Watch me open my graduation gifts 🎓😱

hello guys honesty my I'm here today

we're gonna be surprising honestly she's

graduating from kindergarten going to

first grade we're so excited with the

coronavirus she haven't been able to

actually have her promotional exercise

that she would normally have so me and

her dad has decided to do something

special for her instead we went to

t-mobile today we also went to Walmart

we got honesty some nice things she

doesn't know so we're on our way home

now from the store it's a surprise her

with the gifts alright so we have

finally made it home these are the gifts

that we purchased for honesty for her

graduation she has to open them up she

has to open them up by their numbers

okay alright come on let's go so what's

the first one we can open up the number

what number one let's get it open


alright so we can see the first one is

the baby whoo oh wow so we a Baby Alive

Oh number two


what are you happy

alright she having what nail it's okay

let's see what number number three now

we get into it on also yeah

what's going on number what let's see

after that number I was hitting number

where is it all right number five y'all

let's go this this is the finale let's


wait on us wait wait what you think it

is yeah what do you think it isn't in

what do you want it to be you want it to

be a phone okay let's see daddy see why

you want it to be a phone

we're gonna see what you want - some of

your face is watching