How To Grow Your Small Business On A Limited Budget

hey Gary this is John Mick L pine

reaching out to you from Toronto Ontario

my question for you guys with regard to

my father-in-law's business my

father-in-law is from Minsk Belarus

originally so his English is very poor

and moved here about three years ago but

he's an amazing fantastic contractor and

he wants to grow his business and I want

to help so given the scope of let's say

about a thousand dollars because we're

really small what are some baby steps

you could suggest to me as a marketer of

his business to do so I can help him out

so we can start getting some traction

here you keep answering our questions

Gary and I promise we'll keep asking

thanks for everything you do John great

question obviously you know how to hit

my emotional center by going back to the

old country and and that's a great great

question and a real practical one than

thousand dollars I think is really so

much more realistic for a lot of people

that listen way more than the clients

that we have here at Vayner spending

hundreds of thousands millions of

dollars each month in different

marketing activities a couple different

things number one I noticed you said a

heavy accent which made me believe that

you were alluding to don't give me the

advice to put him on camera or put him

out there now if his personality is like

my mom's who never shows up I actually

asked my mom for the first time at the

Jets game yesterday I said mom I think

it might be time for you to be on the

show and make your first-ever appearance

she said no she really it's just not her

thing and so that crushed my heart mom

and you crushed the entire Vayner

nation's heart mom they all want you to

be on the show

so now if his accent is something you're

worried about but he's willing to do

content and become Bob Vila which you

know I know you're in Canada but I think

Vila might be an international star

right but if you don't know it is look

it up you became like the home he became

America's contractor in the 80s on PBS

when people weren't doing the kind of

content we see on cable these days when

chefs and real estate agents became

famous and so I would put I would make

videos of him if he's that great of a

contractor I believe you I think you

know you get different skills from

different parts of the world he'll bring

a little that Eastern European Flair or

soundness or whatever that angle is to

the Canadian building market

I think you put them on and start doing

Bob Vila like videos now with a thousand

dollars I would spend that on the 10 15

20 30 mile radius of your guys area to

get those videos out to people that are

fans of things like Architectural Digest

or things that are into building and and

interior design into the culture of home

building contract work renovations

things of that nature so now if he's not

willing to go on camera because he's

introverted or shy worried about his

accent I know a lot of those variables

you need to figure out how to make

content that is compelling to people

maybe you translate his advice into

written form and then you run ads on

Facebook in a 20-mile radius did you

know you can fix cabinets by doing this

replacing new floors and you've got to

target people based on interests that

may find that interesting content is the

gateway drug for small businesses that

don't have a lot of money have to put

out great content spend little dollars

just like I did with Wine Library TV but

now there's more things Instagram

accounts those kind of things

that's what I would do