Starting a Holding Company now before starting your BUSINESS tips and Advice

today boys and girls we're gonna talk

about holding companies and why you

should set one up this is the way that

the big boys do it this is how Apple IBM

Amazon they have a holding company and

they have a subsidiaries of operating

companies under the holding company if

this is your first time here this is

Glendon Cameron you're hustling

Godfather what we do here is we get

money through entrepreneurship there's

been a few questions I don't know why

people are confused because it's quite

simple you need to form the holding

company before you form an operating

company which means that if you're not

really sure about what you're going to

do you can go ahead and form the holding

company now because the way that it

works is the holding company owned

subsidiaries are the operating companies

so you got to make it first and in terms

of age the clock starts ticking the day

that you form your holding company so

part of this whole strategy is many

small businesses run and operate on a

small level and this creates the lack of

information because I've asked some

people who've took the art of holding or

the hustlers LLC and they went to the

bank and they were like whoa whoa whoa

whoa whoa what are you trying to do here

buddy because they're not used to you

having this kind of information if it

was IBM

Amazon that was coming to the bank to do

that they like okay but they're not used

to the common man having access to this

information not used to it at all so

essentially one of the things you should

do is start your holding company as soon

as possible

and the holding company has one purpose

that's to collect money from the

operating companies and that's the way

that you play the tax strategy game

this is how you set up all of these tax

strategies because you can set it up

where your operating companies make have

a lot of deductions have a lot of losses

and these losses pass up to the holding

company so there's there's many many

ways that you can play this tax game and

anyone that's giving you financial

advice that doesn't include tax

strategies is not giving you the whole

case because if you have a job and you

were to start a side business that earn

money and had deductions then those

deductions and losses would pass up on

your tax form where you could

potentially get some of your withholding

taxes back if you do it right I have a

course how to start a YouTube channel

that will teach you how to do this and

you don't have to make you don't have to

have a quote successful YouTube channel

you just have to have it set up

correctly so one of the things that you

should understand and once again I'm

talking to my single men out here the

hustlers LLC the link is below this will

give you the tools that you need to set

up your holding company and protect

future wealth from evil ex-wives and

bitter baby mamas one of the things that

many people seem to think that once you

enter these aren't you know you got you

know you just got a pair not necessarily

if you take an ounce of prevention and

if you set yourself up correctly one of

the things that people don't understand

is timing and how law works and I've got

a video on the influence frame that goes

into this because essentially if you

build something in this this is once

again why a man needs to be on his grind

before he gets married and have kids

because typically if you wait until

after you're married you wait until

after you have kids to start excelling

this becomes a product of the marriage

so once again just to be clear she don't

have to pretend

- paid in the business all she has to do

be legally married to you Thule claims

to the bet the business that's it and

this is such a hard thing for people to

understand cuz they be going off like

well kevin garnett gotta pay 100k and

i'll they were legally married and this

is why one of the biggest reasons that

women want to get married because of the

legal situation that allows them to have

access to your current income and if

you're married long enough your wife can

get half of your pension half so these

10 15 20 year marriages you know I know

of a gentleman who got divorced his wife

is getting half his pension

he's well-to-do and you know it's a it's

a source between him and his his current

wife because she's like why is she

getting half of that I mean she gets

half I cut down the middle because they

were legally married and the laws are

set up like this because for a long time

women could not have credit in their

name they couldn't do anything now all

that's changed but the laws have not

changed because essentially you know as

long as she stays on merit now she gets

married this stops all this if she gets

married so she can't get married and

keep collecting that cash and you know

she's seeing someone and it dude wants

to get married she's like nah no no nope

nope we ain't getting married

you ain't about to kill my money and

this is one of the reasons that women

always say about you know they think

about marriage they speak about

masculine resources like you know if you

were married to him you would get

benefits you would have these options

you would have the ability to do X Y & Z

in this certain situation and she has

claims upon your money your income and

all of these other things now a big part

of this is understanding the law now you

have family law and

corporate law corporate law can be

stronger than family law if you put

corporate law into play before the

family law comes into you know you got

your business is up and running you're

making money before you get married and

then you know one of the things I'm

going to do is help you guys to create

the language and stuff in your hustlers

LLC to protect yourself because one of

the things that many prenups do is they

have a sunset clause like in the 15th

year of the marriage or the 20th year of

the marriage it disappears and typically

this is one a lot of women like okay

well let's expire it let's get divorced

now so I can lay claim to the money it's

a little insidious but you know my young

dudes I encourage you to go out and

build your life get your business

together and protect yourself and start

putting together all of these legal

strategies because legally the law is

the law and if you go to the hustlers

LLC you can get married and not be

financially raped because essentially

what happens is this courts look at who

has the biggest pockets and if you got

those big pockets they take out a knife

and they start carving off pieces

because there's like well you make so

much money you can afford to give that

up and that's not the point the point is

this woman did not do anything to earn

this money but once again she's legally

married to you that's the key and this

is why many men avoid marriage and avoid

shacking but once again this same thing

can happen if you have a kid buy this

woman because you ever noticed how many

women have a 12 13 14 15 year old kid

then they had go out and they have

another baby

so they got like kids with 10 12 13 year

gaps they reset that child support clock

pay layer because it has been a study

that has been done that the average

woman once child support is over they

hit they nosedive into poverty

and one of the things that you know high

child support do because essentially I

think in my case they were figuring like

getting three to four grand a month you

know what kind of child support payments

what kind of monster that this creates

three to four grand a month you don't

have to pay taxes it shows up every

month these people become incapacitated

they don't know how to take care of

themselves and this is what happens to a

lot of women who go through a serious

downgrade in standard of living once the

child support payment stopped it is

funny how that happens because these

women have been subsidized by these

large child support payments because I

remember having this conversation with

my ex-wife and she was telling me what

kind of child support her friends were

gettin they there was like a competition

well Sheila gets 1500 bucks a month I

would like to get 1,500 bucks a month

you should do better this is what this

trick told me I was just sitting there

like but you are a lousy mother

this was my buyer actually replied to

that so you want to get beat you get

paid for being a lousy mother and she

liked the sound of that but you know one

of the things that happens is prevention

and setting this stuff up before you get

married before you have kids now I know

there are many cute guys like I'm

already married I already got kids what

about me is you gonna have to have a

totally different tactic you're gonna

have to go out at about a totally

different way because many of you are

married and your wife knows all of your

secrets she knows where the fortress of

solitude is she knows all the secrets so

unless you were very tight-lipped like

the dudes who have other families you

know like these traveling salesmen and

no and no one ever finds out they had

another family until he died then both

his families show up at the funeral and

they like what that's dad that's my dad

my dad and these two wives are sitting

there and feuding over the estate

these dudes knew how to keep a secret

and this has happened quite frequently

and you got to be like that where you

can love or respect your wife but you

got to keep some stuff to yourself and

this is you know people many dudes get

in trouble with this is like well I want

you to be completely transparent I

guarantee you if you knew the things

that your wife thought and she was

completely transparent with you it may

make you reconsider your decision to

marry her so this this is where I'm at

with this complete transparency stuff

they only want you to be completely

transparent so they can know what

they're getting into without with while

withholding pertinent information from

you so do yourself a favor go ahead if

you're a young man start you a holding

company if you don't know what kind of

business you want to start you could

figure that out later but the clock

starts with the age to corporate age

because I've seen the power of an old

LLC we swear for these guys and the

Scots father started the company and

when Scott got the company this was a

30-something your own corporation it has

its own credit profile that had 30 years

of tax returns it was like a person and

Scott inherited that and Scott was able

to take those corporate papers and tax

returns and go get a loan I got to me

and not alone so one of the things you

know and this is about setting this up

because the age because once you get

past five years that's a milestone

because many businesses don't make it

past five years once you get to ten

years that's no mas you get a 30 year Oh

third year old LLC that's a bad bad boy

to have because there are so many things

that you can do with this and one of the

reasons that you know I'm you know I

have a lot of pushback on this is you

guys don't want to do the work because

starting the biz

this ain't easy it's hard there there

are many days where you know there's no

cheering section there's nobody going

gay you know and you just go in there

and you do what you need to do but the

rewards are immeasurable

Scot was a young man then I remember he

said I gotta go home we got five

bathrooms and at the time I was coming

from the boardinghouse situation now

that I live in the house with five

bathrooms and it's funny too two of them

don't even get used that much because

you know we've got there's one down here

there's two on the main level and

there's two on the upstairs level and

it's a different life when you have

abundance and access when you can

actually make decisions based upon well

I want to take a vacation you don't have

to save up to take a vacation you just

carve out the time and you go this is

the kind of lifestyle that starting

these businesses and having these LLC's

and mitigating your taxes will bring

because Scott had the x5 and once again

the business really what making that

much money when I joined not that you

know cuz I think they had the year where

they did in nineteen million and they

had moved and did all this other stuff

and hired all these other people but

when I was there Scott was able to live

off that corporate those corporate loans

live very well and part of this is when

you have the ability to take out let's

say a two million dollar loan and you

they give you five or ten years to pay

it back you can take a million and put

it in the bank and use that money to pay

them back and you got five years to

figure out the rest

see one of the things that people

understand is like you know let's say

you're real establishing credit and they

give you all these toy limits but when

you start getting these twenty five

hundred thousand dollar credit card

limits forty fifty thousand dollar

credit limits you got five credit cards

$50,000 of

you can do some stuff you can spend up

$50,000 and still have $200,000 of

unused credit which will make your score

stay high so there are so many ways that

you can do this game but you got to

participate in the American enterprise

you got to become a producer you got to

go out here and make something happen

and build alright so for those of you

who want the art of holding the links

below for those of you who want the

hustlers LLC the links below and I will

be adding some stuff later to that this

week to give you guys more guidance

because one of the things that you

should understand is the legal structure

is so important remember when the people

talking about the United States was

based on the rule of law and the rule of

law is so important in terms of getting

married but it's also very important to

setting up your corporate papers because

you become a king you can create your

own corporation and that's your kingdom

and this is how these guys have these

planes they have these six-figure car

state they drive around in the corporate

name because there's so many ways that

you can do this but you got to play the

game you got to get your holding company

you got to get your operating company

you got to get your business up and

running you got to go out here and get

this money man get this money man so

with that I'll see you guys later be

sure to subscribe to the channel and be

sure this is Joey the hustlers kung-fu

the Facebook group where we talk about

business and other things so with that

I'll see you guys later