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hello everyone this is Linda and today

is Tuesday I hope you all been having a

great day today

it is about 8 p.m.

I've gotten home about 7 o'clock this

evening I've had a great day with my

grandkids Jada made me some bread

pudding and it was so delicious

not bread pudding sorry banana pudding

that's what it was banana pudding

it was so delicious she remembered how I

made it for the holidays and she loved

it and I loved it and yeah I enjoyed

more of those red beans for lunch today

mm-hmm they were even better today than

it was yesterday yeah but I hope you

guys are having a great day but listen I

came in because I wanted to show you

guys a couple of things so the first

thing I want to show you is this guide

so this is a Louisiana vegetable plant

in guide and it is put out by LSU AG

center yeah I have a great communication

with the people over at LSU AG center

they are so knowledgeable and they are

also willing to help me it's it's great

I love them very much and they helped me

so much so this is a pamphlet that they

put out and I wanted to show you this

because some of my subscribers was

thinking when I post my last video that

it was too early for me dropping my


so you know from year to year we all

learn from our mistakes or not

necessarily all mistakes but learn from

the things that what we really want from

our garden right so the one thing I've

wanted from my garden last year I wanted

to get enough of marasuchus that I can

help feed my family my neighbors and my

friends now and that is for having

greens for our holidays Thanksgiving and

Christmas and then you have New Year's

also so I wanted to make sure that I had

enough greens for all of them for the

holidays and so the way that I know to

do that is to plant early enough to get

more harvest in and all right all right

so let's look at some dates in this dis

planting guide so the fall is to spring

in the fall and in the fall it says as

you can see for yourself

all of these dates they giving you that

when you should start planting your fall

vegetables now I just wanted to give

that subscriber who thought maybe or

anyone else who thought maybe it was too

early for me dropping my seeds so this

is the guide I'm going by yeah I don't

think it was too early and they're fat

I think I was on time so I'm going to

have a nice harvest for all of the

people that I want to help last year

what happened was we had a lot of

strange weather right so we had like

almost ten days of just crazy wind and

I'm not talking about you know a little

wind I'm talking about wind that was

hard enough to blow my my sunflowers

down also we had a lot of freezing

temperatures and yes we had snow and we

had snow fall yeah many days and it was

a lot of it right so also this is

another pamphlet that LSU puts out and

it is for the Louisiana home orchard and

in this pamphlet they talk about fruit

trees and how to what what what fruit

trees and the variety that will thrive

here in Louisiana they also give you

great great diagrams on how to how to

clean your trees each tree because all

fruit trees are not pruned the same way

and they are all not cleaned at the same

time so I'm learning about the fruit

tree because I do have three fruit trees

I have not introduced to you guys yet

but yeah so but I will I will

so I wanted to know all about how to

care for my fruit trees so anyway those

are the two pamphlets I wanted to talk

to you all about and for your Louisiana

growers or anyone else who is interested


these pamphlets I'm gonna leave a link

in description box and if I cannot leave

a link I'm going to give you directions

on how to get it and you can download it

to your phone to your laptop or you can

print it and yes it is free yes it's

pretty but anyway so I made a lot of

mistakes but being late on planting my

fur ascus will not be one of them not

this fall

all right good all right so now let me

talk about something else

so yesterday evening after I came home

from hanging out with my grandkids you

know I got me a nice gray shower did eat

me a great dinner and I decided to go

outside and just sit outside in out just

feel the evening breeze right so when I

open my door I have some chairs out

there and there were this package in my

chair there was a package in my chair

and this is what was in that package

well yeah look at that guy now I know

exactly who this was from this is from

my buddy March mark thank you so much my

sweetheart this is so beautiful

absolutely when you look at these

peppers they are so beautiful and they

are sweet peppers I will write the name

of these peppers somewhere up here which

you will see it and what I'm gonna do is

clean them and I'm gonna chop them up

and you know I got those seeds in there

so I'm gonna dry the seeds out and plant

them for next spring you know but you


knows I may drop some now but anyway

guys I just wanted to give you guys a

heads up I also wanted to address some

of my supporters who made thought may

have thought that it was too early for

me dropping my seeds so here you go and

this is my guide I pray you all have a

beautiful beautiful evening Rita yo