33 Days to Morning Glory Day 1


hello you're very welcome to join us on

our retreat my own name is father

Adrienne Farah Lee I'm a Dominican

priest and I'm happy to be here with you

on these days of retreat and her retreat

is based on a book by father Michael

Gately and it's called 33 days to

morning glory so you're very welcome to

join us each day or whatever day you can

we begin our first day of this retreat

and on this retreat we are joined with

various companions on the journey and

today we walk alongside a man who grew

up in the northwest of France st. Louie

de montfort a man who had taught

dedication to the Virgin Mary and a man

whose life was strong because he had

Mary by his side day one the passionate

saint of brittany take a look at the map

of france

now notice something about its shape

see how one part sticks away from almost

as if it were running away from the rest

of the landmass ready to dive into the

celtic see that jutting arm in the

northwest of the country is called

brittany and that's where st. Louis de

Montfort grew up there's something

special about Brittany that seems to

have all the influence of on st. Louis

its Celtic roots Brittany is considered

one of the six categories language and

culture still survived and one part of

Celtic culture seemed to have seeped

deeply into the heart of st. Louie the

high spirit nests of its warriors from

ancient Celtic times Celtic warriors

have struck terror in the hearts of

their enemies if you've ever seen the

movie Braveheart you know what I mean

think of the fearless figure of Sir

William Wallace played by Mel Gibson and

his crazy crew of Scottish Highlanders

who take on the english enemy many times

their size this shows something of the

celtic fighting spirit about the

real-life version that is even more

intense often wearing nothing but blue

battle paint real Celtic warriors would

walk themselves into bloodthirsty

frenzied brush into combat

screaming their heads off and widely

slash bash and slice away at their

enemies with huge two-handed swords

these fighting men despite their lack of

discipline armor and order were

extremely effective in battle because of

their unmatched passion and ferocity

throughout history

nobody has wanted to mess with the crazy

Celtic warriors Saint Louise dad Jean

Greg neon must have descended from these

wild men warriors for nobody wanted to

mess with him either

in fact he was known for having the most

fiery temper of all Brittany as one

author puts it he was a volcano

frequently erupting st. Louie under her

hand was a gentle as a lamb right wrong

he confessed that his temper was just as

bad as fathers fathers but Louis

channeled his fiery passion not into

threats and violence but into laboring

for the greater glory of God well except

for the time he knocked at a couple of

drunks who wouldn't stop heckling him

when he preached we can get a better

sense of Louie's remarkable zeal if we

reflect on his short productive priestly

life when he died in 1716 Louie was just

43 years old having been a priest for

only 16 years tireless Labor's to bring

souls to Jesus through Mary especially

by his preaching and endless succession

of parish missions brought about this

holy death of st. Louie as if life

sapping Labor's weren't suffering enough

Louis had to bear vicious persecution

from the clergy and the heretics he

to the point of being physically

attacked and poisoned by them despite

all this our warrior kept advancing in

the battlefield continuously preaching

preaching his trademark path to Jesus

through Mary

in fact when leaders in the church in

France thought they had put an end to

his work Louis walked a thousand mile

journey to Rome and asked the Pope for

his wisdom and counsel the Pope not only

told him to go back to France and

continue preaching but awarded him the

title apostolic missionary obediently

and joyfully our Saint returned to

France where he continued to preach

right and patiently bear witness to his

many sufferings out of the love of Jesus

and Mary and of souls st. Louis passion

and zeal lit a fire in a young Carol

Volterra at the future pope john paul ii

a few years before his death the pope

was able to realize a lifelong dream and

visit de Montfort's tomb he said on that

occasion I am happy to begin my

pilgrimage in France on to the sign of

this great figure you know that I owe

much to this Saint and to his true

devotion to the Blessed Virgin

now what about us do we have fire in our

hearts as we begin this retreat we

should or at least we should strive for

it desire and generously generosity are

the key ingredients to making a

successful retreat may Mary intercede

for us and may the Holy Spirit fill us

with the passion to conscientiously make

these days of retreat despite any

fatigue distractions or obstacles and

let's remember that we may have to

Durer in terms of the discipline of

prayer is nothing compared to what st.

Louis went through and he'll be

interceding for us relying on his

intercession and that of the mother of

God that is resolved right now to

dedicate ourselves to this retreat with

the intensity and zeal of a Celtic

Warrior through a door without all the

face paint and screaming today's prayer

come Holy Spirit living in Mary helped

me to make this retreat with generosity

and zeal