What do I need to know for backyard pool safety in Ontario?

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hollingsworth personal injury and we are

talking about summer activities and

we're still a little bit more

information we want to be able to pass

on about Jeb pools backyard safety and

liability yeah so we were just talking

off camera but how we both heard the

same tip about your backyard pool one of

the things that happens it's quite

tragic is the situation where there's

lots of adults and lots of kids but no

adult is actually watching the pool and

accidents have happened in that context

and so one thing that is is circulating

is the idea of a water Watchers what

I've heard what was on our yes it was on

guard and this is something that the

City of Ottawa has incorporated into

their plan with the drowning prevention

coalition right but in that was exactly

that it was the on guard and someone

actually it's a lanyard it was a lanyard

and it gets passed on if you're running

in to go to the bathroom if you're doing

anything someone at all times is wearing

it right so if you're wearing it you're

on and if you need to leave you make

sure somebody else is on and I've seen

them I've seen quite serious ones you

can also have fun with it and you know

make it a whistle whoever's wearing the

whistle is on guard but it's really

really important if you're in charge of

that pool that you make sure that there

is actually a person whose job it is to

be watching the people in the pool as

opposed to just sipping the margarita

you can have your turn later it's a

reminder yeah because I've been in the

backyards where it's just we feel

comfortable because there's a group of

people here someone's gonna say

something but you have a kid who's in

the pool and then unfortunately half of

them are jumping around and then you

don't realize that someone's made me

kick someone underneath or hit their

head it's a different situation yeah or

if you don't know all the kids that well

and it turns out somebody's not that

greatest swimmer and they go from the

drop off from the shallow into the deep

end I know my husband's had to jump in a

couple of times to pull out kids that we

didn't realize good and swim and so you

need to have that person on duty looking

out are there other cases I mean you

said the poles are responsible it even

if you're on vacation sometimes people

know and I after her this you know they

jump the fence they head into pools yes

how important the liability the

insurance is to be able to protect

yourself against them yeah if you have a

swimming pool in your backyard you

really have to look at the amount of

liability homeowners insurance that you


um you know I think I've said before I

personally have five million because I

know that a serious brain injury which

is potentially going to happen in a pool

or a spinal cord injury if somebody dies

in the shallow end that is probably a 10

million dollar claim but if you have

five million dollars in insurance you're

probably going to be okay if you have 1

million which is what most people have

they may come after your house I mean I

might come after your house if I my

client was injured on your premises and

needed 10 million dollars and you only

had a million so think about that and by

the most liability insurance that you

can afford and I think we were talking

another day off camera about how

insurance increments of insurance

actually are less expensive than you

think absolutely and you taught me that

especially with the new laws that had

been enforced with the driver with our

driving insurance and how much we were

actually covered and so what you said

next time you do it and I remember to

ask the question and it was amazing i

was growing up by twenty dollars for the

year and had increased it by you know a

million I with physiotherapy and medical

treatments and it doesn't take much and

it cover you for you know it was a very

small increment to go out but a lot more

coverage at the other end yeah and a lot

of brokers are kind of on autopilot and

they sort of sell you what most people

buy but just ask what the next level up

is because you will never regret having

too much coverage you will certainly

find regret if you don't have enough and

something goes wrong and also what you

said you want Brenda on your side yeah

on the other side is my Honda houses

right I one guy I took two houses he had

two properties and I took both because

my client needed that money and it sound

very nice to say but we do that yeah if

we have to and if there's not enough

insurance I you know if somebody's going

to bear the costs it's going to be the

person responsible for the accident not

the victim so make sure you have that

insurance hopefully we put that in is

that it's taking ownership for that and

being covered as well yeah we were

talking pools we're talking boats we're

talking abusement parks and all the

activities so just be safe and keep that

in mind as you're heading up for all of

your summer activities if you're looking

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