10 Ways to Hide Money in Gifts

what can the specific love have you ever

wanted to get money as a gift but it

just didn't feel like a gift we're here

ten great ways to hide money in

something practical and all of these is

performance we're going to start with

something simple for example say like

putting money into a wallet which would

be really easy there's something a

little bit more extreme let's begin if

you like to give some money to a child

maybe grab a PEZ dispenser this one just

happens to be clear but most of them are

not just take some money so tea chicly

fold it up place it inside and then hand

it to them of course they're gonna feel

like a million dollars when they open it

up and they find a bunch of cash inside

another great idea is if they love books

give it a book with an interesting title

and then you can periodically just store

some cash - a variety of those pages I'm

sure that would be one heck of surprise

when I go to read it now if your

audience is going to be of the younger

variety may want to consider running out

and getting that can of play-doh you can

write a little note on top for them

there could be a little bit funny and

then you could stuff in a bunch of $1

bills so not only can they go out and

now buy a bunch of player they can buy

some other stuff and just have fun all

around now the person you love need some

school or office supplies there's a few

techniques for that too now if they need

a pack of pencils you could always take

one of the pencils out wrap a bell

around it that'd be a cool little

surprise if you're looking at kids if

you take some crayons all right maybe a

$5 bill around a couple of these they

could be ecstatic or gonna be a little

more secretive you could also take a

pack of pens and if you look real close

in here you might be able to see there's

a bill behind them to do that I'm just

gonna make a real small cut in the back

slide it in take it back you won't be a

wiser till I start to open now the

person you want to give money to happens

to be old enough to remember what one of

these is it can make a great little gag

yet this is an old VHS tape bender

pretty useless in today's time but if

you take a nametag and you give it a

funny little title and then you leave a

little space underneath it you can then

give it to them and they can peel it up

and add some own money now if you're

going to a birthday party always bring

some extra balloons but not just any

type of balloons

you want something strategically inside

for example and I lost it you can easily

roll up some money and get it inside let

me show you how I do this now that make

this of course just get a large balloon

you want one that is pretty thick so you

can't easily see through it you need a

large straw this was cut down from what

we like to call it smoothy straw but

it's real thick versus just say here's a

just a standard sized straw you can use

the standard wood but it's a little bit

harder to get the money all the way

through it then you roll up some money

and you want to use just a little piece

of tape to tape it together you slide it

in you can slide the straw into the

balloon and get something to push the

money just into the balloon and now

you're ready to blow it up and they're

gonna have a blast popping now at the

receiver likes planes he's a great way

to not only give him a cool plant but to

give us a little money on the side the

little tag that usually comes with the

plants it's a great way to hide a little

gift card inside two things to keep in

consideration if we're gonna do this one

you should really just go with a gift

card in a situation cuz you don't have

to do with wet money also be a little

bit harder to get it into the soil to be

careful when you're shoving it down into

the soil because you don't want to

damage the root system otherwise you

might kill a plant now if your receiver

Lowe's Pringles here's a great way to

make it a nice money

slinky alright to build this of course

you take a Pringles can you clean it out

nice and clean so everything kits stick

inside now that just took a small piece

of wood and I took a strip of paper and

I glued it to the top

I'll also drill a small hole explain

that in just a minute once we have the

tape and paper in place then you want to

tape together a bunch of bills and fold

them in quarters and I found that that

quarters work pretty well when you're

stuffing it into the can now let's go

back to the hole here you want a hole or

you could easily do this any way you

want but I did a hole and I'm using just

a wooden dowel and so that I can then

take this and secure this to the bottom

of the can to do that I'm gonna use some

super glue

then you want to take the top bill and

use a piece of tape to secure it to the

lid then carefully just make sure all

the bills go in there trying to get them

as low as possible so that they'll be a

little bit out of sight and now you're

ready if your person loves M&Ms skittles

or Reese's this is a great way to give

them the money

and a little bit extra treat first take

a mason jar and in this case it was an

old sauce jar and make sure to fully

clean it out and dry it inside then

using an empty toilet paper roll tape up

the bottom side next using the treat of

your choice fill the jar around the roll

making sure to surround it completely

but not over the top

and just make sure that the tube cannot

be seen from the outside of the jar then

it's time to put the money inside the

roll and give it away and last but not

least a good way to give some money

would be in maybe a picture frame

now I'll regular picture frame of course

you have to worry about the glass you

don't want that to get broke especially

if they're overly excited or if you want

to make it a little more interesting you

get some polycarbonate now this is a

little bit difficult to work with but if

you work slow you can get it nice and

cut to the exact size of the frame and

then you can glue it together and you

can have a couple bills or however much

you like inside of it now I got two

layers here this will replace the glass

that's in there and you don't have to

worry about it breaking this stuff is

actually very very hard to break and

it'll be a little bit difficult to get

into I did this kind of fast so that

there is a little bit of a residue

around the sides and a fingerprint or

two but if you're real careful what you

can do this and have it pretty much

clear now we're gonna see if my son can

break into this alright with the

exception of the sauce you can use any

of your tool you see in this room go







all right I was about two minutes

good job officer on the deuce from the

beginning but I didn't know what's he

used you did well that's yours

yeah you can have that so if you got

this as a real gift for where your

thoughts been I would have been pretty

cool I would have liked that a lot

well here's ten great ways to hide money

what did I say now you better practice

something grand something practical

practical practical practical all right