Opening Grad Gifts from Makayla Samountry!?!

hey guys it's Kiara here and today i am

going to be filming a very special video

i'm sorry i have been absent for the

past couple weeks my computer broke i

just redid my room as you can tell in

the background and i've just been crazy

busy with senior staff and graduation

yesterday when I came home to start

getting ready for graduation there was a

lovely package on my desk and I had no

idea what it was haven't opened anything

except for the card in this and when I

opened the card I realized that this

package was sent from my awesome friends

Michaela I talked about her all the time

on my channel we're going to VidCon

together in like two weeks and I'm just

super excited thank you so much Michaela

for sending this to me it's seriously

made my day sure to check her out she is

really genuine content and just really

great advice and it's an awesome person

so i'll link her channel down below as

well as her blog channel because her

blog channel is awesome too without

further ado let's start opening this box


first we have the card which is the one

thing i have opened and it looks like

this and this is following your dreams

hope you're not embarrassed if I read

this mikayla it says gives you got Sofia

ground it's not meeting your husband

Angela so happy you grunts it was Ronnie

you're so amazing sweet my notoriety

talented troops and I look up to keep it

out over the immersive organs look it

has that star let me for take all this

absorbency something came up thank you

so much for Gail you're so sweet and

also before I like breakfast over and

she like packaged this so perfectly item

number one I always don't want to open

it cuz everything is so cute here we go


oh my gosh I seriously have been wanting

one of these forever it's a min

emergency kit and it has an emoji on it

and it's my favorite emoji the kissing

face emoji this is so cool Michaela I'm

gonna actually use this so much in

college because I feel like there's so

many things that you need and they're

all fit in here that's so cool how did

you know I wanted one of these seriously

forever right item number two oh my god

I'm gonna sneeze forever do how do you

know that is it this is so cute as a

little pendant sign and it says you got

this this is so adorable this is in my

dorm room I am obsessed with these I

think they look so Pinterest and

adorable thank you so much for Kayla the

next package right here also I like the

gold michaela we both are very very big

into gold and rose gold oh my god it

keeps getting better you got me this

really adorable he stayed at pencil

pouch and its goal which is my favorite

color and left my dorm room oh my god

there's kate spade pencils i hate fake

ruler a kate spade eraser and it keeps a

pencil sharpener that's so awesome it's

so much Michaela I like I've seen this

in Paper Source all the time and I

always walk by and like I really really

want that now we are on to our final

package here wrapped in gold tissue of

course oh my gosh this is so cool she

got me a book and it's called college

hacks and it has all sorts of oh my gosh

this is so cool has all sorts of

different hacks in it and you can flip

page by page this one is how to

de-stress there's six ways to prevent

chronic headaches it's probably going to

be me staying up studying all night has

all different websites that are super

useful and homework hacks this is so

cool Mikael ever uses all the time thank

you so so so much finally you guys can

see me kayla is a pretty awesome person

thank you so much for sending me all

this stuff this is just maybe like 10

times more happy today so thanks so much

Michaela and make sure to go check out

her channel down below and her instagram

and twitter as well i can't wait to see

Michaela and Gabby in a couple weeks at

VidCon and if you guys are going to

VidCon to make sure to call it that down

below because i'd love to see if we

could get together thanks for watching

and stay tuned for my next video




Oh me now

guys i just opened this book and I saw

the Michaela left me and little note

inside and it says ultimate hack enjoy

every moment and chat with McKay k as

often as you can so she can live

vicariously through them and enjoy them

too oh my god you're so cupid gala and

yes i will share every moment with you