Full Garden Tour 6/10/2020 East Texas Gardening


these goes around the never-ending

waiting list blueberry

garlic oh yeah and more electric fence

so the lemon and kumquat I think these

will live in pots maybe in our

greenhouse once we build it but for now

it stays on the porch or in the house

during the winter these are some what

are these persimmon trees I have some

more asparagus and I don't even know

what this is quite frankly some type of

rhizome that somebody was giving away

for free so I figured I'd give it a shot

our intentions were to bring you along

many times throughout our gardening

journey here early stages mid growth

stages harvest stages and late stages

and then life happened to kind of got

away from us so we're gonna show you

what our garden looks like as of June

10th that's today June 10 and we started

March if we waited till the end of March

right we saw we didn't plant maybe we

cheated a little bit and started into

late March but for the most part April

first dish is when we started putting

seeds in the ground because Farmers

Almanac said the last frost was going to

be March 31st we wouldn't try to mess

with mother nature so we decided to sort

of kind of obey ish and then we started

seeing all of our other farmer gardener

friends planting early so we just said

you know hey if we if if one of us goes

down we all go down right we all go down

together alright so we're gonna start in

our garden boxes lares already got a

head start on the harvest yep and we

will harvest as we go so you can see

what we've got going on here goes all

right you want to show your pride and

joy first no quite

yeah no joke so this is avocado which is

probably the longest lasting avocado

we've kept alive

we're not tropical enough quite frankly

this is a volunteer marigold thanks for

that I think I planted that seed last

year miss Lara is harvesting more

strawberries this is and they started

producing early early early come on just

like that yeah so they come off just

like this Hey keeps losing them she

picks them and then she can't find them


yeah we've hardly actually done anything

with our strawberries this year because

we eat them we eat them they're super

good so these plants there's a very

distinct difference between spacing this

part of the bed and this part of the bed

from here forward these are all the

plants that we kept alive over the

winter so this is the second year for

all these strawberries which is why

they're much more dense the strawberries

are bigger and sweeter and they are

producing like crazytown and so we have

probably pulled every single day since

they started producing and because we

kept these alive over the winter we had

strawberries by March and they are


now we're not afraid to eat what we grow

and sometimes that means that we share a

little bit but quite frankly we just cut

off the bottom and what you did anyways

not a big deal

anything that we get that's very soupy

or very well eaten I will use my finger

and scrape a little hole in this dirt

and I put the whole strawberry back in

there because they're full of seeds and

who doesn't want more strawberry plants

so we just replant anything

that we're not gonna eat because I want

it you get next year oh yeah tasty oh

they're so good moving on the bottom of

this box we have some ginger planted

yeah there's actually some more planted

right here just hard to see because our

peanuts have taken over never planted

peanuts before this is the first year

and man they look like they're doing

great from what I understand the yellow

flowers touching the ground is what we

need for more peanuts so we're gonna

kind of watch them and let them go yep

what's next next box this one looks a

little rough but it's okay

this had broccoli yep there's peanuts in

here there's oak tree in here from our

lovely storm last night there's some

beets growing in here and pretty much

whoo we just pull out and let it mulch

back down this one's doing okay this is

a big healthy beet under here

and actually if you look right here

around the edge you can see the beet

coming up we love these raised beds we

really don't have to deal with weeds too

much so it's not yeah yeah this is the

weed problem right here right up this is

our one beautiful little broccoli crown

that we've got we will actually be

harvesting that later today got some

lettuce hidden in here that is hiding

out yeah I got some lettuce hanging out

here in the shade it's still in the

plastic we're gonna plant it yep we're

getting ready to rip all this out and

we'll fill it with that kind of stuff

what in the world is this beautiful

thing enjoy I have a big beautiful

cucumber trellis these are pickling

cucumbers how many plants did you put in


and it has grown big and beautiful and

it gets in my hair every single day what

do you have up here these are potatoes

nice eggs and then marigolds planted in

these pots there were actually some

other flowers planted in there that the

boys got me for Mother's Day or for

Valentine's Day I can't remember which

my boys buy me flowers a lot because

they're the best and they didn't grow so

oh yeah

so this trellis has held up fairly well

but it's not the best thing it's fallen

over twice yeah it needs to be anchored

a little bit better so next year we have

room for improvement but inch so this

box is all of our onions they're about

done huh yeah and a few other voluntary

things that aren't supposed to be in

here but for the most part I mean the

weed control in a raised garden bed is

crazy it is not yeah we've actually let

this box get completely out of hand when

it comes to weeds yeah and it's still


like there's really not a whole lot we

we kept it weeded pretty well until the

onions were very well established and

now we're just kind of letting them bulb

out and grow out but they look good the

whole box is onions were about to

harvest these we will will show you that

harvest once wants to be harvested hold

it go ahead back in here these are

onions that we had pulled the dirt away

from so they rolled out a little bit

there's three different kinds there's

red yellow and white onions in here all

right next box my favorite in the whole

wide world green beans and a little bit

of marigold some miracles yep yeah this

whole box is green beans we're not sure

if it's the drainage or the soil we have

like these look pretty good this is

pretty bare

and then this whole area back here that

mean their their little wrinkly Leafs

but as you can see look at all these

flowers they're still doing very well

and Lara is collecting let's see those

big beautiful looking good looking good

so if you guys have any expertise on why

these plants look wrinkly like this we

had bell peppers in here last year and

they did the same thing so we're

obviously lacking something or too much

of something somewhere yep

that's okay though because we're getting

tons and tons of green beans yeah I love

green beans and I loved canned green

beans it's one of my very favorite

things to put up and so I may or may not

have planted seven hundred green beans

seven hundred seeds I really was not

expecting this is my favorite yeah this

has brought us much pride and much joy

unfortunately this little booger was

doing really well

Mills of Ireland and for some reason it

just withered up but it was we have some

more that are looking good we'll show

you what they look like what do we have

here so we have never successfully grown

carrots as many years as we've had a

garden and we are so excited because

there are real carrots underneath here

I'll show you on the other side so

carrots all the way through the middle

your penis there's more peanuts this is

some garlic purple garlic purple garlic

more peanuts hey hey

medical units marigold and then if you

look right here here look at this look

at the big beautiful carrots loving it

we are so excited that's such a fun

this is bells of Ireland they're not

shriveled up but yeah lots of carrot

greens there's another big carrot right

here I think they're close to done look

it's like going to seed in this bed this

is a hundred percent peppers so we've

got several different kinds there's

jalapenos and bell peppers cayenne

peppers and I think all the banana

peppers are in the other box but if you

look we have some one

I didn't even notice those in there here

you see if I can get a better shot so

this is again this thing's not doing

real well but it does flower I didn't

realize I thought they were just the

Leafs because on the package it just

shows the Leafs but there's a let's

check out these bell peppers wowzers a

couple more bell peppers jalapenos

here's some more bell peppers look at

this beautiful beautiful and these are

jalapenos I told you guys we were gonna

have an experiment and we kept these

alive we actually kept most of these

alive from last year but these jalapenos

we paid extra special attention to to

keep them alive and there yeah quite

healthy alright so we have a couple of

more trees here persimmons some

muscadine grape vine I think one of

these is a pecan we're just kind of

nursing them along in these pots until

we have permanent residency picked out

for them what in the world is this ma'am

it's the rest of my Oh the other 450

green 350 yep lots and lots and lots of

green beans in here and for that we got

very thankful Wow look at this grape

vine it was a couple of years old and

dug up and then brought here we traded

for some elderberry we're getting some

grapes on the vine here hopefully

they're ripen and but yeah looking good

this one not so much

it died we'll replace it with probably

the one over there in the pot that I

just showed you this one's looking a

little rough not the best soil out here

so we have to amend it pretty regular

but look at this this is beautiful

yep she's beautiful all right off to the

orchard here we go this is my friends is

volunteer watermelon plant we just fed

it to some chickens we had sitting out

here there's actually two different

plants here and apparently one seed took

off so we're gonna let it go and see if

we get anything out of it we need to cut

the grass but there's so many flowers

and it's actual dress we don't have much

of that out here so we've been kind of

letting it go all right ma'am where are

you and what are you doing I'm looking

at my peaches nice we're not very big

I'm not sure they will actually like

come to fruition and be edible but

there's peaches yeah we have quite a few

peach trees and they're very very young

so we're not really I mean you're not

too disappointed if we don't get a whole

lot out of them because we know that

years down the road they will produce

time and time again yeah this one we

counted was 17 I think this is plum tree

it produced I think maybe six or eight

plums that were already ripened and I

ate them all yeah another peach this is

a pear tree over here again another

young tree I don't think it's got

anything on it this year and that's okay

we just want it to establish healthy

root system it was pears later on in

life so these here I have a couple we

have four left a couple of them died

these are loquats they're doing well

more peach more peach more peach is the

companion plum oh you guys we have ripe

peaches that peach is not yes so this

tree literally has two peaches on it

whoa the whole tree that's why I was

saying they're young trees so they're

not really producing much it only has a

few but they are they will be ripe here

very soon they're they've changed color

they're not soft yet well that makes my

heart so happy we did it we got peaches

didn't even notice that

another loquat and another loquat here

this is this one's I mean looking

fantastic I think they like the shade

apparently a desert plant that likes the

shade weird alright so this is the

orchard we're actually talking about

getting rid of this chicken run here so

that we can continue our orchard down

this hill just to kind of give you a

reference cuz Laura's really tall I'm

not I'm five foot top yeah she's about

five foot and so is this tomato

pledget I got this trellis idea from I

couldn't even tell you

Stoney Ridge farmer maybe somebody I'll

have to look it up and link it but

anyways I just built this trellis ran

some string and we have tomatoes galore

mostly well they're all green nothing

ripe just yet yeah after this so

basically all we're doing here is as the

plants grow


as our plants grow see these are not

supported in trellis whoopsy we did

harvest a couple of cabbage out of here

Wow look at this I know aren't they

beautiful yeah we got some good ones all

right so you see how these are hanging

over to the next aisle this is what we

put these strings up for so that we can

very gently train them to grow upwards

instead of outwards and it works out

really well it keeps them off the ground

which helps with disease or prevent

disease and it also gives them lots of

support so they don't break as they

start to grow really big juicy tomatoes

they get real heavy and so if you stand

your tomato plants up and give them some

love they will grow more Tomatoes

because they're not having to work so

hard to hold themselves up for sure but

also the aeration right so as we're

trying to end up off the bottom there

the airflow is able to get through much



there you go this one as well lots of

tomatoes already this is great yeah I

can't wait

really good Jeff got me a food mill this

year so I can up my preservation game I

will be able to make tomato sauce and

tomato paste which I have not been able

to do in the past because I did not have

the correct equipment now all right so

this row here is all onions and garlic

it doesn't look like much right now but

we basically are not getting a whole lot

of bulbs out of this the garlic will

bulb but as far as the onions are

concerned we're cutting the onion greens

here not super concerned about the the


we do have tons of zinnias that we have

allowed to live they kind of take over

so we we did brutalize them last season


get get that under control but we do

want germination happening so another

pepper plant here

tons of lettuce right here and then more

tomatoes on these two rows I have more

peanuts I went crazy with the peanuts

sorry folks and then this was all peas

but once it gets hot the the peas take

off so I might take off I mean they

leave their dad one thing that we didn't

I forgot our fence row over here yeah I

and peppers looking good in here

this is banana peppers we've picked most

of them so there's really not any on the

planet currently some of the ones we

kept alive last year not doing a row al

and then others like this one are

producing very very well for us I

actually picked three peppers off this

plant recently and there's yeah a bunch

more love it more jalapenos make sure

there's fear there's always ready

peppers on this plant yes and then look

at this more cayenne

yeah this is a pretty good one right

here and then you can see a couple of

red there we go beautiful

yeah left okay so the storm is ticking

like cardboard and just piled it all up

in this corner it was killing all the

weeds over here which has done a

fantastic job but yeah we're growing

some watermelons be careful there's a

lot actually these are sugar baby

watermelons yeah so they don't eat

really really big these are really close

cool alright so this plant back here I

don't even know what it is I started

growing it in our kitchen and it got to

the point where it was wrapping itself

around yeah and it is producing some

butternut squash it looks like I didn't

even know what it was I just found a

random seed and we started a butternut

squash er is that the bird house this

one is doing good and so we have worked

really hard to improve the soil here we

put the cardboard around to keep the

weeds down and I have literally not

watered this plant once it is doing

great this is future garden chicken run


they're getting ready for us hi

watermelons galore on to the next so

we're trying something new here with

potatoes just put up these pallets drop

some potatoes in here they're growing

pretty well and we're just gonna keep

covering them up see how see what we get

out of it all right

so cantaloupes going crazy easy this

whole trellis here is I believe that was

12 cantaloupe plants I really don't even

know about two six-packs yeah there's a

couple of them growing zucchini I pulled

one off this morning I guess I should

have saved it for this the garden tour

and we have a really hard time with

weeds around here we pull weeds for

probably close to an hour literally

every single day well you just can't

keep ahead it's a lot I don't see any

more in there they're ready Oh Kroy

getting vague over here coming yeah I

need to weed this but the okra is coming

in pretty good here - this is our weed

garden right here 100% weeds and isn't

it I guess

let's see radishes and turnips I planted

so many in here that I don't really

expect to get too many bulbs just

growing greens again part of the

improvement process broccolis i think

these guys are gonna do okay

simply because they're in the shade we

had more broccoli over here we let the

weeds have them and then here we have

squash and zucchini

but underneath look at this yeah it's

here my friends is a little cantaloupe

coming coming along just by cantaloupes

looking good

all right so the last spot I say the

last spot we have stuff growing

everywhere here's a couple of fig trees

that we have growing in pots unique they

are beautiful looking good I actually

have a fig tree there's one on the porch

I actually have a fig tree in the house

in a windowsill that has a fig on it

this yes I think so

so this looks a little funky because of

the storm last night there's a lot of

there's a row of potatoes right down the

middle here really tall plants here we

have some apple mint

sage you know there's some lavender here

it's looking a little rough whoa

yeah we have stevia lots of basil

there's several basil plants in here

this one I just clipped the top off of

it yesterday just to to motivate it to

grow this whoo that's a mint of some

sort what is this do you know spearmint

looking good some rosemary hi rosemary

she's looking good there's some dill

over here like next to miss Lara we did

have some cilantro that got chicken or

rooster I guess here some Italian

cilantro this isn't not looking bad but

not in great shape either

yeah Italian oregano this is a lemon

balm over here this one here and I have

some other type of oregano and I don't

know what this is which one what do you

say this is the Swiss chard who knows

the lettuce was over there and it got

rooster Daz well this was another

oregano and we have free-range birds

around here

not our laying hens but we have some

roosters they help with the bug

population and they also help keep us in

check to make sure that we don't garden

too well yeah yeah that's what they do

so the storms around here help with

making sure you don't garden as well

either alright folks we just wanted to

give you a quick tour of our garden I

can guarantee you we missed something

because we plant stuff all over this

place we have a lot of beans we have

some mayhaw trees we have some muscadine

that we have just kind of scattered all

over the property we have some volunteer

watermelons and pumpkins and squash all

over the place it would take us yeah we

would never find them all quite frankly

but thanks for joining us and we'll see

you on the next video