Summer Vegetable Garden Planting for Southern California : Garden Space

hi I'm Angela price from Eden condense

small space garden design and this is

garden space we are so blessed in sunny

Southern California for having great

weather throughout most of the year that

we can actually start our summer

vegetable gardens in spring whereas a

lot of the rest of the country is still

digging out from occasional snowstorms

and I want to share with you some of my

favorite vegetables that I put into my

garden and a couple that I'm going to

try this year for the first time and

maybe you'll want to try them too and

see how you do I think it's always good

to experiment in the garden and see what

works and what doesn't work so for your

garden I'm probably the one thing that

everybody wants to grow that if you only

have one choice of something to put in

your garden is tomatoes and choose a

couple of different varieties so that

you've got some cherry tomatoes as well

as some slicing Tomatoes and in Southern

California you can actually start

planting these as early as the end of

March if you want Tomatoes by June then

you can choose tomatoes that are early

ripening tomatoes that go anywhere

between 50 and 60 days to harvest

another thing I always put in my garden

are peppers and I've got a yellow bell

pepper here and a red bell pepper I also

add some spicier peppers one of my

favorite peppers are the shishito

peppers which is kind of a mildly spicy

pepper but definitely red and yellow

bell peppers which are great these do

need Heat so I usually wait until May

usually middle or end of May to put

these in so I know that I'm going to

have consistent heat in order for them

to form the best fruit I also always put

strawberries in my garden this year I'm

trying a wild strawberry variety and

these are they're a little smaller and a

little longer but they are super sweet I

also like them because they have pink

flowers on them which i think is kind of

cool most strawberry plants have white

flowers you'll definitely want to put in


and squash give these enough room to

grow one or two cucumber plants and one

or two squash plants is usually enough

for a family

otherwise you'll be giving squash to all

your neighbors but if you like to pickle

or if you like to cook a lot with squash

then put in a few more and then I also

always put in herbs I put in chives

basil of course because there it's great

with tomatoes flat leaf parsley I put

time in the garden

oregano so that way I've got a lot of

fresh herbs to cook with over the summer

one of the things I'm going to try in my

garden this summer are watermelons and

so I've got these great watermelon

seedlings you do want to wait until the

end of May or beginning of June to put

these in because watermelons do like

heat just like peppers do and they want

consistently warm soil and consistently

warm air temperatures in order for the

fruit to set so I hope you enjoyed

learning about some of the things I'm

putting in my garden as well as some

things I'm going to try and I hope you

try them too if you have any other

questions about vegetable gardening in

Southern California please contact me at

WWE and condense calm thank you very