How to stay consistently profitable with a SMALL trading account

if there's two days are around about

same volume then it's really difficult

to break that I don't know how this I

don't know how to explain this

that's what I've seen Dexter so Tristan

I've been getting another question from

beginners if I have a 500 dollar camel

or thousand dollar account and that

couldn't really apply for a margin and

County B up to short how do I really

trade one specific patterns to slowly

grow my account so today I'm going to

list couple criterias and conditions

that could help you avoid getting picked

out and be able to get the massive risk

reward so let's get into the lessons

so recently we do have a really hot

month and overall we did have a couple

moody breakout and couple failure as

well a lot of people are really confused

about well in what type of condition

should I really try to buy the break now

buying the breakout is without any type

of analysis arm flow market caps and


so those three conditions should give

you a decent idea if the stock is

bullish or bearish you're on current day

let me give you example so a I am first

I'm going to look at multi day breakout

first the thing I'm going to look at

will be the flow and market caps the

bigger the flow the more supplier of B

and if there's not that high demand the

stock won't really move that much second

I'm going to look at will be market caps

now the bigger market cap is the hard

for it to move as well as I introduced

the concept couple videos before if you

have a hundred million dollars and you

can make a hundred million dollar stock

move up a hundred percent but you can't

really make a 1 billion dollar market

cap starts to move a hundred percent

unless you have a 1 billion dollar cash

in hand so those two conditions are the

priority I'm going to look at before I

even consider to really trade on the

chart now thirdly you want to look at

the price condition so in penny stock

areas the more expensive the stock is

the harder for you to try to break down

now many people have that much money in

to really buy really expensive stocks

especially when the stock is around 10

20 and 30 dollars per share I don't like

AI n it's around $1 per share a lot of

people love to trade this episode first

it's cheap secondly they can buy a lot

of shares third if it really tends to

spike you can get a lot of risk award

and they have a good upside potential

once you finish looking at the flow

and market caps you want to take a look

at your recharge now whatever resistant

does they have it doesn't have a heavy

resistance is they that consistent down

train charts and all those are plays

into the factor of this type of multi

taper account now first of all when the


consistent in downtrend dean for a while

for a couple years

the first green day is extremely bullish

once gets high amount of volume this is

considered as a first green day trade

about almost 14 million shares so

typically when you're trying to

anticipate the first screen day you can

go long because there's you know there

is going to be a high demand and the

flow is tiny you can get a decent

whisker from it but when you're trying

to long overnight well first you are

trying to Rick's that potential

overnight offering secondly you are

trying to risk of tomorrow is going

definitely going to trade more Vaughn

compared to the previous day now

40-million violence consider a decent

amount of volume there is about only

twenty to thirty percent chance that

will train more bond in the next day a

comparative for a miniature trader now I

am today when I look at the volume if

the volume is extremely high over fifty

million 60 million then tomorrow's

unlikely to trade more than 50 million

or 60 million because for a start to go

up in the next day needs to trade more

volume compared to the previous stay so

if there's only about twenty to thirty

percent chance that we'll get more

volume compared to today then we'll

definitely not try the whole overnight

because even if the stock is factory to

trade more volume tomorrow and there's

still a potential offering on pending

stocks and these type of offering are

dirty on pending stocks if you are

trying to hold overnight you can drop

about sixty seventy percent in one day

so in conclusion about this taker

overall first of all you want to look at

the markup and float secondly you want

to look at the long-term chart if it's

consistent down trending and the first

day getting a decent amount of volume

it's extremely bullish it's our likely

to drop now secondly we are trying to

look at a multi-day breakout into a

different type of chart something like

this right when you are seeing the

charge truly mass amount of volume in

the last couple days and the first day

trying to break out of this tip right

around 360 dollar area in this case you

want to go into the intraday chart like

what is going on in to all those volume

traded on

that specific day go back to the

boundary charts you can see not every

time when you're trying to break this $4

area 350 H trying to break out a gap

down trying to break out

gap down again trying to break out gap

down the more try to test a more

backward able form and it's harder to

really for the start to try to break out

of that area now as you see every single

afternoon there was a huge spike but

every single morning after that

afternoon it gaps down so when you're

trying to trade on this specific day and

you see there's a potential afternoon

break how it broke every single

resistance and the chart behavior

already told you three times do not hold

overnight because there will be a

potential gap down at the market open he

did gap down Charlie behavior is really

important factor for you to try to look

at the long-term chart trying to make a

judgment call from all those following I

traded that for the previous couple

month a I am and sealed DX star a

completely different mo today runners

and they're completely different booty

day breakouts this case studying

charting behavior were trying to prevent

you from getting effect out I'm trying

to help you not taking that indicative

twenty percent gap down to the next day

so nasty let's look at an NBC the

sticker has been running for the last I

will say overall a month it's running

around Corona bars a base down study

indexing and this ticker they announced

the multiple vaccine news for the last

couple years and tried to help up the

stock and in order to do all potential

offering in this case he did offering

once overall the hype is still really

strong and the multi-day breakout really

happened from very round very round here

so he did an offering and the stock

slowly comes back and start breaking

into this resistance now first of all we

are looking at witchetty runners first

one will be market cap and flow it does

meet the criteria it's a decent flow and

relatively small market caps when you

look at into the breakout the break a

bond has to be much higher compared to

the previous day take a look at this

volume trader the first day traded about

10 million second Detroit about 30

so this day volume is larger than the

previous day

now on the third day trading about the

same amount of volume compared to the

previous state this case it tells you

that well stock is trying to get more

volume but really couldn't break the

previous day so potential gap down would

actually happen on the fourth day so we

are turning into multi day runners

always take a look at the volumes

together and what day by day because if

there's two days are around about same

volume then it's really difficult to

break the I don't know how this I don't

know how to explain this so by looking

at this type of motor owners on VC first

green day traded about four million

second five million I did a potential

offering so that doesn't count and you

can see the violence getting more and

more compared to previous day and in

this state it should it barely amount

the same type of volume On January 24th

so it's unlikely to trade more volume

than 30 million because on this day

didn't really break the previous day

volume and the stock already tells you

that I started to show witnesses so in

this case if I'm trying to go short I

don't really want to sure into a massive

amount of volume day I want to try to

shore on the day after that has less

amount of volume but also as a long

trader you don't want to really hold

overnight if the stock is reaching

maximum volume if it starts to losing

volume compared to the previous day then

that's where he tells you you should

start exit the stock because the stock

is already reaching the maximum

potential and so overall all those three

tickers they have a different types of

multi-day breakout IIM was a consistent

in downtrend chart and holding around

that one daughter it's pretty much the

really ideal multi-day breakout compared

to Co Dax and BC and BC is relatively

expensive Co Dax has too many Faycal for

the past couple month and for me to be

selective and what I want to trade I

will be selecting I am not really

considering fundamentals

just by looking at the chart I am is

probably the most ideal tray that you

can make as a long trader so that's

pretty much it that's all over all the

three conclusions for multi-day breakout

as a beginner don't always rush into the

breakouts because if you buy and hope

and don't really

other conditions you were likely to

perform a fake hell and you will likely

to do it's more money because that's

where noobs trying to battle break out

and they feel more emotional because

they did a fake out and everybody tried

to sell at the same time you don't want

to be that type of person I don't want

to be that type of people making the

same mistakes always zoom out for the

bigger picture that'll be it for this

video thank you very much I will see you

guys in the next one