Running a SUCCESSFUL ASTROLOGY BUSINESS with Amanda Walsh, Founder of the Astrology Hub & Astrolada

hi guys this is lada from astral of calm

and today I'm here with a very different

topic till now I've given you thousands

of astrology topics but now we are going

to talk about the business side of

astrology because I know there's so many

astrologers in the making that are

watching this channel and this video

will probably be extremely useful and

helpful an inspiration of some of you

I'm here probably one of the most

successful astrology business owners in

the world currently she has founded the

biggest astrology community online which

I think currently exists and this is

Amanda Walsh many of you know her hi

Amanda hi Martha thank you so much for

having me here it is such an honor and a

pleasure and hello to all of you it's so

nice to connect with you here thank you

and we met with the month in Hawaii we

had a wonderful chat you felt like soul

sisters immediately bambam was also

excited and I realized she's a fantastic

businesswoman even though you're not a

professional astrology yourself and you

see how you can but you're very

passionate about astrology can you tell

us and and currently let me give an

example the astrology hub has those

summon that they do for free up actually

isn't it yes yes right now we are a

registrations open for the 2019 forecast

marathon event which is featuring 13

different astrologers and they're all

gonna be giving their forecast for the

entire year of 2019 so for any of you

who want to join us for that you can

right now it's astrology hub calm / 2019

and just reserve your free spot when you

reserve your spot you'll also get access

to a 20-19 astrology planning calendar

and it's really really beautiful so just

check that out and you'll get instant

access to that as well I remember I

first found out you stole it you have

people started writing to me and saying

it's fantastic look what they're doing

they're doing it for free and I checked

in some the astrologers there with my

teachers from London and I was like wow

these are big names how do you manage to

organize all those big names and you're

not an astrologer you tell us your story

this amazing success story it's such a

good question and sometimes I look back

and I'm like I don't know it's but it's

felt so faded you know it's felt so

guided and led and supported and I think

that's true about astrology right now in

general we had Giselle Terry I don't

know if you know who she is she's

amazing she's a psychotherapist and

astrologer we cover on our podcast this

week and one of the things she was

talking about she's been practicing for

decades but one of the things she said

is that the demand for her work for

readings for therapy for sessions is so

big but she cannot even get to anybody

and she cannot get to everybody and that

it's just increasing and you know we all

heard about this I remember around 2012

there was like it was like the prophecy

that there were people that were waking

up you know and that we were being

called upon to help those who would wake

up in waves after that time mm-hmm so

it's happening you know there's this

people that are looking for answers

they're looking for guidance they're

looking for that that anchor in an ocean

that feels really really turbulent and

and astrology is so amazing with that

and it just it helps so many people so

for those of you out here out there that

are thinking about becoming astrologers

and wondering if there is enough

opportunity for you yes there is

opportunity and it's only gonna get more

and more we actually write statistics

that for last year I think it was that

the biggest growing business sector in

the world current online was astrology

so great potential I was like yeah

losing and you know I know this for you

too lotta like we both came into this

following passion I am just a tiny bit

about my story it's long but I just I'll

do a really brief version but I was

living in New York and I was running a

business there and I was successful you

know on paper I had everything that I

always wanted but I was business I'm

just curious

well the technology business and it was

around the cellular to

nology at the time we would help

companies if you've been in New York

City and you've been in a yellow cab and

you see the screen in the backseat my

infamous claim to fame is that my

company helped to wirelessly enable

those screens in the back seat I don't

know I'm really proud of that legacy

so anyways um

technology and communication has always

been you know part of what I'm doing

your Aquarius rising so naturally drawn

to that with which you're in the stock

boy in your chart yeah exactly so um but

I like this this arena and realm so much

better um so I was I was doing you know

I was doing everything that I had wanted

to do but I wasn't happy you know I was

really unfulfilled I was you know at one

time I liked what I was doing but by the

time I had my first daughter any of you

out there who have children you know how

that just like changes so many things

all of a sudden I wasn't fulfilled and I

wanted to be I wanted to be doing

something I was passionate about I

wanted to be using my gifts to be of

service and it was really strong you

know it took about two years of like

complete dissatisfaction and and lots of

pain and confusion you have no idea

where to go good idea and you know what

even when I made the decision to leave

what I was doing I still didn't know

where I was gonna go but that's very

brave I I could never do that so funny

people say that oh my god it didn't feel

brave at the time it felt like I didn't

have another choice mmm you trying to

save your life

it was like my soul was going to die I

know it sounds dramatic but that is

exactly how it felt so it was like

either I stay here and I die or I'd like

to make a change it's like choices are

taken for us sometimes the biggest

choices they are I have no choice in

starting astrology I was forced into it

I did not want to I was like I'm not

good I'm can't speak in front of people

I was I was crying every day and my day

then boyfriend was forcing me he said

you either do this or go become a


whooping your bills oh my gosh I'll tell

you story about that um that was always

my plan B it was always a quiet I can

always wait tables you know what I even

when I believe you I can always wait

tables I got to a point though where I

couldn't even get a job waiting tables

and I was like with my visit they did

not allow me in UK to start work and he

said now I can't even wait so you have

to become an astrologer I could have

only my own business but not work for

something so honestly though the

universe forced me into that it has a

way of doing that so eventually I did

leave New York I moved to Hawaii I was

seven and a half months pregnant with my

second daughter at the time and my only

plan was I want to find something that I

feel passionate about that will help

people and that will use my gifts and

talents and I want to do it online

because I didn't think Hawaii would

really have the thing that I would want

you know care locally so I was like man

I feel like it's gonna be online

something virtual blah blah I tried a

bunch of things nothing worked

now I know astrologically the timing was

just off for me to be starting anything

new it was a remember or transits you

had well you know what I don't but I

know that it was a it was a break down

period of life like it wasn't like a


it was just like things needed to

crumble that's basically what was

happening so I ended up going through a

divorce and experiencing serious

financial difficulties and then at that

moment it was like oh my god so is it

true that like we have to either choose

passion but then before or choose like a

soulless job that pays the bill you know

but the bills you know are those really

just our choices so I was in like a

complete existential crisis it was like

oh my god I don't want to live if those

are my choices right yeah so eventually

I found astrology and it was the Leo

King and the Leo Kings app you know you

didn't even have that yet it was telling

you to but I would like turn to tune in

and every day I'd be like wow this is

really helping me this is helping me as

my life was totally breaking down

realize a I'm not alone B there's

actually like

a bigger thing happening here that I'm a

part of and I want for you it's not a

random occurrence yeah and there's so

much peace and not even though it didn't

feel peaceful I was uncomfortable every

single day I was crying every single day

oh I still had this thing in the back of

my mind of like it's okay

like there's a reason you're gonna come

out stronger and better than ever before

like surrender to this on some level Wow

so astrology became my lifeline you know

and I I got to experience its

transformative power in my own life I

got to experience the peace that it was

bringing I got to experience the sense

of community was bringing to me even

though I didn't connect with anyone know

that the fact that I knew there were

other people out there who was suffering

like really it was it was that I felt

like I was a part of the human

experience with a lot of other people

and even even Leo King at the time

admitting that he was going through

things it was like God he's real he's

going to things it made me feel so good

that's the first time I saw you Lana

I saw you you were interviewed by Leo

King and I was like I really like her

she's cool like and I totally had an

instant resonance with you so it was and

then and then I had my first astrology

reading which just blew me away

Natacha altar on the Big Island

evolutionary stralla sure she knew more

about me than anyone in my life knew

more about me than I knew that or she

could articulate things about me that I

didn't even know and psychological was

it also specific events that she was

talking yeah well I would say the thing

that she did was she touched my soul

there's really like gave me a context

for my life she gave me yeah she gave me

my first real experience of God now that

sounds another dramatic statement but

and and I went to 13 years of Catholic

school so that's a pretty dramatic

statement you know she experienced God

sooner but I didn't not in a way that

touched me so deeply and so real

because what happened to me as I looked

at this chart that was based on it

looked like just a mysterious amazing

thing to me I had no idea what any of it

meant but the fact that she could read

it and that she could touch me in such a

deep place of truth gave me the

realization that there's a higher

intelligence here there's a higher

intelligence at work that it's beyond my

wildest expectations if she can do that

by looking at that and tell me so much

about myself and my purpose and my

meeting and everything then there's a

higher organizing principle here you

know and so I remember just being in

tears like it we were I got to go and

have an actual in-person reading with

her because I was on the Big Island at

the time - and I remember just sitting

in at her kitchen table sobbing you know

and I'm here many of you have had that

experience I mean when you're touched by

astrology in that deep way it's like in

the wake of who go through all right in

ancient Vedic Astrology

the planet that rules astrology the

south-north Cato also rules the deepest

experience of God so wait amazing

amazing yeah and I've said that before

and I don't know if any of you can

relate with that but it's like nothing

else nothing else like gave me that

evidence it was like now I had evidence

that there's something so powerful and

so magical and so beautiful at play here

and so that reading was before I'm sorry

and that reading actually was before Lee

okay it was before the divorce and all

those things started happening and then

Natasha as an astrologer for me became

literally like a lifeline and she now

she's one of my my dearest soul sisters

I call her my fairy godmother I said

basically okay so then then I'm at my

friend's house and we're talking about

astrology because this is all I want to

talk about now you know my life now and

now I found astrology that's like we're

talking about astrology again and a

router house and her husband sitting on

the couch and he like raises his hand

because we're like boohoo so he has to

raise his hand to get anything in and he

goes you know I bought the domain name

astrology hub

like years ago and I've just been

waiting for someone to do so and I was

like this is my turn to raise my hand I

was like I'll do it

we had no job at the time I was totally

like in in despair financially and and

this to me was like that ultimate moment

like whoa so I could give something

that's been such a gift to me I can like

share that with other people and also

give astrologers a platform give us

stralla Jers a voice because my guess at

the time was most of them don't like

think of themselves as business people

or marketers or even like tech savvy or

any of those things so what if I could

create a platform to give a voice for

astrology and astrologers in a way that

feels accessible and tangible because

with all my Capricorn I'm always like

okay all that information is great but

if like you can't use it to live a

better life who cares

good care like I if we can use this

information to live lives that feel more

fulfilling and more purposeful and and

and and and have more happiness and joy

and all these things in our lives then

then it makes sense so it was like I

really wanted to bring the theory in the

philosophies like the left brain in with

the heart and then also the usefulness

and then that element of community so


neither one of us were astrologers me or

him and the the golden moment was

meeting Donna would well astrologer

Donna would well Donna would well I told

her my vision and she immediately was

like yes I've been waiting for you I've

been waiting for you ha amazing she is

such an amazing networker connector she

started to open up doors for us people

could feel Arce's like our sincerity

because there's a lot of sharks out

there right who are just like trying to

capitalize on it we also have the

companies the biggest companies that run

psychics are also our companies that run

foreign channels so with profits of

psychic and astrology businesses that

are nameless that without a face like


face of the astrology have that turn

they're basically like I'm not gonna say

names but they are run by corporations

that run for sites as well so so there's

you know there is that energy so there

was a lot of caution from the

astrologers at first it was kind of like

who are you what are you doing and plus

the way we were doing it was so new to

them I mean the first thing we ever did

was a summit it was like what is this an

online what like you know so we had a

lot of explaining to do and a lot of

trust to build but we did you know and

and because we are subsea because we do

care because we love astrology and

because we know that astrology is

something that is going to help so many

people that it was like okay we can have

we can have it all eat not all we can

have both of the things we were looking

for which was a building a sustainable

business right it's not sustainable it's

gonna go away and I had that experience

on the Big Island I tried to start an

online TV show but I didn't have a real

business model behind it and eventually

it died I had to bury it because it I

didn't know how to make it profitable

and so you know here was this gift I was

trying to give to people but it wasn't

sustainable it wasn't healthy enough to

continue over time so I mean the biggest

gift and telling person Hacket they

don't have the practical means and not

means you started without any money but

the practical plan behind it it can be

wasted well yeah and that to me is like

this blend again of the left brain right

brain or mind and heart and you need

both you know and so I got to experience

that firsthand of like oh wow you can't

just you can't just go out there with a

great message and no plan and expect it

to work you know there needs to be some

sort of there needs to be some sort of

structure around it and I can't even say

that when we started three years ago we

like had the plan or the vision that

were we're doing today you know it

definitely has evolved there's been an

organic element to it but we also knew

that it would need to be sustainable or

else it would go away so and there's

been many moments throughout astrology

hubs history where I was like I

hope we make it like please I hope we

make it and so now we're here today and

it's so exciting because it just keeps

its growing and there's just so much

desire for the information and then also

for the element of community I mean Pete

so many people out there feel alone and

especially once you become passionate

about astrology is like who do you talk

to about this like you're crazy and they

can't understand a word you're saying so

how do I like have that fulfilling

connection with people I remember when

we were in the coffee shop and someone

looked at this and said are you

astrologers and you said she's I'm

sergeants it's great another stralla

jure no that actually is very like

Hawaii specific because there's so many

like healers and astrologers and massage


Reiki therapist and you know they've

sort of teeming with that but if you

were like in California like where I

grew up in the Bay Area I don't think

people be like oh great another

astrologer because there's not that many

yeah but you're doing tremendous work

it's amazing what you've achieved I was

so impressed I saw and and again we got

connected by David Cochran says you know

I know Amanda Walsh can i connect you

because I don't go out from home I'm

baby jail here you know and even though

I communicate with people every day but

it's only from my little bedroom here

and when we met we both felt like we

were energized or like what's happening

we even checked our synastry and there

were a lot of southmore past life

connections and it will like okay we

gonna do something together and we will

the first the first of many yeah can you

tell us a bit of the business side now

so for people that are trying to be

writing astrologers so contemplating

maybe for the future I want to give them

hope that actually did you can live and

you can try bond astrology like you

start at your message which I loved what

you said again you because you also said

to me before they interview that you've


serving a lot of astrologers and who are

successful would have been methods yes

okay so when I first you know I'm like

the the client right I'm not an

astrologer so I when I first got into

the world of astrology I started looking

around and what I saw was that there was

astrology that was either so complicated

that I couldn't understand a word they

were saying or so watered down and like

um you know that it wasn't useful

anywhere it wasn't touching my soul for

sure that I saw that there's a need for

that middle place where there's high

quality astrology like there's integrity

in the astrology but it's understandable

you know it's it's it's English it's

it's or you know whatever language you

speak but it's it's not so technical and

complex that people can't follow so one

of the things I've said as as you

mentioned I've gotten to observe so many

astrologers over the years and and

really see like who's successful and why

are they successful and what are they

doing that's making them successful I

would say the number one thing they're

doing is they are being themselves so

authentically and they are connecting

with the people that resonate with them

specifically so for example we can use

the Leogane again he is so himself right

and so he's authorizing there's people

that love him and there's people that

hate him and that's okay

because he's being exactly who he is and

that is going to happen so you know one

of the things that I've noticed is that

it's scary it's it's really scary to go

out online to meet yourself to be

authentic you're vulnerable and you you

you can get hurt and it hurts when

people don't like you and it hurts when

people say mean things about you and all

those things hmm and you kind of know

you're doing it right if that's

happening because what you're doing is

you're being who you are and that's not

going to be pleasing to everybody but

from an early age my mom would say

another Capricorn

she would say Amana not everyone's gonna

like you and that's okay but it doesn't


it is what it is so so but what I also

see though is that the people that go

out there and are the most sort of an

apology unapologetically themselves are

the ones who are having the most success

also the ones who are able to translate

this very very complex language into

into accessible words you know into

words that people can connect with man

and that is the gift you know I really

feel or maybe a skill you know but but I

think it comes with the practice I it

was so hard for me at the beginning and

now it just flows right yeah and it

maybe even just having that as something

that you know that you want to cultivate

you know the and study the astrologers

who do that really well because the

ability to just use language

non-technical language to to do your

reading to explain what you're talking


is really really huge I wrote a few

things down I'm just because I was

thinking about this there's a mindset to

that I think is really important and

that a lot of times has to do around how

you value yourself and how you value

your work and and not feeling bad for

asking for something in exchange for

your wisdom and in exchange for the

value that you're adding to someone's

life as a consumer of astrology I have

to say that those astrology readings and

the astrology information and wisdom

that I've gotten has been some of the

most valuable information I've ever

gotten in my life and I have my master's

in psychology and I have learned more

from astrology and astrologers than I

ever learned in graduate school or

undergrad or my undergrads in psychology

as well so there is a value to what

you're offering a very very high value

and so a lot of times what I found is

astrologers feeling bad you know asking

I don't absolutely that was my thing and

still occasionally and even sometimes

when I do I do a lot of free videos and

monthlies and i will divert i something

at the beginning like a retreat or a

course that we're doing and there'll be

horrible comments oh the video starts at

two minutes where she stops selling a

chit and this breaks my heart but like

how do you you have to remind yourself

you're and and I get so many thousands

of emails people saying you changed my

life you helped me so much exactly the

experience you have and I have to keep

reminding that but the funny thing is

that a hundred good comments one bad one

can you know I know I know I've had that

experience too it's really really hard

and and and so surrounding yourself with

people that will support you through

those kinds of things is really

important and just remembering that the

I think of business I think of our

careers I think if it is sacred work

because amen oh you're becoming through

the process of of finding what it is

that you're passionate about

like mustering the courage to to go out

there and actually well before you even

get there like investing in yourself to

learn and to cultivate your skills and

then to get that courage to like do your

first reading or put yourself on a

YouTube video or whatever it is you're

doing this is a sacred path and you are

learning so much about yourself through

the process that that it really doesn't

matter what the people are saying you

know and I know it hurts

because I've been there so there's

there's also like a strength and and

it's almost like calluses you know like

calluses on your feet when you

especially like here in Hawaii when

you're walking barefoot all the time you

have to develop those a little bit but

whatever stralla is a very sensitive

people and and they're like I know it's

it's about to charge what do people say

what if they and a lot of them have loss

of confidence and a lot of people go

through astrology because they've gone

through hell and they feel very low on

themselves just it's part it's just like

a general trend that I've seen but but


I mean and I'm speaking to the people

out there who are thinking about

becoming astrologers those sensitive

people who've been through hell like you

just explained we need you because and

we need you to be able to do this

full-time at some point you know so many

astrologers they're doing the astrology

on the side because they're having to

pay the bills another way which is I

totally understand and do that as long

as you need to do it and wouldn't it be

amazing if the thing that you love the

thing that you're so good at the thing

that is so helpful there's so many

people if that could be your full-time

thing and there is a mindset there is a

deserve ability there is a self-worth

piece that is really necessary to to

focus on develop and do something for me

sometimes it's just surrounding myself

and even if surrounding yourself means

listening to podcasts that inspire you

you know you think about the the podcast

that you listen to those people's voices

are in your head you know in your ear

and speaking you are actually like in

relationship with them so find the ones

that inspire you that that jazz you have

to give you that sense of confidence

that you need to move forward okay it's

that mindset um

and then what I wanted to say too is how

important it is and this is just sort of

like a technical thing and this is what

I told you about it

how important it is to to build your

audience and to really find that tribe

and to have a way to communicate and

connect with them consistently that adds

value to their life you know there's so

many ways to really connect in with

people and add value and give value and

like you do love it with your free

content it's really necessary at this

point to be willing to do a certain

amount of that and yes at the beginning

I was giving probably 90% of my work was

free and yeah it's not like that because

you're building you're passing through

this initiation path like you said

you're out there to battle your own

insecurities to start receiving

validation back for your knowledge and

actually when you see the reactions of

people you start valuing what you have

more exactly what you're talking because

usually when you have this knowledge you

don't value it as much I don't know it

was like that for me you take it for


you think that like well this is you

know I I feel like our biggest gifts we

we take for granted because it's like

well can't everybody do this like isn't

this way like not everybody can be a

chart which and and yes it is it is a

huge skill and value we have we have a

basic chart reading course called decode

your cosmic blue print that Donna

teaches and people sometimes go through

that and they go through the class and

there's the ones that are just like yes

I get it there's the ones that have to

work really hard there's some that have

been studied for decades so the skill

and art of translating the language of

light the language of the stars the

language of the cosmos that's a gift

that's a gift I've been around it now

for I don't know three four years and

it's still really hard for me so yeah

well I mean I only started working for

me after nine years in astrology right

actually on the twelfth year the miracle

happened before that I always had to

think hard and they take 12 years is a

cycle Jupiter Jupiter is deep knowledge

that you don't have to think about it it

becomes intuitive so even if it's hard

for some of you guys 12 years well and

there's so many people in our astrology

hub community that that have been

studying for decades and there's there

they're still like I needed to learn

just one more thing I need one more tool

I need one more technique before I feel

comfortable charging for readings or

like calling myself an astrologer and

you know with that we're never gonna

have more ala Jers to help all the

people that need help at this point so I

would say you know doing what you did

lotta and getting yourself out there and

doing it in practicing as much as

possible again I'll repeat it we we need

as many of you as possible out there in

the world and then I also want to

mention that it's important to at least

take a slight interest in I'm gonna use

a word that for many people is like the

tabi word marketing but what the way

that i think of marketing is simply

communication it's rad how we use our

words it's how we connect with people

it's how we it's how we make whatever it

is we're doing real and and and intimate

you know so there's you don't have to be

some like sleazy salesperson you don't

have to be some like annoying you know

present and and you may annoy some

people that's okay you may do that i'll

just say that i'm sure i have annoyed

plenty of people but but if you're in

your truth and your in your authenticity

and you know that what you're doing is

coming from a good place

what is the harm in connecting with the

people that i have already said they

want to talk to you who have always

already said they're interested you know

so being that presence in their life and

that is marketing you know in an online

marketing these days is changing so much

it really is so much more about being

who you are and being real and being

authentic and connecting with people

from that place so for me there's a

great joy in it and i have to tell you i

had no interest in it no interest in it

i remember even when i was trying to do

my my first online business my husband

at the time was like maybe you should

take marie forleo's b-school I don't

have you've heard him right for Leo but

she's like a really successful internet

marketer and I was like no I don't want

to do that I'm not interested in that

I'm just gonna do it my way and you know

so I said no now I realize that there's

so much value in learning from the

people that are doing it and learning

from the people that have like already

falling down and and really taking an

active interest in thinking of yourself

as not only an astrologer but a

communicator use someone who is here to

connect with people and the most

effective ways possible so you can have

a lot of fun with it it doesn't have to

be this like if marketing if business

it's like and it is I know I have a lot

of Capricorn in my chart so this is like

you know for me it is it is fun but but

it's you

think of it as a challenge you know and

something that is is another area to

grow and develop in your life I I

approached it exactly with this know the

sales job the marketing it would like a

dirty word but I took a course again I

was out of desperation nothing worked

and I took a course with Sandy karakov


there are lots of online courses and

that's when I started applying those

advices and and I'm still enrolled

tonight monthly course with them so I

catch up with all the innovations all

the new stuff you know social media and

whatever it is but basically what she

teaches it is communications stay in

touch with the people and make a

5-second Google on Instagram make a

10-second video you know on your

Facebook but be regular you know and

just that's important you don't have to

give your life and enslave yourself to

your phone and your social media you can

just do it for 20 minutes a day and

you're done you know but communicate

back with it so that's the most

important and I know you use guys emails

email that's you know a lot of people

say all emails are outdated now

newsletters but you have a different

experience I have a very different

experience and that's because for at

this point email is you know think about

who you give access to your email inbox

like you're probably pretty discerning I

know I am like I just I do not get my

email out easily to companies so when

people do give you your eat their email

address they want to hear from you they

are interested in hearing from you and

what you'll find is that your most

dedicated and loyal and enthusiastic

audience members are there so if you can

offer them something that that gives

them an opportunity to join your list

and of course oh at any point they can

absolutely unsubscribe at any point they

can opt out so it's not like they're

enslaved to you but if you can build

that audience

way I have found great value in it the

thing with social media that social

media is amazing it can meet reach so

many people but the social media

companies can change the rules at any

point in time and they have you know

like even in Facebook it's it's harder

to reach the you built yes I have your

ties in order for my post to reach them

it's ridiculous I have 60,000 followers

on Facebook see your stuff

wait 500 dollars to reach your email

list you own you know that's yours

there's I mean there's things that can

change there like spam filters and

things can change there too so there's

no like one answer I really think it's

important to be doing as many as

possible and for those of you who are

just starting out it can feel so

overwhelming it's like oh my god do I do

Instagram Facebook I do YouTube right

I'd say just choose one and get started

you know just just don't be overwhelmed

by a million things we really have

focused mainly on Facebook and we're

just getting started on Instagram and we

haven't even scratched the surface on

YouTube so it's like and I know you've

done it the opposite I mean you're with

YouTube and Facebook yeah

mr. grandma I'm starting slowly but I am

excited and now I'm newsletters I I

think it's important to connect

one-on-one with those newsletters and

the thing is to it I think when we think

about them as an opportunity to really

just connect with an individual I never

think of I'm writing my emails I don't

think that I'm writing to like 90,000

people I think like one person and so

it's like how do I connect with that one

person and let her or him know that

they're not alone that they matter that

there's a reason that they're here

because again that to me is one of the

biggest gifts of astrology it's like

better there's a purpose there's a

reason you're here you're so amazing and

unique that there is a design or a

blueprint that you have that nobody else

on this planet has like how cool is that

you know so it's it's really just

connecting with people and not in that

way whatever's authentic for you but

don't feel like you have to write

perfect English or you have to you know

have some it's not about that it's not

about perfection it's not

you know coming out and looking like you

know super professional and polished and

on the opposite when you send

newsletters that are not like fancy

pictures every simple email exactly

exactly so it's fun you guys there's so

much to explore and I'm excited that

there's so many people out there that

are learning from you Lada that are

learning from the astrologers that we

feature at astrology hub and more and

more I'm seeing the astrologers getting

what they need to be able to like really

go out there and really do their thing

and so many of them available yeah many

of them are getting more excited about

marketing we need a new word

communication you know and we're getting

more excited to really build their

audience and build online courses and

build online opportunities and so we're

gonna reach more and more people with

the messages from the sky at least those

with eyes to see and ears to hear the

ones that are ready so ever amen

beautiful ending thank you so much

Amanda guys check out the 2019 summit

with 15 astrologers at will be it's free

that's it's very important to give your

free part you know to give it's like

you're the universe the beginning it's

free so yeah so it's gonna be next

January 15 16th and 17th from 12:00 to

3:00 Pacific 3:00 to 6:00 Eastern 8:00

to 11:00 GMT and that is it's gonna be

three hours of broadcasting so if I

understand if you can't make all of it

even if you can tune in for like five

minutes or ten minutes you're gonna get

something amazing these astrologers are

so incredible and they're ready like

they're ready and to tell us all we're

gonna walk through every single month of

2019 what are the key dates what are the

biggest opportunities what are the

challenges what should we be paying

attention to so check it out it's

astrology hub comm slash 2019 the event

is totally free and on Friday January

18th after so we're gonna take all the

wisdom from the astrologers

then on the 18th we're gonna do a bonus

free workshop that's gonna be all about

setting our intentions and our goals for

the year incorporating the astrological

guidance that we just received so again

for me it's always about like how do we

use it what could we do with it how can

we like use the astrology information to

make our lives better so that's what

we're gonna be doing together the day

after the three day forecast marathon so

I hope I can attend as well and if you

can't attend register anyway because

we're only sending the recordings to the

people that register because when you

register you tell us that you're

interested so then I feel comfortable

sending you all the recording so it's a

limited time recording it'll be

available through next weekend okay good

so it's not only live that you can watch

that's great exactly

yeah how do you make your money guys

this is a preview so you'll meet the 13

astrologers you'll get the forecast for

the year from all of them these 13

astrologers are our inner circle guides

for the year so we have an inner circle

a monthly membership program where you

can learn from a different astrologer

every month and you get new mood

forecasts and ceremonies you get full

moon self mastery classes where you're

learning a new astrological tool we hand

select the astrologers they're

incredible we have some actually we're

even like branching out into human

design and gene keys and a few other of

those systems that in coral oculi based

so we are going to be do and vibrational

astrology will be the first month so

anyways if you want to join the inner

circle after the forecast we have a

special enrollment period so you are

able to do that but you don't know who

price will subscribe to them $27 a month

and if no contract no agreement so if

you you can just hop in and see if you

like it if you don't you can thank you

so much among dates I love talking with

you I feel excited always

looking forward to having you again and

to make some amazing future plans

together and to seeing your reach spread

and actually to reach as many people as

possible and help as many you're helping

so many astrologers and so this for this

passionate mission work that you have to

continue to grow so thank you so much

for your advice our viewers probably a

lot of them are also viewers of the

astrology have you for all the work that

you're doing it's just amazing it was so

fun to learn about like what you built

because we there's a lot of similarities

in the vision and then the way that

we're doing it and for those of you out

there who are interested we're already

brewing some some plants so waiting for

the Jupiter Saturn conjunction in 2020

the stars of divinity

I love to is just to show that like

businesses don't have to compete yeah

actually lift each other up we can

actually support each other and there's

enough you know I I love coming from

that place of abundance like there's

enough for all of us so there's no

reason to go into it with like oh like

competitor it's a it's not like that

or it doesn't have to be like that I

know it can be but I love this thank you

so much among them sure you see guys

that by combining rather than competing

you can achieve more hopefully of course

combining complimenting adding it's it's

all about how can I add you know when

you look to when you look at the

astrological world it's like how could I

add something to what is already being

done you know and it's if we when we

take that approach and mentality it's

there's it's limitless

yes nobody it's a person can be amazing

on their own but imagine when you get

twenty thirty people

the same passion it's there's power in

numbers as they say these limits and

have a wonderful weekend I don't know

no it's me I thinks everyone