Sleep Routines for Newborns After 6-8 Weeks

so when your infant starts to

you might notice and sometimes even

before that a witching hour and that's

just when everybody seems to get really

cranky and you hear lots of crying and

crying and it's five or six or seven pm

usually when people call that a witching

hour what they don't realize is it's

just bedtime

so infants really need to go to bed much

earlier than you think so the ideal time

for bedtime once they've established

that they have a bedtime is between 6 &

8 p.m. as they get a little bit older by

4 months you really want that to be

closer to 6 than 8 p.m. so if you find

that you have a cranky infant sometime

between those hours keep in mind it

probably just means it's their bedtime

and you want to catch them before they

get cranky and put them down to sleep

making sure that their sleep environment

is very soothing and not confused

foreplay so take any toys out of the

crib you really don't want to leave them

in the crib for any kind of playtime or

treat it like a playpen it's just a

soothing place for sleep when they wake

up you go and you pick them up and you

say hello good morning or did you have a

nice nap but you let them know that they

slept and now it's time to get up and

out of the crib the only exception is if

they're happily just sitting there

looking at their hands or cooing we're

very relaxed and you want them to also

learn how to be in their crib very

relaxed because they might even want to

go back to sleep or just think about

what they want to do and how they want

to get up in fact that happier they are

the more likely it is that they had a

nice restful nap or sleep so that's a

good sign