DIY Graduation Gift/Centerpiece for a Special Occasion (using Dollar Tree frames)



welcome back to Kelly Barlow creations

crafting on a budget

today's video is somewhat of a video

request it's a project that I was

already doing for my daughter Kayla

because she's graduating next week from

high school and it was a project that I

was making for her as a gift when I

received this video request idea from

Stacy and Stacy asked me if I had any

ideas yet for graduation gifts using

their graduation announcements Stacy I

know you and I had said a couple of

comments back and forth to each other

about this and I had given you one

option of what I was originally gonna do

for Kayla because I was drawing a blank

with this I was originally making this

project for Kayla as a gift when in my

sleep I thought holy well why don't I

incorporate the graduation announcement

into this project that I'm making for

Kayla so I tried it out it worked

amazing I'm super happy with it I gotta

tell you I love it and I come up with my

best ideas ever in my sleep I don't know

why it is but it's just how it is and I

think you're going to love this so let's

get to it and let me show you what I

have in mind for the graduation

announcements today I'll be using some

of this premium vellum paper that you

can pick up from Joanne's it was 250 a

path for these 4 by 6 frames from the

Dollar Tree

I'll also be using

Waverly's chalk paint and one of dollar

trees LED candles starting this project

off I'm going to take the frame apart

because I'm making this project for

Kayla I've got some leftover Valspar

paint that we use to paint her room with

and the color I'll be using today is sea

kiss and so I'm going to use the paint

from her room to do the base coat on my

four frames


next I'm going to take my waverly chalk

paint and the color I'm using is ivory

I've got a small container of water now

what I'm going to do is I am going to

put just a touch of the Waverly chalk

paint on my brush I'm going to dip it in

water and lightly brush over the sea



I've got Kayla's graduation announcement

here so what I'm going to do is I am

going to take and unfold it Stacey if

you want to make this project 100% her

class announcement this is what I would

do I would take and cut up the

announcement the front of Kayla's school

class seal the alma mater and the

announcement itself of the date and time

of the graduation next we're going to

take each piece and we are going to

place it face down into the scanner part

of your printer and you're going to

photocopy this onto the vellum paper

that we're using for this project so for

Kayla's I'm going to cut off the bottom

half of this

because I'm also using her graduation

pictures i am only going to use the

graduation announcement itself and the

picture of the school so i'm going to

take and place this just like this face

down in my scanner and I'm going to

photocopy this onto the vellum paper and

this is what you'll be left with this

came out pretty amazing I love the way

it looks it's clear it's crisp then I'm

going to take and I am going to place my

glass from the frame onto the vellum

paper and I am going to trace it

next I've taken and printed out Kayla's

senior portrait pictures in the size of

4x6 I just love these

she is so stinking gorgeous she takes my

breath away for this next step I'm going

to be using scotch

double-sided tape I'm going to take and

put a bit of tape on each corner of the

vellum printout

and I'm going to take my glass and place

it right on top and you can see that you

cannot see the tape at all now I'm going

to take and a hot glue all four frames

together like this


I'm loving how this turned out but I

think I'm going to add just a little

something to the frame to dress it up a

bit I picked up these recollection

floral embellishments from Michaels

these were in the $2 bin I typically

make my own flowers but I do buy these

from time to time so when I'm in a pinch

and I'm in a hurry and I don't have time

to make my flowers I can just throw some

flowers together and so I've made for

coordinating flowers for this project

and the Pearl you see in the middle

I used the dollar trees sheet of pearls

this is where we're going to place the

announcement because in the other three

I've put her graduation senior pictures

I am going to put a dot of glue in the

corner here then place our glass back in

the frame and there you have it Stacy my

idea for incorporating our graduates

graduation announcement into a gift now

like I said you can do all four frames

with the graduation announcement all the

way around or you can just take the

section like I did that announces their

graduation and incorporate it with all

of their senior portraits that they had

senior portraits taken isn't that


I love this well everybody that's all I

have for you for today for this

graduation gift project of mine

incorporating the graduation

announcement and if I've inspired you to

make this project don't forget to snap a

quick picture of it and send it to me on

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