12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS | simply gilded advent box unboxing & review | tattooed teacher plans

hey let's Taylor from tattoo teacher

plans welcome back to my channel today

I'm sure you know what we're doing we're

gonna go through my simply gilded advent

calendar box what do we call this thing

I don't know but I'm excited to get into

this right now if you don't want to see

what's in here

then click out of the video because I

will be going through all 12 of the

little packages in here and I don't want

to spoil it for somebody so this is your

last chance if you don't want to see

what's in here then just like see

yourself out so I'm really excited to

dig into this I did not get the box last

year so this is my first actually this

is my first Advent box or calendar and I

don't know what to expect I have not

even peeked at all all I've done is open

up the box and kind of take everything

out and look at it but I haven't opened

anything yet and I was waiting for you

guys so without further ado let's get

into this so I'm gonna start with number

one and might work my way to the bottom

which is 12 so I'm just gonna put this

right there okay so before we get into

these I just want to kind of preface

this by saying that my hope is that this

box is worth it because with shipping

and everything it came out to like two

dollars shy of a hundred dollars which

to me is a lot I am on a teacher budget

and I am very careful about what I buy

and I schedule things out to make sure

that I use them and I very rarely buy

things that I don't use so I mean

fingers crossed that this box is worth

that money because I bought it with my

own money and that I have worked hard

for and my hope is that I will find

everything in this box to be or most

everything to be useful to me I don't

like to have things around that aren't

useful so that's what I'm looking for

and I definitely want quite a bit of

washi I will say that as well and I can

tell this one is not watching it but

let's just let's open it and see what's


so this is number one and I feel like

this is like a notepad or something oh

it's stickers okay okay this is a good

start so let's dive into this and see

what is in here there's like a stack of

stickers - okay I've never had stickers

besides like the seals oh these are

action okay so here's the first one this

is adorable

I will definitely use this this one's

called washi love and it has gold foil

really cute and it's all like simply

gilded washy that's so cute so this is a

Juniper xoxo Pizza I will use the pizza

ones probably will not use the funnies

this is juniper xoxo glasses I

definitely will have to do some of these

because like this one I know for sure

that I won't use this is the Juniper

travel this is the juniper washi yeah

like these ones like I'll use the little

envelope ones but I won't use the the

bigger ones mainly just because of the

size and this one will definitely get

Dee stashed

maybe I'll just do a giveaway with like

a bunch of these - products maybe in the

new year or something rainbows with like

blue matte foil and then pastel rainbow

bows those are cute I'll use those for

sure and then Jasper chibi Jasper hope

I'm pronouncing that correctly with gold

foil okay so that is the first envelope

it's a bunch of stickers which I will

probably use I will definitely use this

one I'll use this one for the pizza and

then I'll use this one with the happy

mail and I'll use the one with the bows

so four out of nine ten so I'll

definitely use these these are going to

go into my nice - file in fact I'm just

going to start two piles this is going

to be the key pal over here to my right

and this is going to be the D stash pile

over to

lect okay so on to number two I like the

little seals that use on these and every

envelope is different which is kind of

cute okay we got some washi here so

we've got some really skinny washi is

this five millimeters and it's like the

oh these are Stardust pink with silver

and pink foil and it's got a little bit

of purple at the top and then pink down

at the bottom not my favorite

I'll probably use these but I'm probably

gonna be stash these guys I just don't

think I'll use them I might though this

might go in the maybe pile but I just

I'm not sure I'm not a huge pink person

so but this might be good to Brown

Valentine's Day we're gonna put these

both in the keep pile for now but that's

a lot of watching right there I mean

that's like probably you twelve fifteen

sixteen dollars so we're gonna put these

in the keep pile alright number three

there we go okay so it looks like a pin

and I don't remember whose character

this is I'm such a bad simply Guilder

person this is going to go in the dss

file though I like enamel pins I put

them on my lanyard at work but I'm very

stingy about which ones I used and this

one not my favorite this one is gonna go

over here alright number four

s'more washy these are pretty for spring

so it's like a purple foil with silver

bows I don't know if you can see those

with the glare let's there we go that's

a little bit better and then also in the

ten millimeter

these are pretty I'm definitely gonna

keep these really pretty I like those

this like reminds me of Easter or

something like that okay so these are

going over here in the keep pile okay

number five

small stickers however feeling these are

not gonna be my thing just because of

the size these are seals so I'm gonna

keep some of them but we'll see okay so

let's start with the rainbows with

hollow got donuts with pink boy like a

rose gold pink oil those bears again I

wish I knew whose bears he was for but

or is it her character I don't know

these are pretty I think I will keep

these these are cheetah print with gold

foil and then we've got rose gold with

like a neutral palette I'll keep these

two these might be pretty on cards I

think that's what I'll do this one I'll

probably de stash

I'll keep this one that's beautiful

Paolo is gorgeous and then we've got

these little hearts with rose gold foil

and then I'll keep these - these are

really neutral black and white with rose

gold and then the little junipers and


okay so we're these two three or these

four are gonna go over here into the D

stash pile and then I think I will keep

these I'm gonna these - that one and

this one I might bring these to my kids

at school with the planter Club I think

they might like a bunch of this stuff

over here alright so I'm gonna keep it

these four which are beautiful I will

probably not use them out often but

they're really nice to have if I want to

send some snail mail alright number six

this looks like a pin to things okay so

this one has pink or it is pink with

gold foil and it has the little simply

gilded bow on it and it is let's see

what this is it's at a ballpoint yes

it's a ballpoint pen which you could

definitely switch this out for like

gel insert which was probably what I'm

gonna do these would be pretty with

pictures and things like that and then

this one has the constellation pattern

on it that's really pretty actually with

rose gold I like this a lot

also I'm going to guess ballpoint yes

let's see how these right um let me find

I wish that that stuck on the end but it

doesn't okay let me find a quick little


alright so real quick

oh it's gel I was totally wrong I love

this ooh I like that a lot

okay so I was wrong on that one these

are both gonna be a gel roller ooh and

it's a nice fine tip I love these these

are definitely going in the keep pile

these are really pretty I like these a

lot and they will look really pretty in

pictures alright so moving on to number

seven that's really pretty

I like the hollow on that I've got some

washi okay so we have the little simple

bow although it's a little bit off or is

it supposed to be like that I can't

remember but it's black with like they

look like peonies maybe or roses with

rose gold foil on the little bow really

pretty and then we've got some vertical

and horizontal hearts in light pink with

silver those are really cute I'm going

to keep both of these this is really

like romantic and pretty and I really

like the pattern on that one and this

will be useful all year round I think

really cute okay I like those a lot then

let's go to number eight it's teeny tiny

is this another pin alright

I think so oh it's not

okay it's a little what is this for it's

a little hollow heart but I don't know

what it's for is it just to sit and look

pretty because it is pretty but what's

the purpose of this if you know what the

purpose is and I'm just like totally

being dumb right now please let me know

I think it's pretty but I don't know

what to do with it we're gonna put it

back in the little bag and we're gonna

put that over here because I'm not quite

sure what's going on with that one all

right this one number nine I like this

pattern too so cute

I love that all the little envelopes and

stuff are different oh okay

washi okay this one has the days of the

week so maybe like four abou Jo or

something like that I don't know how

much I would use this in fact I'm

probably gonna put this in the D stash

pile this one on the other hand is

really pretty it's a 15 millimeter white

with gold hearts and bows that is

beautiful and simple and I really like

this one a lot so we're gonna put this

one in the keep pile and then this one

is going to go into the D stash pile

slash I'm pretty sure I'm gonna take

this to school for me my kids in plan

our club because I think they will like

some of that okay number 10 is like this

little cloth bag and it is a rose gold

bracelet open this up real quick so it's

just a little just a little bracelet I'm

not super into rose gold I'm more of a

gold girl so I will put this in the D

stash pile it's cute but it looks I

don't know can I say that it looks cheap

I've seen the other ones and I really

like them but this particular style is

not my favorite so that one is going to

go over here in that pile we are down to


here is number 10 now 11 we've got some

more washing in here so we've got five

washer easier in the more simplistic

kind of new bow style and we've got lots

of colors I like these colors a lot I

don't know how much I will use them I

really loved that purple there this is

really pretty like I said I don't know

how often I will use these the top one

is rose gold then this one is hollow and

silver rose gold and I think the last

one is hollow as well so I'm gonna go

ahead and put these in the keep pile but

I might keep them in the package and

then like reassess later on because like

I said I think they're really pretty I

just don't know how often I will use

them and then we have one more left here

number 12

all right we've got galaxy 9.0 which

people have been guessing about because

10 point oh came out on Black Friday and

I'm filming this on the Saturday after

Black Friday so we got a full set of

galaxies 9.0 I haven't ever bought any

of these so I'm actually excited to have

some of the galaxy

I like the dusk one a little more is

that the right one I don't know there's

one that's like more neutral but these

are really pretty and I think I will go

ahead and keep them again I don't know

if I'm going to use them at home these

top two are rose gold and then the

bottom two are hollow I do think it's

really pretty and I think I will use

this one probably the most out of all of

these it's just these specific colors I

don't know if I will use very often but

the I've always wanted some of this like

constellation pattern so I'm excited to

have some of this but I don't know I'm

still on the fence about

this particular set I do think that

these are really pretty though I can

feel like I've said that for everything

it's very pretty

all of its been gorgeous and the quality

has been really good aside from maybe

this bracelet but I do think that

everything has been beautiful so final

thoughts real quick so here's what I'm

going to keep bring all this back over

here so I'm going to keep most of the

washy except for one for now you had a

lot of this same color scheme here and

I'm going to keep the pins which I love

and here's some more washing here I'm

glad that it was very washy heavy I'm

just not sure about the actual like the

colors and stuff

I would have preferred them to be a

little more neutral but that's totally

my personal aesthetic which is kind of

why I was drawn to these guys I'm

keeping four of these sheets and four of

these so this is what I'm keeping which

really is the majority of the box got

some runaway washing the things that I'm

not keeping are these things right here

so a couple of sticker sheets the enamel

pin the hearts stone this particular

washi and the bracelet so really that's

not that much compared to what was in

the box I mean this is like a fraction

so I guess final thoughts do I think

it's worth it

I'm on the fence I'm not I'm not

completely sure it was a lot of money

like a lot of money and I don't think

that I will buy it again mainly because

of the color scheme of this one it's not

like I would never buy any of these

except for this one and shop like if

these were available I would not have

bought any of the swashing and that's

just because of the colors and I buy


based on whether I'm going to use it and

how often I'm going to use it so my

collection I have about 40 rolls right

now and they're all pretty neutral and

like common colors so I

just may not be the target audience for

this and that's okay that's totally okay

these things over here will go to good


at my school with my kids in the planner

Club and I will try to use as much of

this stuff as possible because I did buy

it and I do I do want to try to use some

of it maybe I will surprise myself and

maybe I will love all of this once I

start using it we'll see them I don't

know I'm just kind of I don't feel like

mad about it

I feel like I feel pretty good about it

I'm just not super super excited if that

makes sense

I know I'm being very vague here and

very like kind of wishy-washy but that's

kind of my thoughts at this point seeing

everything for the first time so so I

guess the big question is was it worth

it and I think that is purely based on

your style if this is your style then I

think that this would totally be worth

it for you but if you're like me and you

like more neutral things and you're not

so much into pink then maybe maybe past

next time I think I will probably pass

next time on the box I didn't get it

last year like I said and this is my

first Advent box you kind of go into it

knowing that you're not gonna love

everything you just kind of hope that

you have more that you loved then you

don't which in my case I do like I have

these things here and then I have these

things here and if you look at the piles

like this is definitely bigger this is

much bigger and if you're just judging

it on that then I would say try it and

if this is your style then try it but if

it's not then maybe try a different box

or just selectively buy from simply

gilded maybe that's the better option

for me so I hope that you enjoyed this

little review if you did give it a

thumbs up and subscribe if you're not

already subscribed if you have any

questions about any of these items or

anything that I talked about you can

Emily asked me down in the comments

below I'll be happy to answer anything

and yeah that's everything so I'll see

you next time bye