When Is The Best Time To Sell Your Rental Property?

today we're going to talk about your

real estate and the main thing we're

going to focus on is when it is it a

good time to sell your rentals this it

stereo media when is it a good time to

sell your rentals but before I answer

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what you see join us alrighty so when it

comes to real estate we all know we need

to hold real estate to create the wealth

that real estate promises right a huge

thing that holds people back is the

timing of the market meaning when is it

a good time to buy when is it a good

time to sell I think um you know that

comes in all the time but people are

really just they're worried about

missing out they're worried about losing

their word they've heard the stories of

friends and family or friends of friends

and family of friends and friends of

family of people that have lost money in

real estate so we want to get it right

but that that desire to get it right

frequently causes analysis paralysis and

they never take action and the next wave

the next big real estate boom is going

to pass them by and and they're just

gonna be in the same exact same spot as

they were before other side of that coin

is there's more real estate been made

then there has been that's been lost

it's a real estate has produced more

wealth than any other thing industry or

investment vehicle out there and I'd be

happy to put my list of winners against

anybody's list of losers and the way

that you do that is you buy and you hold

you buy specifically for cash flow you

want to own real estate that's gonna pay

you more than it cost you to hold it in

that way it doesn't really matter what

the market does your timing of the


is not going to impact your wealth

creation sure it may go up and down

along the way but if you bought for the

right reasons that reason being

producing a positive cashflow for

yourself and you have no intent of

selling it then it doesn't matter what

the market does market conditions just

if you look at the concept of supply and

demand you know there's only so much

land that we have to build on and the

demand people we keep making those each

and every year so the supply and demand

is definitely in your favor at the very

least in our lifetime right so we don't

have to worry about the supply and

demand real estate will continue to go

up and up and up it may do this along

the way but as long as you're buying for

cash flow who cares so when is it a good

time to sell your rentals is really

never that was my reflexive answer

because I think about Warren Buffett he

says his favorite holding time or his

favorite holding period is forever and

since you can't time the market you

can't see the future trying to time your

purchases as silly that was my reflexive

answer I got to think about it a little

bit I've got I came up with three

specific scenarios when you actually

might want to consider selling your

rentals and I'll share that with you in

just a minute but first if you want to

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so here are the three scenarios that

will constitute a good time to sell your

rentals the first one if the management

of the property is just too much for you

if it's a headache

whether it's bad market or it's a bad

tenant or recurring bad tenants or it's

a bad property manager you're dealing

with if it's just one thing after

another and it just becomes too much and

it's it's weighing on your psyche more

than the the value that you're getting

from the cash flow then that might be a

good time to consider selling that

rental number two is if the rental is

losing money and I'm not talking about a

depreciating market I'm not talking

about something that a bubble burst in

the market and your upside down that's

not losing money not as long as your

cash flowing but if you're having

trouble collecting or the maintenance

and the repairs on the

property start to dig in and actually

cost you money more than it's making you

that might be a really good time to sell

your rental and then the third reason is

which is really my favorite one is that

you have identified another opportunity

where the ROI is going to be better than

the ROI that that rental is producing

for example if you have a cash on cash

return of one rental that's producing a

let's say ten percent okay just keep it

simple you got a ten percent cash on

cash ROI on this rental and you've got

some equity in there and you've

identified another opportunity you came

across another deal that's gonna pay you

15% and you need the money to go ahead

and take advantage of that new

opportunity then it might make sense to

take that rental sell it take the cash

from there and put it into the new one

and elevate the return on investment on

your portfolio that way so those would

be the three specific scenarios and if

you'd like for me to show you how to do

that that's one of the big sections at

the epic intensive that we actually

focus on is how to take our existing

assets and look at where all of what our

assets are doing how they're performing

and actually put a number to them and

then go ahead and play this little game

of where we reorganize them and so we

know which ones to keep which ones to go

and sell and redeploy to improve the

overall health of our portfolios and

that's one of the things we do at the

epic intensive so if you would like to

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calm alrighty so here's what we know

real estate it creates wealth holding it

does specifically that's what creates

the wealth is by holding it the second

thing is you can't time the market so

don't wait for the market to buy real

estate buy for cash flow and wait and

wait forever unless the property

management just becomes too much and

it's costing you more emotionally than

it is paying you financially or two if

it's costing you more financially than

it's paying you so if you're losing

money that might be a good reason to

consider selling your rental and the

third reason is you've got better ROI

elsewhere you can take the money that

you have in that property we deploy

get a better return on investment

alrighty so to your success

I am Matt Theriault living the dream

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