When This Girl’s Folks Gave Her A Giant Graduation Gift, The Surprise Inside Literally Floored Her


when this girl's folks gave her a giant

graduation gift the surprise inside

literally floored her struggling to

remove the blue wrapping from the giant

size gift box on her front yard this

teenage girl must have been equally

perplexed and excited about what was

hidden inside and when she finally

prized it open she literally dropped to

the floor graduating from high school is

one of life's greatest accomplishments

especially when you're a teenager so

when his daughter finally earned her

diploma Tim Norton wanted to give her

something extra-special in honor of the

big day the Norton family are originally

from Phoenix Arizona

but now live in Denver Colorado tim

Norton's daughter Tammy as a blonde

smiley teenager and had recently

graduated from Thunder Ridge High School

like many other parents Tim decided to

throw his daughter a graduation party to

celebrate all her hard work on the big

day in May 2017 cars lined the driveway

and partygoers gathered on the front

yard as he called Tammy outside for one

last surprise heading out her front door

Tammy would have soon found out the

party wasn't her only graduation gift

indeed her dad had something else to

give her and he wanted her to open it in

front of everyone the big refrigerator

sized box set on the grass wrapped in

shiny blue paper Tim wanted to capture

the whole party on video clearly dwarfed

by the enormous box Tammy can be seen

using her force to try and open her gift

using both hands to tug at the towering


she tries for over a minute to open it

without success well it's tempting to

open the box my standards can be heard

on the video offering advice don't break

it Tammy

there's fragile stuff in there yells one

before someone else suggests the

complete opposite just break it open it

some of the other people in the crowd

share their hypothesis about what was

inside I feel like it's a giant puppy

one shouted get it out before it can't


another expressed shock at the size of

the container saying geez Tim what did

you get her

visibly struggling when the suspense

finally got too high

Tammy had to borrow her dad's pocket

knife to slice through the stubborn

packaging once the paper had been

removed two black handles were revealed

on the side of the box you've got to

pull those Tammy's dad yells out pull

Tammy pull and just like that she

finally managed to crack the box open to

reveal the surprise of her life the

Norton family's always been close

despite the fact that they haven't

always lived under the same roof Tammy's

older sister Brittany lives in a

different state but that hasn't stopped

the Chiu from forging a strong bond

Tammy was admittedly upset on the day of

her big party because Brittany couldn't

make it from her home in Phoenix Arizona

to Denver for the celebration however

the two would be reunited three days

later during Tammy's actual graduation


needless to say Tammy was quite

emotional to find out that her sister

was going to be able to share in her

graduation ceremony Tim said on his

youtube channel in fact it had been

almost six months since the parrot last

seen each other maybe that's why Tim

felt the need to pull out all the stops

with a surprise present moreover when it

came down to tracking down a box large

enough to hold the gift that he wanted

to give his daughter it took him forever

Tim had in fact spent hours figuring out

the logistics of shipping and packaging

the box and no one was as shocked as

Tammy when she finally pulled open the

door of the extra large box she fell to

the ground holding on to the contents

inside and everyone could hear her

crying tears of joy that's because her

older sister Brittany walked right out

of the box and gave her sister the

biggest hug of her life right behind

Brittany was her boyfriend Jim good

Liffe who also traveled into town from

Phoenix Jim quickly realized he'd have

to wait his turn to congratulate the

graduate with a hug because the two

sisters hugged so hard they fell right

onto the grass as the sisters embraced

for the first time since Christmas happy

tears started to flow Jim finally got

his hug before the party continued

hilariously Brittany's boyfriend

actually had to crouch down inside the

box the whole time he's 6 foot 4 inches

but the box only measured 6 foot indeed

that's why it took Tammy's dead so long

to get one

I spent a few hours calling around town

to find a box big enough to fit two

bodies in Tim said on his YouTube

channel the video of Tammy's big

surprise has been widely shared on

social media in fact on the love what

matters Facebook page it's been viewed

one-and-a-half million times one

commenter wrote the bond of sisters

never breaks but cherish it always

another shared this is awesome I feel

the same way whatever my sister comes to

visit and I'm 35 lol of course everyone

felt moved by the sisters sweet reunion

and dad Tim was especially happy with

his hard work organizing the surprise on

the love what matters Facebook page he

wrote the girls are very close always

have been

it put a frog in my throat seeing

Tammy's reaction to Brittany I'm glad we

were able to pull it off and judging by

the video we know they were too our

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