How To Start 360 Wave Beehive HD

you too what's up with you boy 360 GZ

and today I will be teaching you guys

how to get 360 waves as you can see I

don't have really too much waves I

didn't really been rushing like that

just a load off ain't really been

brushing but a hair is that is natural

curling so you might see a little ripple

here and there I don't know if the

cameras showing it but you might see a

little ripple but today I'm gonna be

showing you start not finished but um

I'm gonna show you the start of how to

get 360 waves on an end of this video I

should have a lease o ripple more than

four through this I should do tip more

than inside so it's your boy 360 GV stay

tuned so all my beginners out there what

you're going to need is some grease all

right what I recommend that works for me

360 style common

you find it at Walmart no it's not

all-natural and at this point in getting

ways I don't use natural products I used

up this conquer my hair

that's non greasy firm hold no buildup

and it rinses easy out of your hands

doesn't doesn't leave your hands real

greasy so you're gonna need that and

most importantly a steam top because I

have no ways I need my hair to be soft

and I need something that's gonna get my

hair damp and into it's a soft stage

hair is damp and it's hot and steamy is

usually added softer stains so let's

start with that i'ma show you guys the

steps I'm taking on a brush go quick

brush session and yeah all right you two

what am i do I'm gonna just do a little

pre brush session before I put on the

hot towel and because I'm going beat

high basically going away from my crown

which leaves like a little hole in the

middle but right here I'm going away

from my friend

it's not how you do this world is

actually going to all corners of the

crown and brushing away foot

now we'll be doing the crown method as I

start my B hi alright aren't YouTube now

I'm going to apply my steam towel you

can see the steam rolled off a bit but

it's the steam rolling off to this town

put it on my hair for about till the

towel is a basically not hot anymore is

how long I'm gonna keep it on in here

till it turns cold I'll just keep doing

this until it turns cold you guys gotta

just you know where you took the next

cutscene no stay tuned alright

I just want to stretch this keep in mind

that you cannot get waves unless your

hair is fat its wavelength I mean my

hair is at its wavelength because I see

a little bit of ripple so I'm not here

to actually be longer than this but I

think my hair is that is wavelength

right now because I do see a little bit

of ways so what I'm gonna do is do my

crown method I got the seasick pony

drop the seasick pomade so I'm going to

do my crown method for my crown area

first and brush it through

keep in mind that I know that my crown

is not at its wavelength because there

is no way the wave is gonna be right

here if my my hair that is Crowley my

crown area my top grows the longest

first my side my back and then my craft

and that's just that's just a way my

hair grows I don't know if everybody

else is growing that but in my case I

know my hair so just keep in mind you

got to know the way your hair grows and

how fast it grows and yeah so now that I

did the brush work on my crown I'm gonna

apply the 360 style pomegranate man imma

grab this much I'm gonna do my hands

you're just kind of patted on my head

make sure you spread throughout my whole

head evenly really don't have to apply

it to my friend area just because I

already applied the teasing Tommy

now after you apply it here's where the

work and effort comes in and you already

know it's the brushwork your hair is

already damped your hair got grease in

it and what you need now is to put in

put in the work put in the brush worm

and that's where me and Nick wavy kind

of came up with the song waves in my

hair I'm gonna play that right now and I

put it on right now please put it on

thank you thank you thank you thank you

that's the song that I'm gonna just

brush - I stay tuned

they see me in the streets and now

exactly how I get where

how are you

I ever admired where's my every liar

yeah keep it right here looking real

good you see the ways in my hair brush

to the rear back to the front

waves on swim and now I'm a stuff apply

this grease I'm trying to light you up

360 sit back of the Sun listen to the

hook go where my man looking up YouTube

that can never be too much wait wait

wait wait

it looks good with my face crown shapes

wait I can't make no more room on my

head with these waves all over that

plate plate plate

no my hair right they know my hair so

when shape no typhoon here

they can never be they can never be

in the streets and they always touch me

how I get weird

how are you

my Urban Meyer where is my every my

every my hair they can never be too much

in my they can never be too much in my

they can never be too much missing my CQ

PC going ham today all og-pog if it's

not don't pay that rush all day while

you wait my face sad brush too much you

must be nuts I brush enough gz why I

hate and we just y'all get in our ways

and notice goofs a day one way but they

don't even have the patience if you walk

the next slow dad told me there's no

rushing if you're living in Cali get

your haircuts from cold cuts shuttle to

the way we started crowd love Qaeda bad

luck brush it backwards spin spin spin

them up waste on spin and she asked how

I get it I say I water bath water bed

can you take a swim take spring pull

northern focus roller coaster way say

it's song go before guests and brandy

you not thinking that you could be why

my waist dipping now give me one

YouTube I think I proved myself that

it's easy to get ways but now I started

this video with not having a ripple now

I got plenty of ripples in my head what

I'm gonna do is just put on my new red

rag up and wait till my next birth

session tonight I don't want to just I

want to just stop setting goals for

yourself and think that it's it and

that's all you have to do you gotta have

a method you have to follow your plan

have morning methods have night methods

and it basically consists of brushing

your should be your lifestyle the way

you you know play sports and the way you

go hard for sports and you constantly

practice at it it's basically what

you're doing with your waves you're

practicing at it brushing you're

checking out your angles you're doing

what it takes to be an elite waver all

right I won't beginner right now I'm

starting with all of you

and I hope you guys start on this new

journey with me but uh yeah I'm gonna

dawn this boutique at first extra

support extra compression you see how I

missed the first time but I'm not gonna

miss again

you know what I'm gonna do them on

another pointless uh wave cat all right

I'm just gonna do it just for that extra

compression you guys don't have to do it

but this is just what I do all right

oh this video inspired somebody to get

up and get ways and take care of your

hate all right it's your boy 360 GD and

I'm up out of here

hustling City Beach a cat you know

exactly what you look like so you might

as well just try to beat an email