I Swim In Lake Ontario

every summer when it gets really hot I

like to take my bike and write down to

Beach Boulevard Confederation Park 50

point or some other beach in Hamilton on

the shore of Lake Ontario the water

could be warmer at times and in some

spots there's a lot of rocks but I don't

have a pool so I shouldn't be

complaining and I love cooling off in

the lake

but despite the beaches having a no

sorted shortage of people hosting

picnics and swimming I get a lot of

dirty looks whenever I Tom I enjoy

swimming in Lake Ontario

they say the waters dirty and it's gross

and how can you subject yourself to that

how's your face not mutated this got me

thinking isn't Lake Ontario and by

extension the great lake basin supposed

to be the largest source of fresh water

and in turn the largest source of

drinking water this is what we're

talking an elementary school growing up

but the thing I never really thought

about until now is how is it that what

you drink this water and of course it's

filtered and treated but even then how

is it that we drink this water yet it

has a reputation of being so bad that

people won't swim it in this is really

odd to me and just downright doesn't

make any sense

people probably hold this opinion

whether they consciously know it or not

because Hamilton Harbor harbors pun

intended a great lake area of concern in

1987 the Canadian and American

government came up with a list of areas

within the Great Lake basin

they have coined as the Great Lake areas

of concern there there is a list of

reasons an area could become an area of

concern and some of these include beach

closings loss of fish and wildlife

habitat and drinking water restrictions

a large part of the reason Hamilton

Harbor is listed as an area of concern

is due to Randall Leif Randall Reef is a

site in the harbour that is considered

the most dire water pollution issue

awaiting remedy in Canada it contains

695 thousand cubic meters of

contaminated sediment so why did I bring

this up well it's obviously not a good

look for Hamilton to have a bunch of

factories right next to water but the

biggest reason I brought this up is

because there are beaches less than

kilometers away from Randall's reef so

maybe it's not surprising that people

hold this opinion about Lake Ontario so

after all this being said I figured it's

the factories fault for all the Lake

Ontario pollution problems in the past

lakes would he used as dumping grounds

released because it was thought lease

would just be diluted by the water this

has been proven to be drastically wrong

and now this is called point source

pollution but it's not the full story

it's not just the factory's fault it's

your fault and my fault many experts

believe that it's not point source

pollution that is the biggest concern to

the great lakes but non point source

pollution this includes runoff from

streets and lawns that carry toxins

chemicals and silt into the lake this is

a huge problem because it's hard to keep

track of and regulate where it's coming

from and it's hard to reverse so it's up

to us to not take our drinking and

swimming water for granted and do our

part keep litter off the streets dispose

of used oil antifreeze and paint

properly use less pesticides and

fertilizer and do anything else that can

prevent runoff pollution together we can

fix Lake Ontario and its reputation as

for swimming in Lake Ontario no my face

did not mutate the City of Hamilton has

a website they update multiple times a

season and all but one beach that

happens to be in Hamilton Harbor were

perfectly safe safe to swim in this

summer so get to it