CHEAP GROWTH STOCKS TO BUY - November 2020 (Top Picks)

welcome back guys to another video with

the markets being complete

crap these few weeks it's really hard to

pick some companies

that will constantly keep going up so in

this video if you guys have a small

portfolio you want to get some shares

but you just don't know what to buy you

don't want to buy anything super

expensive like apple microsoft or amazon

i have three stocks today that are super


they're less than like 20 bucks so i'm

pretty sure a bunch of guys could

at least buy a few shares of that i mean

just skip chipotle a couple times you

could definitely buy a share

and these shares are pretty rare people

don't really know them

but they have a lot of growth potential

and they're pretty disruptive

in our technology world so these are the

best growth stocks that's super cheap

for november 2020 the first one is

ipob this is a stock that arkan vest and

kathy wood has bought in

this is a spac which is a blank check

company but

these guys they're merging with open

door which is this

real estate sector company that's pretty


it's kind of like the airbnb of real

estate it's kind of like the

turo of like the car rental business

it's something very new never heard of

which i will explain

why it's so important and why should

definitely go in

but so far ipob after the merger news it

automatically rose

up to 17 took a little break went all

the way up to 26.54

which is an incredible amount of growth

for a spa

now it has calmed down a bit so guess

what after this initial hype phase

this is the perfect time to grab some

shares and right

now what is open door so you know how

when you have a house that you need to


you have to call an agent the agent then

lists on

zillow and afterwards someone comes over

and look at the house

there's different open houses on

different dates it's honestly a pretty

big headache and there's so much

paperwork to fill out

and you gotta wait for like the other

person's like bank if they could get a


things are just like really really slow

like in new york city for example if you

guys have ever sold a home

typically it takes months not days it


months and there's just so much headache

and like even my city of lexington

it's like a more suburban area like 300

000 people

selling homes here takes a few months as

well it's a thing that's a super big


if you've ever asked anyone that have

sold a house or if you've sold a house


you probably noticed the amount of

headaches i've never heard anyone say

man selling houses are really fun no one

has said that before

so the cool thing about open door is you

can sell your house

to open door open door will go to your

neighborhood in your city

they will actually look at the prices

and then give you a price you could

accept it

and they'll give you an all cash offer

so that money goes directly into your

bank account

cha-ching it's as simple as that now

there's a few things about open door

they do charge

six percent and that's how they make

money and after they get the house

they will resell it as fast as they can

to someone else

and then they'll also charge a very

small percentage

of the transaction that's how they make

money and so far they're becoming more

and more profitable

if you check out open door from 2017 to

2019 revenues

have jumped from 700 million to 7.4

billion dollars

the whole reason why this has grown so

rapidly is because

people want to skip the headaches of

selling a home

when they want to sell a home they don't

want to go through all that paperwork

it's so much effort it's

tires people out this is why so many

people are buying cars

online with carvana instead of going to

an actual dealership

this is why people enjoy purchasing

tesla vehicles

instead of going to like a traditional

like for example bmw mercedes-benz


it's so much of a headache people hate

going to the dealership

sitting there all day trying to buy a

car same thing with open door people

don't want to sell a home go through

paperwork for months and months

they want to work with open door open

door looks at your house

they check for repairs if needed they

give you an offer that's

fair with the overall neighborhood value

if they accept it they would transfer

that cash directly to your bank account

i was on reddit reading about open doors

some people say like they

got a full cash offer within a week or

two it's actually

really really fast and some even less

than a week

and the cool thing about open door is

it's a really destructive piece of


it's kind of like similar how back then

if you want to buy a stock

you got to call them and afterwards they

give you like a piece of paper which is


like certification of the stock that you

purchase nowadays you get on robinhood

you click a button and you buy

stock same thing open door instead of

calling listing agent doing paperwork

for months

you could simply call open door they

come check it out give you a full cash


if you accept it that cash goes directly

to your bank account

and so far the market is already in its

early stages

with record low amounts of you know


zero to 0.25 percent the amount of homes

being sold

is going through the roof mortgages have


a lot of people right now are buying


because of the zero percent interest

rates open door

came in at the perfect time and now

they're making bank

and so far a four percent penetration

rate of the u.s real estate market

will translate to revenues of 50 billion

dollars for revenue

open door has an impressive scale if

they do things right

this is a super new industry they can

absolutely scale up so don't sleep on

the stock this is pretty much

transitioning the real estate market

from a very

old style of selling to something that's

super easy

sell your home without a headache and

you get a full cash offer if you're

buying a house from

open door it gets even more interesting

since they'll help you with finance

they'll help with everything you need

and it's super simple it's honestly just

a few taps

and so far the smart thing about open

door is right now since they're pretty


they don't really accept offers that are

super big like really big mansions or

expensive condos they like to focus on

property that's around a quarter million

to half a million which is pretty smart

next stock

is switchback energy this is spe this is

also a spec

now this spack is merging with

charge point so what is charge point so

we all know that electric vehicles are

coming out

sure tesla has a tesla superchargers

they're really really widespread if you

get a tesla model 3

you want to charge it at a tesla

supercharger if you get a regular

electric vehicle

for example the nissan leaf or maybe the

porsche tycoon

you can't actually charge it at a tesla

supercharger you have to charge it

somewhere else

and a lot of these companies like bmw


like honda for example they don't really

want to make their own charging network

instead they're partnering up with

private companies like chargepoint

blink charging who their whole business

is specialized in

making charging stations for electric

vehicles that way it saves big

corporations like mercedes

millions and millions of dollars and so

far you can clearly see

chargepoint is extremely big they have

all sorts of different products

and go check out their products let's

say you have like a multi-family

building you're making

you can actually hire chargepoint

they'll come over and install these

charging areas

for apartment complex this is becoming

more and more

unique and more important because now

developers whether making

an apartment complex or a town home

complex if they don't have

charging stations they actually don't


these type of consumers generally

speaking people that purchase electric


are a little bit more well off they have

a little bit more money since evs right


are typically more expensive than for

example a used gasoline car

so a lot of these apartment complexes

are filled with luxury they want to

cater to these electric vehicle

drivers since they have some money and

pretty decent jobs

and this is why they're getting like for

example charge point

like hey come and install some charging

stations for me

and so far their company is going up and


this back is doing extremely well now if

we check this out according to one


just the us ev sales are expected to


from around 383 000 vehicles in 2019

two wait for it 2.35 million

in 2027. the reason why is because for


gm came out with an all-electric hummer

ford came out the ford mustang

tesla is just being tesla cranking out

electric vehicles

and they have so many other companies

making evs

and in europe the picture is even better

because the eu

has mandated a 40 reduction of the

carbon emissions within 10 years and of

course if you want to meet this

40 reduction of carbon emissions you

kind of have to push evs and so far

the percentage of evs sold on a

continent have to surge

like dramatically way more than here in

the u.s

and the thing is charge point is

insanely big

and they have a total of 115 000

charging stations

in north america and in europe evs are

extremely popular in canada

they're getting really popular in the us

and they're already super popular

in europe mercedes-benz is deciding to

have a full renovation of the fleet

to fully electric within a few years bmw

i4 and also the m series are going fully


so just think about it things are

looking really fantastic for charge


and guess what their market cap is it's

not really that big

it's just a few hundred million dollars

and it's really not that much to brag


and if you look at the gas station

companies they're absolutely huge they

make so much money

same thing with evs within 10 years and

even right now

these few quarters a record amount of

tesla sales

charge point the stock is going up so

definitely check out

spe it's one of those companies that's

like a once in a lifetime

there's a huge transition from gasoline


to electric vehicles you don't want to

miss out last but not least is gamestop

before you guys roast me for introducing

guys to gamestop just to keep in mind

they seem to be really trying to turn

their company around

the whole reason why the stock was

dropping from around 46

all the way down to a cheeseburger level

stock of 4 dollars and 34 cents

is because they mostly focus on the

retail aspect than anything else

gamestop is pretty much notorious for

simply selling things in store

the stores are getting kind of crusty

it's not really that good

but so far gamestop is getting some

pretty incredible stuff

from major corporations check out


microsoft and gamestop signed this

really incredible partnership deal

which gamestop employees have to use the


tablets by microsoft and also use some

of microsoft cloud services

and a full renovation of their online

e-commerce stuff

they've renovated their website and

their app and microsoft will also be

giving gamestop a share of

xboxes digital revenues and also the

xbox sales

things are looking very good for the

company and so far it almost feels like

gamestop is trying to transition itself

from more of a retail store

to more of an online store and so far

the market cap it's still

less than a billion dollars if gamestop

does start selling like

online games like steam and they try to

like do more ecommerce stuff

the stock will go up because i feel like

gamestop may be selling

hardware stuff like maybe xboxes maybe

like computers stuff like that

who knows they might actually surge up

and there's also rumors

that gamestop has already gotten a

digital revenue

sharing with sony this is pretty big and

what does sony make

the ps4 ps5 type of stuff

and things are looking pretty phenomenal

and one of the biggest things

about gamestop that i really like it's


they seem to be pretty innovative and

they also got new leadership

they got the co-founder of and

he's pitching to turn it into an amazon


now if you're a person that turned like

a failing

dog food online retailer to like this

really really big giant where now

everyone if you want to buy

dog food or pet food you go on

and this guy is leading gamestop

that is pretty good fresh leadership is

what people want to see

and so far gamestop shares are surging

on a multi-year partnership with


to make this really incredible gaming


let's just see what happens with

gamestop because the stock is surging

it's up 258 in the past three months

so that's about it these are my top

three stocks ipob

merchant open door which is pretty

incredible spe switch back energy it's

merging with charge point

and also gamestop before you close on

the video

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