Da Bomb Bath Fizzers: Family Business Leverages EDI to Sell to Large Retailers

(pulsating music)

- I'm Caroline Bercaw.

- And my name is Isabel Bercaw.

- And we are the Co-Chief Creative Officers

and Co-founders of Da Bomb Bath Fizzers.

Da Bomb all started when Isabel and I were around 10 and 11.

We loved using bath bombs,

but a lot of times they would stain our tub,

which wasn't fun for us, so we decided to make our own

and then sell them at the art fair.

- We decided to enter the art fair for a second time,

and this time we were approached by a local salon owner

who said that he wanted to try

having our products in his salon.

So that opened a whole new door for us,

the door of wholesale. (giggles)

We pretty quickly pulled our mom in and then our dad.

So by holiday season of that year,

we had our family working for us.

- Once they started to establish themselves

and get some interest from local retailers and spas,

I was able to help them kind of set up the infrastructure

and teach them a little bit

about the business side of things.

- When Target called it was really crazy,

because we were still in our house, and at the time,

right before we moved into this warehouse,

we were making over 20,000 bath bombs a month

out of our basement.

Target asked us if we could be in all 1800 stores

for holiday, and we kinda looked at each other

and we were like, "Sure, yeah, that sounds great."

- We really had a number of opportunities

with larger retailers and we recognized that our technology

was not capable of supporting that,

so we needed to find a way to make that work

in a relatively short period of time.

With SPS we were able to get up an running

and had the experience to with those different retailers

that we were talking to.

- SPS Commerce really helped us

with managing the larger retailers.

It was more organized.

It was easier to just set up and keep track

of all of the orders that needed to go out.

So it was definitely a really easy way

to be introduced to the mass retailers.

- [Isabel] And stay organized.

- We have a key accounts representative

along with some administrative support

who access SPS on a daily basis.

As the orders come in, communicate with our retailers,

through the portal, and then ensure that our invoices

are issued and we get paid on a regular basis.

- Managing our accounts would be a full time job

for one of us, and also very complicated.

I was in, what, in seventh grade,

and to have to figure all that out on my own

or just with the help of my parents,

would've been really difficult.

So I think just having the time freed up

to be able to do the things that we really love to do

and that we're really great at

is so helpful to our business.