Free Pool openings in London Ontario

it is that time once a game the snow has

melted the flowers are starting to grow

and your children are anxious to go

swimming it is that time to call it

Lantis your certified pool technician to

open your pool pools are a complicated

system of filtration chemicals and

mechanics our skilled staff will be

happy to get your pool operational for

the year we have a great selection of

dazzle pool chemicals to get you started

or sign up for our weekly service our

on-site lab allows us to know exactly

what your pool needs and our

professional service allows you to enjoy

your pool after your long hard day at

work enjoy your summer enjoy your pool

and call llantas pool and spas where

your dream is our passion are you ready

to open your pool cool Atlantis pools &

Spa at 590 1 2 0 5 8 feel quick today

ask us about how you can get your pool

opening for free