WHAT I GOT FROM MY GRAD PARTY! || graduation party gift ideas

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so exactly a week from today was my

graduation party I wanted to make a

video of everything that I received from

my graduation party just so that people

that are graduating have an idea of what

they can expect to receive also so they

have some ideas on what they can ask

people for just so that if people don't

want to ask for just money they can have

some ideas of some other useful College

things to ask for also this video is

great if you are going to graduation

parties and are looking for gift ideas

to give graduates so yeah also I just

wanted to say that I'm very thankful for

everything that I received I'm not

trying to brag or anything this is just

to help other people get some ideas also

I'm not going to go through every single

gift and say who it was from how much

they gave what they gave I'm just gonna

just show you what I got so that you get

some ideas so yeah without further ado

let's just jump right into it so the

first thing is just a bunch of cash

obviously it's one of the easier gifts

to give along with that are a bunch of

gift cards some good ones are definitely

Amazon Target

and I also got a few Walmart once which

will come in handy another few good ones

are a chick-fil-a

a bath and Bodyworks definitely food an

interesting gift I got was a hammock I

know this will definitely come in handy

down in college and every time I've gone

on a visit I've seen kids hanging in

hammocks studying and stuff so I think

this would be very nice I got another

macbook case for my laptop it's just

teal and I have stickers that I know I'm

going to put on this I got this really

adorable picture frame with a collage of

my friend Lacey and I cuz what we do is

go out to coffee shops so we made me a

collage of all pictures of us from

coffee shops and put it together so this

is extremely thoughtful and cute and I

love this and I know it's definitely

gonna go up in my dorms

I got a USB C to HDMI adapter because in

college if I ever have to give

presentations and hook up my macbook to

a TV to give my presentation they might

not have Apple TV so I have this so that

I can look it into a TV actually got a

few books this one is five mistakes you

can't afford to make in college and I'm

really excited to read this over the

summer at the pool I'm very excited to

read this

take it from me and he's actually

reading it because he is very interested

in business too so when he's finishing

reading it I will get to read it but I

have a power strip thing it's not really

a strip it's just like a multiple

outlets I think it looks like that

and I like how it has just the little

USB ports instead of having to have a

power block I think that'll be nice I

just heard in college

you only have limited outlets in your

door so I think it'll be nice to have

some extra ones I have this Vera Bradley

makeup bag which I think it could also

double as like a pencil pouch or

something just to keep my camera stuff

in I don't really know how I use it yet

but I think this pattern is so adorable

has this cute little front pocket too

maybe I put my headphones in there I

don't know I got another little Vera

Bradley wristlet which I think I would

keep my ID and some extra cash in here

maybe put on a lanyard we'll see I have

this very thankful crap leg kit very

thankful crab leg kit

oh I have no idea what I was even trying

to say I don't know if I was trying to

say like I'm very grateful for this or

very thankful for this honestly I don't

know because it has a long story behind

it which I'm not gonna even try and

explain but it's just a crab leg

cracking kit in my family it's kind of a

tradition for girls to get diamond


is when they graduate so my grandparents

so my grandparents gifted me this

beautiful third of a carat diamond

earring okay again I literally had no

idea what was going through my brain

during this time but that is a diamond

necklace obviously not an earring yes

there are earrings with it but I'm

trying to talk about the necklace right

now with real gold setting and chain and

then along with that my parents

partnered with them and got me in

matching earrings with it but you're

also almost a third of a carat so so

this is what it looks like I really like

the mounting it actually is pretty

similar to the one that my mom got when

she graduated high school which i think

is super meaningful and I'm very excited

I wore this for my grad party I don't

think I'm gonna take it to college with

me because I don't want it to get stolen

it's very expensive piece of jewelry so

I think I'm just gonna keep it at home

and wear it for nice occasions later on

in life so I'm very excited about this

it's super cute I have another book it's

called the gift of being yourself which

will be nice to read at the lake this

summer also or just in college if I ever

have some free time more Vera Bradley I

have this weekender bag which I think

he's gonna be super helpful when I come

home on the weekends so it looks like

this it has a lot of pockets like a lot

of pockets all over the place and it has

this handle but then also has this long

strap that I can attach to it I think

this would be super nice when I come

home for weekends or holidays I have

these hanging closet organizers Oh

answer picture right here what they

actually look like I think these will be

very nice because I have a lot of flows

and and I don't even think about trying

to pick out what clothes I want to bring

to college so I'm hoping that this will

free up some space in my college dorm


I don't know we'll see more Vera Bradley

again this is my backpack for the next

queer it's the same pattern as my little

makeup bag or pencil pouch this is so

cute it has lots of pockets also it's

actually oh it's actually pretty big and

there's like spots for laptops and

everything it's just I think it's going

to be a very great backpack I have this

clothing hamper and the person I gave it

to me gave me like a lint roller and

some wrinkle remover and other essential

laundry things also some Tide Pods for

when I have to do laundry and a towel

this is a great example if you're

looking for a gift for a college student

and you don't want to just give the

traditional money I think this was a

good gift and it'll be very helpful I

also got this ball state water bottle if

you haven't heard of my future plans yet

I am going to Ball State University in

Muncie Indiana to major in

communications advertising marketing

digital media maybe telecommunications

I don't know I'm very undecided at the

moment I'm not exactly sure what to call

my major but those are my plans and

lastly to wrap up all the gifts I have

this laundry bag from Vera Bradley also

surprise surprise it's just to put on my

dirty laundry and so when I take it down

to go do it

I have somewhere to put it all so if I'm

going home on the weekend I can put it

all in here and take it home this is

nice like drawstring things and it turns

into like a backpack so I don't have to

even like curia I can just put it on my


so I think that'll be super nice and

useful so yeah I think that includes

everything that I have at the moment I

might be missing a few things I don't

know so if you gave me a gift and you

don't see it in this video I'm sorry I

probably lost it in my new room already

I know I'm also going to be receiving

some more things in the mail because

some people have already texted me and

said hey sorry

make your grad party I sent you

something in the mail so this isn't

everything just so you know okay that

wraps up this video I hope you got some

ideas of some gifts to give your

favorite graduate and I hope to see you

here again on my channel next Wednesday