn't know about this business


i wouldn't have got a lot of this money

that i got from the government

like the eid alone and the grant

you'd be surprised how many people that

i pick up when i'm doing uber and lyft

and they're like

in business and they didn't even know

about the e-i-d-o

grant never mind the loan

they only know about the ppp that the

banks are offering

which in my opinion is the harder

one to get i didn't even get a

because i wasn't established the way i

wanted to be as a business

but the eidl loan grant and loan were


easy even if you're just a gay worker

self-employed independent contractor you

were able to get those

um i don't know if they're still

available but

uh i think i went to you'll go


find that stuff

i believe the site as well

but um i was very thankful to get this

government help

i still would have pulled off what i'm

trying to pull off

i want you guys understand that but it

would have took a lot

longer so if you guys are holding on to


grant money or even just the basic

stimulus money

because we got another check coming guys

it's at least

another 1200 hours coming we hope

i would take that money

set up a side hustle first

do not do all this stuff i'm trying to

do holding company llc

don't even do your llc i started with a

as an independent contractor doing

uber and lyft that's how i started this


and then when this pandemic dropped i

was able to file those taxes

get the stimulus money get the eidl


and possibly more to come i may actually

apply for the ppp

if it's not too late

but it will just be as a precautionary

measure just to put more money into my

holding company

once you guys learn what i know about

holding companies all you want to do is

get money in it

you don't want to do anything else you

just want to get funds in your holding


hold on to as much cash as you can

and then when you need to purchase

something like real estate you have the


to help you with repairs that may just

come up

closing costs or even part of

the down payment if needed

but the goal is to fund your company

with as much money as you can but by

starting a side hustle

under the table start your side hustle

if you get that side hustle to get you

anywhere from two to five grand a month

you have the ultimate way to fund

a holding company once you set it up

then you'll speak to somebody like me

once you're ready you have the great

side hustle it's making money

if it's just making an extra thousand a


you got a side hustle now start


at least setting up an llc setting up a

business bank account

um from jump i believe in setting up the

holding company

and then setting up operating companies

after it

but that's only if you're like me and

you're worried about lawsuits in the


stuff like that you can do that stuff


it's just you're gonna be spending more

money on

setting up another entity

i set up the holding company first

because the holding company has got to

own everything that comes

after so it has to be done first but you

can set up a llc

um there are ways you can convert it to

a holding company but you're gonna

i think you're gonna lose some of the

anonymity you know as far as people not

knowing you own it

so i suggest set up the holding company

immediately after

you've got the side hustle going it's

making money

you know it could be anything of your

affiliate marketing

selling cookies cakes plates

you know dinner plates is hot right now

in a pandemic

people are doing well cooking cookies

and cakes and

believe it or not some people are able

to make an extra two grand a month

just baking stuff and selling it

if you just set up a holding company

start putting that money in your holding


set up a operating company to replace


your sole proprietorship you know that

you've been doing

this side hustle under the operating

company is going to be

that and then you have the means to get

real estate in the future repair your

personal credit if it's still bad

and those possibilities and then you'll


you'll better partner with people like


you know because if you have

the means to start something

and you want to partner with somebody

that has some experience so you don't

have to make them the same mistakes

you can't do that with me because i've

already made all the mistakes i'm gonna


you know i made a lot i have made a lot

of mistakes

but hopefully if you're watching my

channel and you go

back and watch the old stuff you'll see

i accumulated a lot of

personal and business credit and then i

made mistakes

now the second time around i've

corrected those

problems by building a iron-clad holding


and fully funding it and making myself


actual employee where i get a pay stub

that's what i'm doing you know my first

time around

i didn't even pay myself a check

i was just commingling funds you know

moving money personally in business and

it was a disaster

i'm not doing that this time around i'm

doing it the proper way

and i don't want you guys to make the

same mistakes i have

so this channel is going to save you on

that stuff

so if you're interested in

creating a side hustle first

and then later setting up a iron-clad

holding company

building corporate credit saving

a boatload on taxes

avoiding lawsuits business and


because if you set up your holding

company properly it's going to shield


from later on if you're not married and

you get married and she's a gold digger


you know it's going to shield you from

all that

even you ladies you ladies if you're

coming in

and you're the breadwinner you want to

shield your money before you get married

so in the event you get a divorce

your money has shielded this is what i'm

trying to do on this channel

so i thank you for hopefully you're

gonna just

subscribe to the channel um give me that

thumbs up

uh tell other friends and family members

about this channel

because i really hope to

show you guys that this stuff can be


no matter what nationality you are no

matter how

bad times are you're getting


use it to your advantage a lot of people

are sitting on a lot of

government funding more than they were

getting paid at their job

and they just went out and wasted it at

least put it to

help you build a side hustle first and

then hopefully

a holding company is gonna change your


follow me on my journey follow me on

this journey

you're gonna see slowly how i progress

into a better person and be and

and control my financial destiny

you know and i hope you guys want to go

on that journey with me

subscribe like and comment i love you i

appreciate your time

and i'll catch you next time