Why Earning Calls Can Be EXTREMELY Profitable | How I Find & Trade Them

all righty what's going on guys it's

Ricky with tackle solution so thank you

guys again for joining us for another

helpful video so I hope that you guys

could see my screen and you know

everything is good to go

so I just wanted to talk about a little

bit of a topic that I think is very

relevant especially in the current kind

of time of the year that we're at right

now so if you guys can see you know I've

personally been talking a lot about

earnings there's been a lot of other

youtubers talking about earnings I just

wanted to make a video very simple and

this video is now pre-recorded so I can

there's a couple people that thought it

was pre-recorded so I can say hey what's


you know Marco Arno than all that stuff

so I just wanted to let you guys know

that you know earnings calls are are in

session right now right and because of

earning calls I've personally taken into

you know account that this is a time of

like a session that within the year that

I really like to trade because of how

far stocks can over sell which really

presents huge opportunities I'm first

going to allow you guys to do your own

research first of all my name is Ricky

right we have three rules within our

group of tech but solutions you should

not invest these to invest in bit based

on other people's opinion you should not

invest just because stocks you don't

understand and then you should always

have a plan when invested I'm sorry that

I messed up a little bit but yeah just

wanted to cover a set kind of guidelines

that I choose to follow when it comes

down to trading stocks during the

earnings some best practices some

mistakes and I'm willing to share both

of them with you because I want to make

sure that you guys don't have to make

the same mistakes that I have and also I

want to share my best practices with you

as well as you know I hope that they can

guide you guys in the right direction

so the first link in the description I

it gives you guys like a brief little

description of kind of what it is and

it's a link to Nasdaq to there

earnings schedule so you can actually

have access to you know when all these

earning calls are gonna take place and

everything that Intel's with those

earning calls why why is that so

important or why is it really important

to know when these earning calls are

gonna be taking place well I'm going to

talk to you guys about that so if you

don't want to look at the calendar and

you want to scan for certain stocks that

meet your criteria I have a specific

scanner that I use that it's a it's a

percentage change swing trading scanner

a lot of the members that are part of my

mentorship choose to use the specific

scanner to either identify stocks that

are showing signs of a consistent

uptrend and their oversold and that

offer you % like a percentage the

easiest way that I can put into example

is kind of like when we found what was

it oh yeah FX I believe so FX had that

initial drop nose actually Shopify it

was shocked if I went and had that

initial drop so these are the type of

stocks that we try to look for I'm gonna

zoom all the way out and as you can as

you guys could see this is Shopify

multi-billion dollar company I'm pretty

sure and I'm gonna look at 180-day

analysis oh yeah I'm gonna try to make

this pretty quick when it comes down to

breaking this this down showing signs of

consistent out trend so very good

quality company to invest in long term

but then it had this huge sell-off when

I called it out if you guys look at my

top stocks for September I believe it

was down to 93 dollars and it had a huge

sell-off and these are the type of kind

of stocks that I tend to look for when

it comes down to stocks that offer a lot

of opportunity that are good quality

companies that are down a lot based on

you know their normal trends so they've

dropped a lot so they're oversold and

the RSI indicator is a great study to be

able to filter those specific stocks for

as well as I try to focus on stocks that

are above EMA where I wait for that

confirmation so I set up these certain

rules and I'm not too sure if you guys

are going to be able to see all of them

I hope that you are but that one of the

first rules is you know you could either

find them by participating in the series

of group chats that are available

obviously you know I have the group chat

of tackle solutions we have a little bit

over 52,000 members within our group

that's the

fifth or sixth link in the description

we'd love to have you there but yes

definitely don't feel like you know but

that you have to all together we stand

for stocks are we they talk about the

different stocks that we see valued so I

think that's one of you best ways to be

exposed to stocks that you know aren't

going to be seeing huge margins of

losses that have solid uptrend and

you're trying to identify you know

stocks that meet this kind of the

similar trend where they show consistent

uptrend had to have huge sell offs but

are very reputable companies and will

most likely recover you know if these

huge sell offs happen with like you know

d ry ass you know you know this thing

came from because of all its reverse

docs wits it's it's most likely leading

to the price of zero right therefore is

d ry is going to recover I can't say

that it's not right because anything's

possible well most likely because of

this trend it's not going to recovery

it's showing that it came from two

thousand dollars all the way down to

four dollars and thirty cents so

obviously this is a very bad company

when it comes down to investing

long-term in my opinion which shouldn't

really mean anything to you right but

when it comes down to Shopify or let me

give you a better example CRR I want to

give fair is he's part of our tech

pollution scoop chatting does a very

good job finding good quality companies

when it comes down to you know solid

trends and one of the things that he

identified and that he called out was

the support at six dollars I'm not too

sure if he was the initial person that

found this specific stock but he

identified a solid trend at six dollars

and he waited for the confirmation of

bounced and today have the bounce and it

went to highs of almost you know eight

dollars that's huge when it comes down

to these technical bounces let me give

you another example of a stock that goes

according to these similar trends

especially after its earnings what was

it let me see if I can actually pull it

up let me actually give you an example

of of one like this one before it goes

through the bounce and one after it goes

to the bounce so I think a perfect

example was EFX though so EFX was one

that that had a huge sell-off and

because of that huge sell-off like you

know drew this huge margin of profit and

then it broke above the EMA and it

started turning up which offers great

opportunity let me talk to you about one


hasn't built this complete cop trend yet

but still offers somewhat opportunity

once it completes it and that stock

would be let's say let's just say AMD

for example this does not mean that you

have to treat it by any means it just

has a huge sell-off right now it's a

very reputable company because of its

earnings it did hit its reports but err

did he hit its expectations but it did

not actually you know because of its

guidance did not overall I just had a

huge sell-off you guys can look into it

really getting into detail but it had a

huge sell-off you went from highs of

almost you know fifteen dollars all the

way down to I think today hit lows of

like ten sixty something like that

so what what is a possibility for AMD to

happen what I suggest or what I

personally try to buy an AMD right now

because of how low the prices no because

there's no initial confirmation you know

being presented that and each is showing

any sense of recovery based on you know

looking at AMD big picture when it comes

down to you know a one-year analysis I

can see that you know AMD will most

likely recover based on its previous

tramps if you could see right here I

mean these are known support levels at

around ten dollars to ten ten dollars

and eighty cents does that mean 100%

that I'm going to invest based on that

no and that's why we just have to wait

for that confirmation but this is why I

tend to see these stocks that after

their earnings have huge sell launched

the reputable companies another example

is when it did hit its earnings you know

earlier this year it also it did not

actually hit its expectations for its

earnings had a huge sell-off to about

ten dollars and then studded Cerrone

signs of an of an uptrend that shows a

great example of what can happen with

the reputable company that no AMD being

a multi-billion dollar company that it

has huge sell-off which is really bad

for long-term investors but for those

investors that never you know took a

position on AMD when it had that

sell-off and we wait for the

confirmation for AMD to start coming

back up the opportunity and potential

profit that the specific stock offers

let's say we wait for the confirmation

until it breaks above eleven dollars and

we try to sell at fourteen dollars again

this is for a multi-billion dollar

company that's 21% potential for profit

it doesn't mean 100% that it's going to

recover and you know one or two weeks it


a month or two months for it to actually

recover but the potential is there it's

just waiting for the confirmation and

making sure that we're investing in

something that's showing signs of an

uptrend so with that being said the

second thing that I like to focus on is

identifying support and resistance so

that's just becoming familiar with uh

with the trends that are being presented

so for AMD it would be something such as

you know eleven dollars or ten dollars

and the resistance that like you know

fourteen dollars just knowing that the

decent margin of profit a lot of people

are not going to touch AMD until it

breaks above twelve dollars as that was

a very common support level which 100%

makes sense so I have my word set at

twelve dollars and I would like to think

that once AMD breaks above twelve

dollars it would become a little bit

more relevant and it's actually starting

to recover the losses that it

experienced at a very quick pace so

that's really just it when it comes down

to identify and support and resistance

and then the third thing is wait for an

uptrend and a confirmation I think this

is something that I've made a mistake on

before when it came down to originally

taking my position on AMD I did not wait

for its initial confirmation and it led

me to take the position on AMD and now

you know still holding that position

because I don't need the money that I've

invested in AMD and I truly believe in

AMD and what it is that it has to offer

but that shouldn't mean anything to you

I should have waited for the

confirmation I should have waited for a

solid up trend and I should have waited

for it to have that that full sell-off

and I did not and all the news and all

the hype is very relevant right now for

AMD and that right continues - you know

depreciate and valley once that news

that bad news on AMD dies out again all

that hype just as quick as a stock can

go up it you know it can go down ask

even a quicker so with that being said

I'm simply waiting for that and used to

kind of die out for the for the volume

to be a little bit more relevant and for

the price to actually start catching up

with itself and then start picking up so

you know waiting for that initial

confirmation on a hundred and indeed a

chart or a one-year chart is something I

find to be very effective when trying to

take a swing position on a specific

stock so I hope that that's something I

can guide you in the right direction as

well and then the last thing that's

formulate a plan so again we talked

about standing for stocks you're looking

at you know the link that can show you

all the stuff they're going to go

through their series of earnings

waiting for the sell-off being patient

and making sure that we're waiting for

the confirmation of the option and then

once it starts indicating signs of an

uptrend right so let me give you an

example what was it

es PR es PR confirmed the option so a

big picture es PR offers a lot of

potential profit it's been continuously

shown signs of NAB trend a previous

support is around forty three forty four

dollars previously resistance around

fifty two has about almost about sixty

dollars so with that being said it

confirmed the support that I had about

forty three forty four dollars on Friday

it did have a sell-off which we

perfectly called out now all we're

really waiting for it was for it to kind

of pull back a little bit and then to

consolidate and that's what it did today

so I think as long as we continue to

hold out above forty four dollars again

I'm gonna wait for the confirmation 44

to $45 espr is one that I would

personally see valuing when it comes

down to a potential swing position

you know we identified the margin of the

sell-off that it had we waited for the

bounce and then we are formulating a

plan on an entry exit and stop-loss the

form of risk management is always very

important because the only way that you

can really grow your account is if you

can keep your loss as small and keep

your profits much greater right even if

you end up growing your account you know

5% at the end of the month you're still

doing something of some form of risk

management so I'm sorry that this video

ended up being maybe a little bit longer

you know then then expected but I hope

that it can really guide you guys in the

right direction and giving you guys a

little bit more of a resource when it

comes down to being exposed to specific

stocks that are going to be going

through a series of earnings reports and

that you guys are at least aware on how

to properly prepare yourself for these

earnings reports so it's not just you

know one of the things this AMD did end

up hitting its you know target price

point for its actual earnings but it's

still dropped you know twenty thirty

percent plus from its initial price be

cut now it wasn't thirty percent it was

about twenty fifteen or twenty percent

and the reason why was because of its

guidance I personally don't feel

comfortable holding his specific stock

during its earnings I was swing trading

GNC right before its earnings you know

cut my losses I lost like five cents per

share which is nothing but realistically

if I would have held that position

because I thought she was a reputable

company it went from eight dollars all

the way down to six dollars and fifty

cents I think

and realistically you know it's all

about that risk management not just

hoping what happens but actually you

know looking at the big picture and

seeing you know is it a safe position to

take when it comes down to holding the

stock over a Chinese I don't want it you

know you guys figure out your own way on

what it is and how it is that you guys

want to invest in something but I hope

that this breakdown can kind of put it

into perspective on you know how

profitable earning report or earnings

season can be because all these

reputable companies there are showing

signs of a consistent uptrend have huge

sell offs and it's when those sell-offs

happen that when we wait for the

confirmation and we wait for that

uptrend we can formula formulate a plan

that we can profit off of their recovery

and that's simply the approach that I've

been trying to take within the next

couple of weeks

something that I've learned is that you

have to be very patient and a lot of

these stocks don't bounce as quick as

others and it's because some take a

little bit longer to consolidate and

then to start picking up so you might

want to be a little bit selective with

the stocks that you choose to invest in

because some might be you know taking

one or two weeks before they actually

start to recover and like we saw with

CRR CRR recovered within one day and it

bounced right away it just comes down to

demand and some stocks are more relevant

than others and you know it's just all

part of the game but just invest in

stocks that you understand don't invest

based on other people's opinions and

please make sure that you formulate your

planning that you do your own due

diligence when it comes down to you know

identifying potential in the stocks that

you choose to invest your hard-earned

money in so thank you guys again for

everything that you guys do all the

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