Graduation Gifts They'll Actually Use

It's the season when students of all ages don their caps and gowns

which means is also a time for friends and family to find that perfect gift

Of course cash will always be king but there are plenty of other great ideas

because grads need pretty much everything here's some ideas for almost every


Number one: gift cards for food, gas, home supplies, online shopping sites and books

Number two: transportation help. Make a car payment, help with insurance, give a

public transit pass or frequent flyer miles

Number three: electronics. Like a laptop, tablet or smartphone. great gift idea number for

something having to do with money and money management for example open a

savings account their names match your contribution they're making to their

savings by Mishary stocker to how about a book is going to help them manage

money here's one life or death which oh my gosh I happen to have it myself

number 5 job search help assist with the resume offered to help network by

interviewing close get them a session with a career coach and finally number

six something sentimental will happen notebook with encouraging advice and

life stories of your own leave the other half for the errors giving cherished

heirloom like a piece of family jewelry or start your own tradition bottom line

you can put a smile on that graduates face without busting your budget

need more graduation gift ideas I can't attend there waiting for you money talks

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I'm Stacy Johnson