How To Plant A Vegetable Garden In Kent County, Delaware.

What is the best time to plant a vegetable garden? The best time to plant a vegetable

garden in Kent County is anywhere from April 15th to May 15th, which is the frost date.

If you want to get started early you can get starter plants and seeds and plant them in

your home. What kind of containers do you need in order

to start plants in your home? A simple one gallon plastic pot would be fine.

Some people use trays or seed packs if starting from seed but really anything would work.

What is the best type of garden to use in Kent County?

There are several different types of gardens the most popular is going to be a raised garden

because it is going to give you a thicker layer of top soil and organic matter. With

the old fashion type where you plant right into the ground you need to be careful of

soil type. By raised garden do you mean boxing it out

with wood and adding your topsoil and all those other things you need to make a nice

layer? Yes If you are a first time gardener how many

plants would you suggest? If you are a first time gardener I would start off a little bit

smaller maybe two or three different types of vegetables and two or three plants per

type so you can get accustomed to how the growing season goes and what is involved with

a vegetable garden. Does soil type vary from place to place in

Kent County? It does vary a little bit the majority of Kent County is a clay type soil

that is very dense and heavy and difficult to work with and if you are in the southern

part of the county you start to get into the silts and sandy soils that are a little more

pliable to work with. What are some things we can do to identify

what type of soil we have? If you can take a handful of soil and mold it into a ball

then it is a clay type soil. Once you have that garden planted what is

the best way to deter pests or if you want to maybe do those organic gardens that people

are probably desiring because organic produce is so much higher than your standard produce

do you have items that we can use for that organic gardener? The organic gardening is

becoming very popular these days. The first step would be to choose plant varieties that

are disease and insect resistant and then talking to a garden professional in regards

to your organic fertilizer and pest control to keep that garden organic for you.

Do you have all those products here at Ronny's? We do. We have a full line of natural and

organic fertilizers and pest control options for you.

How can you tell that your vegetable garden needs to be watered so that you don't over

water it. The watering is going to be dependent on the climate of the time, in the heat of

the summer it is going to need to be watered more often. The soil will tell you, if it starts to look dry and crack then

it may need to be watered. I would recommend watering from the bottom as to avoid getting

the foliage or fruit and vegetables wet. Keep your eye on the weather.