Co-Packing Secrets, or how to sell your family recipe to WalMart.

I'm speaking with Henry Riojas my name

is Bob Longoria and he is also one of

the few people that that do of what is

called Co PAC and I see there's

different products I know you have your

own line of salsas Henry and and chips

but can you tell me about what Co PAC is

and if I need it

co-packing is uh it's a company that

packs other products for other companies

which is what we do I specialize in

startup companies if you've got your

mother's recipe for spaghetti sauce

barbecue sauce or whatever we'll help

you get it ready for store sale it's not

a simple process of making it the

kitchen has to be licensed if DNA or FDA

or USDA USD a-- you have to go to the

Texas Health Department and get licensed

for manufacturing you have to go get

classes for canning and you have to pass

the city and state health process as

well we are also ASI certified which is

a third-party inspector that checks our

processes to make sure we're doing

everything correctly and that's needed

basically for Walmart and Costco the big

big box stores

and I think most of the stores now like

Kroger are starting to require that as

well so if I had a recipe an old family

recipe for for salsa you could do that

sort of thing for me and and get this

third party certification and I could

sell this at Costco we will help you

develop it too for retail sales it takes

about six months to go through all the

process you have to get your insurances

you have to make your labels we have to

get it all inspected make sure that the

product is safe the most important thing

is food safety for the consumer so

that's our main objective for everything

that we make yeah okay and do you handle

I mean what I know you've got like

barbecue rubs and you've got fish boil

and yeah we also do blends we do a fry

mix we have we also have a grilling

spice or fish because I love fishing so

I do a lot of things for fish yeah I

know I've seen your videos on YouTube

about fishing in the Gulf from brown or

red fish or something like that so you

can hand you can I see a roll of labels

they're not not clearly on the camera

but that you even take care of that well

we'll get the the company that we're

making the product for we advise them on

the labels they make them and we put

okay Wow I think if I had an idea for

commercializing my mother's enchilada

mix and I could come to you and he maybe

six months in a year it'll be in Costco

we could mess up like that I didn't say

that I guess that we developed for these

people but it takes a long time you have

to sell it you have to distribute it so

there's a lot of time that goes into it

okay well that that's more sales

marketing I can do that okay well thank

you very much in the weekend

call us at 7 1 3 7 2 8 33 33 we're

located at 1:04 - 1 South Post Oak

Houston Texas 77035 and we'll be glad to

help you out at least advise you whether

to do your product or not to do your

product because if I don't like it I

don't make it that's it