- Instead of jockeying and politicking and pondering

and posturing and debating for three to four months,

we're just in do mode now and when you're in do mode,

you fucking get shit done.

(deep inhale)

(thumping beat)

Yup, 10 o'clock?

See you then, bye bye.

Episode nine of Dailyvee was just posted.

And episode 10 is in action.

It's so early and in influencer marketing,

I think most people are undereducated

and would go the route of impressions

and so I think they would go to a DJ Khaled

or somebody that looked like me and say

how many views are you getting on your story

and then they would apply a CPM against that

and that would be that.

And that would be a grave mistake of not understanding

the difference of values of a Twitter impression

versus a Snapchat impression versus an Instagram impression.

What gets me excited about Snapchat and why

I'm excited about it is I think people actually

consuming those impressions.

When I have 25,000 views on my stories on Snapchat,

I no question believe that it is more valuable than the

225,000 followers I have on Instagram that

potentially see it, right, or Twitter or Facebook so,

I day trade attention, right.

That's what I do for a living.

I reverse engineer attention.

My belief is that Snapchat and Instagram right now

are the two kings and queens of attention.

(truck engine roaring)

Gonna go straight, gonna make a left, go straight,

but we're making a left into this big building right here.

- [Voiceover] Over here? - [Gary] Uh-huh.

If it's available.

And let me know.

Thanks, let me know what my options are.

Thanks, bye bye.

(elevator dings)

- [Voiceover] You're early.

- [Gary] I'm gonna come back.

I have to leave, I just had 30 minutes to kill

and better kill with you guys than.

Hey guys, hi, how are ya?

- [Woman] Good - [Gary] Good to see ya.

Awesome, hey how are ya?

I think we should really have signs

on the bottom of the front doors where we

walk in consistently.

I think we had like the great wall there for a while?

I think you should pick two, like I think there's,

hey Willy, I don't think there's a single better spot.

I think you would sell a lot more wine from that

spot than the pillars. - [Brandon] Okay.

- I think you should consistently sign that.

- [Voiceover] Would you (bleeping) subscribe?

And on this channel you're gonna get my two core shows.

The #AskGaryVee show!

And DailyVee, we're puttin' out real fire.

Shit is intense, and if you subscribe right now,

subscribe now, you're gonna make me so goddamn happy.

So email me at gary@vaynermedia.

- What's up?

- What's going on, how are you?

- Good man, how are you? - [Man] Good.

(woman speaking)

Yeah when something sells out, eliminates from the site.

- [Voiceover] Okay.

- Yup.


Did you think that was,

why was that funny to you?

Why was that funny to you?

- [Brandon] It was just funny.

- That I like say something Wine Library?


- [Voiceover] Hey guys, I'm Gary Vee

- [Voiceover] Hey! - [Gary] Hello!

- [Voiceover] Hi, Gary!

- How are you?

- God!

- Good to see ya, how are you?

- So good to see you - [Gary] Good to see you too

All good? How's family?

- [Woman] You look younger.

- I know, I'm getting, taking care of my health, it helps.

- Oh congratulations. - [Gary] Thanks a lot,

how are you?

- Good how you doin'?

- Really good, what's cookin'?

- Not much, how 'bout yourself?

Where's your Dad? (laughs)

- (laughs) He's coming back soon, he's back today, right.

- [Man] Is he back today?

- I think he lands today. - [Man] Okay.

- I just love talking operations, Wine Library operations.

It's kind of like riding a bike, you know, since it's

my family business, it's kind of like a first love,

it's kind of like, you know, that meeting with Mitch,

talking about where we're going and how we wanna

strategize from the financial standpoint for the business is

kind of like having coffee with your high school sweetheart

when you're in your 40s or 50s, it's been a long time and

you're out of touch and you don't know all the context

but there's still that feeling and clearly when I get into

that mindset it's really just like riding a bike, it's just

I'm right back in it, even though at this point my Dad

and Brandon, they're running the business,

it's not hard for me to calibrate and attack the

business situation at hand.

Are you sick, Eric?

Jesus shit.

Alright listen, honestly like, because we had a pre-talk

for like five seconds and everybody here is wicked smart

and sharp and fast as fuck, is there anything that,

what do I need to know so I can get you back to rest?

Yup, yup.

I didn't focus on youtube for almost all my career

until this character got along and so like,

literally Youtube's been a focus of mine for a year.

No ,eighteen months.

What was our following count we started with?

Like we did that other day, like 30,000, 35,000

now we're at a buck 25, 115?

- [DRock] 115, 120.

- I mean think about that, you know,

eight years to get to 35 and one year to get 100,000 more.

- [DRock] 144.

- Love it, it's going fast.

One of the biggest secrets in business is

when you have clients to remind yourself that

they're the customer and they're right.

You could fire them, but while you have them they're right.


- [Voiceover] He's in trouble?

- Yes he is. (laughing)

- [Voiceover] You're good.

- [Gary] We gotta get DRock, no worries.

It's unbelievable how much I hate the Patriots.

- Yeah, I really don't like them either.

That was pretty good that the Broncos held,

it looked like they were gonna implode at the end

- Oh the respect level I have for the Patriots

though is insane, like, I'm always like

they're gonna win, they're gonna win.

- Yeah, I know.

- We're gonna do it here?

You know, I finally articulated what I do for a living

and I can deploy it now here for the first time in a meeting

instead of the interview where it popped up.

I day trade attention.

- [Woman] Mhm. - [Voiceover] Right.

- I day trade attention, cause it's not like

Vayner's market in the year that you live in

and I keep like looking at it for the last like six months

and I'm like fuck, we're doing it faster than that.

It's not year, we don't make a 2016 plan like,

I decided on December 23rd that Snapchat became

very important and then like it just did like,

it's day trading.

So here's where I'm about to go, so I fully agree with that,

let me throw you one that I think is very winnable,

and can be completely game changing.

What a monthly (bleep) for the brand?

- [Voiceover] Oh yes. - [Gary] Starting right away.

Meaning, I'm standing, which means, you know DRock.

(woman laughing)

So I think you're so fucking right and when I think about

and I do think it needs a website but I debate, yeah.

- [Voiceover] That's why I didn't really say

- Especially, but I'd rather, if I had my way,

I'd rather save a 100,000 dollars or 50,000 dollars

more on the website, whatever that meant, you know,

depth, creative, whatever it meant.

Literally, literally, literally.

And it's like how PR works, right,

it's what I'm doing here with DRock.

I'm not gonna ask.

When I asked to be on Inc. or Business Insider

or in like Fast Company, you're asking.

Now I produce content, I post it, they're asking me

to distribute it on their channel.

- I'll tell you why this is genius.

- Thank you.

Just end with that, we're outta here.

(group laughing)

All on digital (bleep), how do I get it?

And get me the 411 and then I'll follow up

and be the bad cop. - [Steve] Okay you got it

- [Gary] Alright - [Steve] Yup, thanks.

- [Voiceover] I bought wine from there.

- [Gary] Yeah?

Yeah, we have the best prices.

- [Voiceover] I'm telling you it's

- I'm aware it's the best prices.

Best prices, you have to come off more often.

- [Voiceover] Yeah, and it's yours?

- Yeah.

- [Voiceover] Okay then.

- Hello my friend.

Good man, sorry to hear about your Dad,

how you doin'?

Keep me updated if anything.

Yeah, keep me updating if anything gets bad.

Hopefully, of course, of course, there's nothing.

And don't worry we'll do more, I wanna actually give you

a preview so you know what you're walking into today.


Real pleasure, thank you, have a great day.

Hey, Seth. - [Voiceover] How are you?

- [Gary] Hey, how are you gentlemen, good to see ya

- Good to see you, how's everything?

- How's everything? Everything's super well guys,

good to see you guys

- [Man] I didn't even see ya - I know I'm hiding!

Good to see ya, good to see ya Seth.

(elevator dings)

Hey, how are ya, really well brother. How are you?

Alright. Let's do this.

So I think uh, I think for everybody

on the call I think this is grounded in,

growing the revenue of this company.

This company obviously has different uniqueness

because its bricks and mortar and retail,

different than a pure play e-com play and number two,

it's in a outstandingly regulated industry,

and we're like any other company that we deal with,

we have a lot of our own legacies.

You know, John K, when did we start working together, 1999?

When you were at Red Hat or whatever it's called?

- [Voiceover] Uh, '98 I think.

- [Gary] Yeah so, John and I have basically been working on since 1998.

Brandon's been here since that timeframe too,

'99 what have you and so,

we have a ton of legacy stuff.

And there's a lot that needs to be done

and we're seeing it already even with little old

two seconds into affiliate marketing which is

by the way, from everything I've gathered,

of the 50 million dollar revenue that does,

more than half comes from affiliate sales, right,

so there's much we can do here.

We have the one thing down which is,

we have multiple things down.

We have one core thing down.

We actually have one of the five or seven

best wine shops in America.

Like from a selection and price standpoint,

we actually have that. That's exciting.

Number two, we have Brian who we,

actually we should probably go around introduce ourselves

Brian, and John who's on the phone who are

long tenured real family of this company,

developers who are in-house who

after we decide what we do here we'll add on

or not add-on or whatever are just capable

of just bringing so much more to the table

because they care more and they're capable.

So we have all the pieces in place to do great stuff,

I think it's just time to do it.

I'm gonna go counter cultural and go old school phone sales

and email and texting.

I'm gonna thank you economy the whole business,

I'm gonna go one-on-one with every individual person

that's ever bought anything in this company ever.

So that's where I want all the energy to go.

So like, all the 4% margin that you bring me

on affiliate or nine or six or 12,

every one of those dollars is gonna go into

Rick at 70,000 dollars a year with

all my investment on these guys to build

unbelievable admin tools that make them the best

human salespeople so instead of these guys worrying about

- [Voiceover] Moving data.

- Correct, moving fucking data,

and by the way, the thing that they don't worry about,

that's really on my head, the company's not worried

about at all which is

Like landing page, and like, fucking affiliate.

We fix all that, all that can go into something

that I know that I uniquely can do in the industry

that most people can't, which is build backend

data tools that make people sell a lot of wine.

Now that we have the man and woman power

of VaynerMedia to help this,

I would never ask John or Brandon to do this,

because I'm the most practical operator of all time,

I'm not gonna ask my people to do things they can't do,

or are not as the high use of their time,

I think it would be super fascinating to understand

the inefficiency of all the hours that go back and forth

in these missing items versus the vig on my FedEx

shipping charges to see if like, because if we just

start shipping this and not going back and forth

communicating in all these admins,

and customers are getting four bottles and then

the eight come later, there's a big financial loss,

we don't pay the people that actually have to play with this

a whole lot like in comparison to what I think,

but the more as I come in with fresh eyes,

I'm curious to see what the vig is.

For example, if you said it was a net loss of

35,000 dollars a year, I would do that for customers

just getting product way faster.

So I need the math. Got it Pam?

- Mhm.

- John, you understood that rant, right,

we're gonna try to figure that out.

- [Voiceover] Yeah.

- And by the way when I say we,

that just means that you and Brandon and Brian

and Brian Delatore just have to be communicating

to Pam when she asks the question because whether

it's Pam or somebody else they'll be coming in here to like

try to collect enough data

- [Voiceover] We have to look at the

numbers to see if it makes sense

- What I'm doing right now is one, reeducating myself,

two, clearly putting shit in your guys heads,

so that I don't wanna be in the next 17 meetings,

I want you guys to take over so.

And when I say you guys I mean the collective team here.

Like, there's fucking 50 years of IP in these guys heads

that have to be regurgitated, they're disadvantage,

is my disadvantage, which is they're accepting everything

that has been for the last 10 years so that's.

Every time we've dealt with stuff, you know,

one bottle we would take it off the site.

We never debated partial ship.

Cause I, not them, created certain rules for life.

That being one of them, that's where you guys have

an advantage over them, that collective friction

is what needs to come out of this.

- So this conversation was around like

operationally how do we handle this stuff so,

we do wanna talk about the marketing side of it.

The marketing calendar, the things that you said

that well we control it, right, we put the email out,

stuff like that.

I need to understand that a little bit better about

- [Gary] Let's do it, I'll tell you everything. Let's go.

- How does that process work, is there a marketing calendar

do you work on a month ahead to say that this is what

we will promoting, or it might be an inventory issue

and you're trying to get rid of and turn it into cash.

All (laughs) all of those things.

- [Gary] Yes, all runs through Brandon.

And the answer is yes, email is the backbone

of this business. - [Man] Okay.

- [Gary] We massively, like on of the things that I think,

so a couple years ago, I poked my head in

three or four years ago and I was like fuck,

our email promotions are not as strong,

so I leveled up an email promotion it was called

the Takeover.

You'd go to and it would fuckin',

the shit I complain about, you know it would take over

the whole site and it would lead up to this big event

and we would sell a lot.

And then 18 months ago or so or 12 months ago,

I was like let's do one of those every week.

Every week there'd be one big item and

it did well and it still does well and it's still

the big thing but when we went to the redesign

we never did a takeover,

like a full like now it's just like a story,

on our website so,

I'm excited to see how Shopify's UI upfront works

because the thought of like promoting to the big wine

offering a week in advance is very powerful,

we would plan very aggressively for that,

even eight to 12 weeks out cause they'd be very

high margin items.

A lot of what Brandon would decide would be 24 hours

in advance based on inventories and based on his buying,

So the promotion calendar would at best be a week

ahead of time, at worst be morning of.

It depends on how you wanna look at that one,

so for me as an outsider on that one

I like it cause it's day trading.

Like we're making the smartest decision,

what he's definitely capable of,

when he doesn't overthink it is

making the best decision for that day.

- Different types of affiliates,

eight to 10 different types of affiliates right so,

certain types you have to keep on feeding them,

they love it when you are giving them this kind of

I'll call them flash sales, right?

You're making the decision that day

- [Gary] Just take a step back our ability to reverse it,

like this is the first I'm hearing of this like,

our ability to feed everybody from RetailMeNot to

winey wine wine, you tell us who the eight are,

and what they need to be the best is a piece of cake.

Our ability to feed them 52 offers

is much higher than you could ever imagine

cause that's something we've got down.

We just have to know what the rules are

I mean hire somebody to create more infrastructure

but that's not hard.

This is where being like a great wine store is gonna

really help like, if it needs to be product specific,

like was 70 now 20 for RetailMeNot only people,

we can fuckin' feed that animal all day.

- [Voiceover] Okay, uh yeah I mean,

- I assume that's what you're referring to 'cause,

the way I think about affiliate is 20% off any order.

You know five buy one get one free,

but if you're talking about feeding, like

- [Voiceover] That's literally level one, so

- God bless, tell me, I'll give you level nine.

That part we can crush.

i really wanna build something like I want your loyalty

and all these great years like my big thing right now

is for five or six of you, like,

it's driving me more than anything.

For five or six of you to have the hyper growth

that you felt underneath me from being a kid that

sat on safe to being like right?

I wanna replicate that for the five or six of you

over the next three to five years.

Like you and I what we just did for five minutes

is better for business.

- [Voiceover] I like that.

And that's what I'm good for.

- So what I want you to do is

an hour a day instead ops which is important,

you auditing your order department or your pullers

operations where Brandon needs help there,

I want you to become that guy for him.

Let's find people that can become the next you and Jeff

and Yaz and Kevin, you know what I mean?

And Eric O. It's how we built it.

- [Voiceover] I'm in. - [Gary] Okay.

- Good stuff right? - [Employee] Yup

- [Gary] Good talk, right? You feel pumped.

- Yeah. (thumping ukulele rhythm)

- What is this episode what?

- [Brittany] 177. - [DRock] I don't know.

- 177? - [Brittany] Yeah.

- [Gary] 177? Alright, let's do it.

Hey everybody this is Gary Vay-Ner-Chuck

and this is episode 177 of the

#AskGaryVee Show!


Wine Library, the legit wine palace of the world.

Who's that good looking guy?

Holy crap that dude's amazing.

You are handsome.

How are ya?

Good man, how are you?


I don't care, like,

meaning like the answer is that's the right question

and we should talk to them but,

it's not (bleep) knock, Brandon first of all,

like we've been doing this a long time,

it's not like (bleep) that's the stupidest shit

I've ever heard in my life.

Like we're fucking good, that's why I'm not scared,

if we were shit I'd wanna stage everything.

Is everybody trying to keep up with the energy here?

- Have a good one. Have a safe trip.

- Thank you. Take care of yourself, thank you.

So today was a really interesting day,

really got into the trenches operationally

and on the e-com level at

and Wine Library. Lot of fun. Really got to speak with a

bunch of key executives. People that have been

with me for a decade, really talking about the future,

obviously it's such a different dynamic 'cause I'm not there

day to day anymore and so it's interesting the

relationship I have with them because they're my homies

they were there with me but I'm not there every day

to reinforce, remind, create that consistent narrative

that I am for VaynerMedia for example where I'm

operating but it's amazing to see the trust and the

relationship, really enjoyed having some of the

VaynerMedia people at Wine Library bringing their

expertises to the conversation.

Just very excited about the family wine business

for the next decade.

Lot of fun to interact, spent a lot of time talking to

finance and Mitch and those kinda things,

spoke to Brian Delatore and Jeff DeRose operationally

for both Wine Library the store and WineLibrary,com

spending time with Brandon, John K. and Brian Ruley

from development, Brandon who runs kinda the show

along with my dad so.

Just an incredible day. Fun to like schlep to Newark Airport

Jersey airport that I used for my entire life until I moved

to Manhattan and so just a good solid, meaty day

I think that DRock and I found our cadence in episode nine

about really pushing the envelope to bring more access

from the meetings, really spending an extra day or two

editing, getting approvals.

Seeing the reaction from all of you on episode nine

got us fired up and I think given that it was Wine Library

where I'm a client and a person on the show,

I think we'll be able to bring a lot more meat

in this episode, I hope you edited it proper, DRock

and I just love all of you guys so much.

Thank you so much for supporting DailyVee.

Getting to go to Jersey for one of our biggest, oldest

clients was a lot of fun, new project we're working on,

can't go a whole lot into it but,

what I can say is that when you align yourself with

very smart executives from the clients side,

there's nothing more powerful.

I was blown away, I haven't interacted with

my contemporary, my partner on the other side on this

brand before and she was just so massively impressive.

When you align on religion you can go fast

and speed is such a bigger aspect of business

than people realize and so instead of jockeying

and politicking and pondering and posturing,

and debating for three to four months we're just

in do mode now and when you're in do mode

you fuckin' get shit done.

You like that? - [DRock] Yeah.

- [Gary] The do mode?

- [DRock] When you're in do mode

- You get shit done.

What's up man?

I think I'm gonna lose you.

- [DRock] And I need my mic.

- Premiere in TSA checkpoint three.


- (sneezes) Thank you.

- [DRock] I'll leave that in.

- What's that?

- [DRock] I'll leave that in for you.

- I know you're gonna leave that, you see you know me

so well already, just leave real shit, DRock.

I think I should give you the mic.

(melodic indie music)