How much does it cost to start BEEKEEPING?

so you want to be a beekeeper and you're

saying next spring is the year to do it

but you have no idea how much it costs

you don't exactly know what type of

equipment you need that's what this

video is about this is the end of my

first season of beekeeping I actually

got some honey from one of my hives

which is great for your first year so

I'm gonna share everything I used and

how much it costs to help those new

beekeepers out there


so for this video we're going to make a

couple assumptions first assumption you

are buying everything brand new second

assumption you're buying everything

separately the third assumption is that

you are buying from blue sky B supply

that's an online website great website

there is another one called Man Lake the

great thing about Man Lake is that they

have free shipping over $100 but I think

blue sky has slightly better prices

overall but they don't have the free

shipping I'm pretty sure so you need to

compare these two websites see what

works for you blue sky B supply and man


both are great be keeping supply

companies I'm also making it an

assumption that you are getting 10 frame

supers which is what I'm using but you

need to know this beekeeping is a little

bit different in every region in America

so you may be doing something slightly

different the people in your area might

be doing something slightly different

but I'm gonna go ahead and break down

first the components of a hive and I'm

gonna tell you exactly how much it cost

brand new and then you can be the judge

to find a way to make things cheaper and

at the end of pricing everything out I

am going to give you a grand total and

then I'm going to tell you a couple ways

that you could save some money to make

beekeeping a little more affordable if

you can save a little bit of money

that's always a good thing so let's go

ahead and talk about hive components and

how much they cost so in the background

you can see my hive that I was able to

get 20 pounds of honey and 20 cut comb

sections this year which is great for my

first year so I'm gonna first break down

these components and then tell you how

much it cost

according to blue sky bee

so first we have the bottom board this

bottom board is basically the bottom of

your hive there's a couple of different

types you can get you

get a screen bottom board a solid bottom

board a lot of people switch off back

and forth depending on the season but a

bottom board alone just the bottom board

costs $18 and this is important too I'm

not including tax or shipping on any of

my prices so taxes is going to be

different shipping is gonna be different

so plan on spending a little more money

buying this up brand-new so the bottom

board is $18 this next one this is the

hive body it's a deep super it's a 10

frame super that costs $45 it comes with

a box and the frame and it has wax

foundation there's 10 frames inside of

there so for 45 bucks you can get the

deep body the next one is a medium super

it's smaller than the deep body and that

with the 10 frames is going to cost you

$40 now I have a second medium super

that I'm about to take off for the

season that's also $40 I'm going to

assume that you have a great first year

and you're going to need this medium

super you may not actually need the

medium soup the second medium super your

second your first here then it's

actually raining so I probably won't be

inspecting my bees inside the hive is an

inner cover I'll probably show shot of

that that inner cover cost $12 and then

on top of that the outside cover that's

your top cover that again brand-new

is $23 so basically right now we're

sitting at over a hundred and fifty

bucks for this hive setup so that is a

decent investment for beekeeping next up

we have bees you got to buy bees

sometimes you can get a swarm if you got

a swarm those are free bees but the

thing is you are probably not going to

get a swarm just getting into beekeeping

I know people that have been trying to

catch swarm for years

some have luck some have never caught

one but don't count on getting a swarm

your first year a swarm is basically

bees that have been crowded out of their

nest sometimes they're wild B sometimes

they're from a neighbor's hive and

they've flown out of their hive because

they don't have enough room so a bee

package costs about a hundred and twenty

five dollars a Nuke which is a queen

it's basically a mini high the hive is

already laying eggs you gotta have a

wide range of Ages a Nuke can cost a

hundred and eighty dollars

so getting a hive of bees is a big first

time investment so we had a freak

rainstorm so I'm not doing a hive

inspection for this video but that's

okay I'm gonna keep going with basically

these are hive components a lot of

people say you know are optional but

really in the end you need to have these

so I'm going to include them this is

probably the cheapest B component you'll

ever buy this is a entrance reducer and

you use this in the fall and the winter

and the spring when your hive is small

and it can't defend itself and it also

will keep in some warmth this is only a

dollar fifty but guess what if there's

anything you can make for beekeeping it

is an entrance reducer but this is

something you really need to have if you

want your bees to have more success then

we have a queen excluder some people use

these some people don't some people call

it a honey excluder because sometimes

bees will not go through it but the

purpose of this is to keep the Queen in

the lower section of your hive so that

she doesn't start laying eggs where

you're hoping to harvest honey from

people do not want honey that has eggs

in it if you're doing cut comb and it's

just a lot easier if you keep the Queen

down in the hive body and the first

super some people getting use these some


I think they're worth having even if

you're not using them because you may

need it and if you don't have it you're

not gonna have it so this is about eight

dollars the next accessory for hives

what you really need anyways this is a

hive feeder especially if you're

starting your hive off you're gonna have

this feed your hive sugar water there's

lots of different feeders this is a top

feeder that goes on top of your super

and then you have your top cover over

this this is about fourteen dollars

there's lots of different types of high

feeders but this is the one I use you

can shop around and figure out the one

you like the best so now we've talked

about everything you need for the hive

we've talked about purchasing bees hive

accessories that really you kind of need

and now we're gonna finish it up with

tools and safety gear and again I'm just

showing you the bare minimum and you can

get as deep as you want into the gear

you think you need so I'm trying to show

you the best price for everything brand

new straight out of the box so let's go

ahead and share tools and safety gear so

you have to have a smoker again some

people don't use a smoker very rare but

as a first year beekeeper this smoker

has been very very handy you don't know

what you're doing you're learning and

bees are aggressive at certain times of

year and they're not aggressive at other

so at the beginning that you may not

really be using your smoker but I tell

you what when you're harvesting honey

and taking honey away from the bees

you're going to want to use your smoker

this is a basic smoker it cost about

thirty dollars a veil at the very

minimum you want a veil you can get an

affordable one for about sixteen dollars

this is a hive tool there are lots of

different types of hive tools this one

only cost six dollars online through

blue sky

but you can get more expensive ones that

go up probably to about $25 and then I

think everybody needs a be brush to

brush bees away especially when you're

harvesting and moving frames around so

that oh and last but not least again

some people don't use them and mine are

pretty dirty I need a wash them but

these are gloves these are the special

sheepskin leather gloves these cost

about $20 again I don't really use these

that often but the times I've used them

this year they've been really handy and

some people after a couple years you'll

use less and less safety gear maybe but

it's important to have it in case you

need it

so what is the grand total brand new to

get into beekeeping not counting taxes

not kind of shipping this is the number

three hundred and seventy three dollars

and fifty cents whoa that is a lot of

money three hundred seventy three

dollars and fifty cents the reason I

made this video is I did not know it was

going to be that expensive when I got

into it and I had to be committed once I

had my bees I had to keep going and it

was an expense that I didn't really know

was going to be that expensive now this

is if you buy everything brand-new now

I'm gonna give you a few tips on how to

save a little bit of money

number one you can buy a lot of this

starting gear as a complete set they're

their starter kits on a lot of be supply

websites so you can get a discount

through there you can buy use gear use

equipment now there's controversy about

use equipment you can spread disease you

don't want to bring mites or a virus

onto your property so that is up to you

if you want to buy used gear there's

lots of people that say yes

no so that's gonna be a topic for

another video what's another way you can

save money you can get stuff as gifts so

I got some of my gear from my mom thanks

again mom I keep saying it in videos

thank you mom as a Christmas gift so if

you're getting into beekeeping tell your

family hey can you buy me the smoker for

Christmas I really wanted 30 bucks hey

can you buy me this bee veil that's 16

dollars right so you can get stuff as

gifts you can also what is another way

you can make some of this equipment

yourself the hive bodies or just square

boxes if you have basic carpentry skills

you can probably save a few bucks off of

the hive components you can find ways

around some of the equipment you can get

a mosquito net that they sell for like 6

bucks that can work some of this gear

you don't need 100% of the time but it's

up to you to decide if you're gonna get

it or not

so hopefully this video has been helpful

for those people that are thinking about

getting into beekeeping I actually got

some of my gear for presents and I got

some of my hives at a flea market or at

least about half of the hive so I saved

about a hundred bucks by buying used

hives I won't get like you know random

frames from somewhere that are drawn and

you don't know anything about them but

yeah so I managed to save some money

through gifts and buying some used gear

and then a lot of my gear is also new so

if you have any questions if you think

you have a cheaper way to save money

with beekeeping go ahead and share in

the comments below until next time happy