When to Plant a Vegetable Garden in Kansas


when to plant a vegetable garden in

Kansas Kansas is a Midwest state well

known for its agriculture like farmers

backyard gardeners in Kansas need to

know when the time is right to plant the

seeds and plants that will become their

vegetable garden geography where you

live in Kansas will determine when to

begin planting your vegetable garden the

state is divided into three of the

USDA's hardiness zones the parts of the

state that are farthest north will be

cooler and have a shorter growing period

than the southern portions time frame

cold weather crops can be planted as

early as March in Kansas this includes

lettuce cabbage spinach and broccoli

these crops can handle some frost and

must be finished producing vegetables by

the time summer seed arrives



once the last danger of Frost has passed

usually by mid to late May depending on

where you live in Kansas it's safe to

plant tender warm weather vegetables

these include tomatoes peppers and beans