WHAT'S ON MY BABY REGISTRY as a first time mom

Hi guys! Welcome back to my channel. As you can probably tell by the title of

this video, today I am going to be showing you guys what's on my baby

registry. I have spent a stupid amount of time looking for the best aesthetic baby

products. I am really not into the whole primary color cartoon animal type

aesthetic for our little baby boy. I definitely prefer neutrals things that

are really classic and timeless, so today I'm gonna be sharing with you guys what

we've registered for, some of my favorite small shops that you can support, and

yeah we'll get right into it! So since I made this registry the whole covid-19

thing has happened so it's not looking like I'm going to be able to have it in

person baby shower but we are going to do a virtual baby shower anyway and also

this registry is just good to have as a list of stuff for us to reference when

we're kind of trying to check off all of our baby gear. If you guys want to see a

video on like how we're planning a virtual baby shower let me know because

that's totally something I could do that I just thought of. But I'll start with

the big things: the gear. I feel like that's the most exciting and splashy. For

our stroller we are registered for a Maxi Cosi stroller and the one we picked

is the Zelia. I'm sitting off to the side so I could pop pictures in here so you can

see it and all of this stuff will also be linked below. I'll also link my

registry if you guys want to see it just as a reference. I really love this

stroller for a few reasons. Number one it's super convertible. It's a

five in one so it has 5 different configurations from the bassinet which

will use a lot when our baby's a newborn all the way to like a regular stroller

which i think is really great. I also love that it has a lot of storage. It has

a really big pocket on bottom for our diaper bag and anything else we're

carrying as well as a little clip in water bottle holder which is really

important to me since I'm going to be breastfeeding and I'm gonna get a lot of

water. I also like that you can snap the car seat into it and just kind of take

that back and forth from the car to the stroller. And I really really like the

look of it. It's got a really pretty kind of like light ivory linen thing going on

it which i think is really really pretty and a nice alternative to the black and

the grey that I see a lot. And it's not as expensive as like a Nuna or an Uppa

Baby. It's still pretty expensive and I definitely don't expect to get this as a

gift from like one person but if a few people want to chip in and then we can

pay out the rest or whatever we have it on there. Anyway, as far as our nursery

goes we actually have that pretty much taken care of. We got most of our stuff

including our rocker and our crib and the bookshelf in here all secondhand

from thrift stores and Facebook marketplace but one thing we are

registered for is this gorgeous moses bassinet with the stand from design dua.

This will go in our room and will be where he sleeps

for as long as we can do co-sleeping. We're also registered for the snuggle me

organic lounger so that he has somewhere to lay and hang out while we're like out

in the living room. Something we also bought that's actually sitting behind me

in this chair which we got secondhand is a co-sleeper like pack and play, and the

one we got is from arm's reach, and it's a pretty ivory color and that's again

just to have that in the living room so that he has a safe area to play. For our

diaper bag I have not decided which one I want yet so we are actually currently

registered for two and I need to pick. The first one is the fawn design

backpack diaper bag. I'm sure you guys have seen these everywhere. They're super

popular. They're really really beautiful they're vegan leather which I love. And

the other one is a slightly more affordable option which is from a

company called Eloise and Lolo and it's also a vegan leather backpack style but

I really like this one because it comes with the changing mat and the hooks and

all of that and also it has a lot of pockets which i think is really cool.

I actually thrifted our high chair again off a facebook marketplace. It's a really

really pretty like mid-century wood high chair with a little rattan seat which i

think is so cute and we spray painted it white with a baby safe, food safe spray

paint and I really love the way that that turned out, but if I hadn't gotten

it I definitely would have gotten just the cheap IKEA high chair and then

totally tricked it out with a bunch of stuff from yeah baby goods which is a

company that sells like cushion inserts and covers and a lot of

really cute patterns placemats would footrests and then you can like cover

the legs in contact paper to make it look really really nice. The actual

highchair itself from Ikea is like 20 bucks it's a really good way to make

like a really cute high chair on a budget because all the ones we were

looking at we're like a hundred and fifty two hundred dollars and that just

seems like a lot. For diapers we are going to attempt to mainly cloth diaper.

When he's a newborn we'll be doing disposables just because the cloth

diapers that we picked don't fit newborns super well and we don't want to

buy two sets, but after he's out of newborn into like zero to three months

we will be trying to cloth diaper and the ones that I have registered for are

from Nora's nursery. I like these because they're kind of like plain colors.

They're not too busy. They don't have like crazy prints on them and they're

also really affordable. Let me fix the lighting really quick. One other really

important thing that we actually were registered for but I reached out to the

company and they were so so sweet and gifted me one of these is a Solly baby

wraps. I think baby wearing is so cool and so beneficial and I really like the

Solly ones because they're really lightweight they're really soft and they

support babies up to 25 pounds which is you know pretty heavy. Getting into

some of the smaller things: we are going to allow pacifiers and the ones that

we've picked are these ones from bibs. I think I got these on Mushie which is

actually also where the bibs that we registered are from, but I love the sweet

vintage look of these. The nipple is supposed to be really good and really

natural for your baby. I really hope that he takes these because they come in so

many different cute colors and I just love the way that they look. One of the

things that I was most excited to register for when I found out I was

pregnant were swaddles. I think swaddles are just like the cutest sweetest things

so I'm going to share a couple of my favorite brands that we really love. Pehr

I think is how you pronounce it it's PEHR. We have one of their swaddles already

that I bought on our babymoon in Hawaii and it's so soft and the pattern is so

cute. And then I'm registered for a few from little unicorn, a few from Harper

and olive, and a few from Mebie baby. Mebie baby is one of my favorite places

for clothing for him, so we're registered for quite a bit of clothing from there. And

then some of my other favorite clothing brands are from Loved baby, Rylee and

Cru is so expensive but so beautiful, Quincy Mae, Kyte baby is really cute, and

then we're also registered for a few pieces from big-box stores like H&M, Zara

and Target. Again I'll link it down below so you guys can see the exact pieces

that were registered for. My style is very organic and boho and like earth

toned and minimal. of course there are also a ton of small items that we're

registered for that we're going to need for baby so I'm just going to read off

some of them to you and if you want to check the brands and the styles that I

picked again you can check that link in the description. A keepsake box, a childhood

journal, playmat, car seat covers, some pacifier clips, roller shades for our car,

a mirror for the back of the car headrest, bibs, a breast milk storage

system, bottles, a bottle drying rack, washcloths, bath towels, a baby bath,

diaper genie, a changing basket which actually I want to talk about that

really quick because we are registered for the Olli Ella changing basket and it is so

so cute and sweet. I think it's gonna go so well right here where this little

breastfeeding pillow is right now. Peepee teepees... very important if you're having a

boy. Extra inserts for our cloth diapers, some crib sheets, a mobile, some

miscellaneous storage baskets, a nightlight, toys, books and then all of

the like first-aid and medicine stuff. I really love the wooden Montessori style

toys and I found a lot of really really cute ones so if you guys want to see

the ones that I'm loving the link will be down there. And then for Mama we're

registered for The Montessori Toddler book, breast pads, lactation cookies,

instant ice packs, nipple cream, a peri bottle, and some tucks cooling pads.

We also would have registered for a baby monitor but again I was very lucky that

a company that I reach out to sent me one so we have the lollipop baby camera

and we set it up already. The setup was super easy. I have heard that if you

don't have a really fast internet connection

it can be challenging but luckily it's not a problem for us because Matt games

so we have a lot of bandwidth... is that what it's called?

Our Internet's fast. That's all I know. And that's pretty much it!

I hope that this video was good and that it made sense and then it was helpful to

you guys. I think having the links down in the description will be more helpful

than me just talking about stuff but I wanted to make this video because I feel

like it's really easy to go into a store like BuyBuy Baby or Target and not see

anything that's your style and be like discouraged and disappointed and feel

like you are changing your personal style a lot because the products

available in the market are just you know like I said very primary colors

cartoon animals that kind of a deal, but there are really really beautiful and

well-made baby products out there especially from small shops.

I'll link some of my favorite small shops down below. Jam baby is amazing,

Neutrababy is amazing, canvas house designs is a local

Washington mom who makes really really cute baby clothes.

So yeah! Shop small when you can, secondhand when you can, but also if you need

to buy things new it makes sense. Thank you guys so so much for watching this

video. If you're new to my channel and you want to see more videos about

motherhood, home decor, thrifting, any of the things that we do on this channel

please click that subscribe button! I would love to have you here! I hope you

guys are all staying sane and healthy and safe and I'll see you all the next

video! Bye!