Low Carb vs. Keto Diet // how to get started with a low carb diet

today you'll learn the difference

between a low carb and keto diet

so that you can decide what's the best

option for your health

come learn with us first up

the low carb diet as its name suggests a

low carb diet means you limit the amount

of carbs you eat

and the exact amount of carbs depends on

factors like your personal health goals

let me show you what i mean meet bill

bill lives an active lifestyle does a

few high-intensity workouts each week

and is looking to maintain his weight a

low carb diet for bill may include

around 100 to 150 grams of carbs per day

now bill's diet is going to be different

than someone like ali

you see ally exercises more moderately

than bill

and her goal is to lose weight over a

long period of time

ally limits her carb intake to about 50

to 100 grams per day

now someone like ernie's low carb diet

is even more different

you see ernie has pre-diabetes and is

looking to balance his blood sugar

plus lose weight quickly with moderate


so he may limit his daily carbs to

around 50 per day to meet his goals

now there are a few things bill alley

and ernie's low carb diets have in


despite the amount of carbs they eat to

start they

all eat an increased amount of protein

like organic meat

fish and eggs as well as healthy fats

like coconut

oil avocados and olive oil second

they eat healthy complex carbs instead

of simple carbs

you see complex carbs take longer for

the body to digest

than simple ones like sugary cereals and


and complex carbs help keep your blood

sugar in balance so that you can reach

and maintain your weight loss goals

last bill alley and ernie all make sure

to get the most out of their carbs by

eating them

right before or after their biggest

energy pushes of the day

like working out or other larger

activities that's because

on a standard low carb diet carbs are

still your main source of energy

so you'll want to eat them when you need

a boost now

let's explore how a standard low-carb

diet differs from keto shall we

to be clear keto is a low-carb diet

but what makes it unique is its emphasis

on fats

you see the low-carb diets we've

mentioned so far

recommend increasing protein and fat but

on these diets your body continues to

use carbs as its main source of energy

on keto your carb intake is generally

kept below 50 grams per day

and your fat intake is around 75 of what

you eat

which means your metabolism shifts from

burning carbs for fuel to burning fat

for fuel

this state is called ketosis now why

does this shift matter

well when you burn fat you don't have

the same blood sugar

spikes as when you burn carbs with more

stable insulin levels your body is able

to lose weight

and keep it off as long as you stay in


so who may keto be right for

well take someone like ernie who has

pre-diabetes and is trying to keep his

insulin levels in check

as well as lose weight quickly so by

following a keto diet ernie may be able

to meet his goals faster

okay with any low carb diet and with

keto you'll want to be sure you're

monitoring a few important things

for one be sure that you're getting

enough micronutrients

also monitor your digestion and watch

for any changes in your health

for example one thing to be aware of is

that keto sometimes can cause flu-like


the first week or so that you're

entering ketosis these symptoms may

arise because you're reducing your carb

intake too quickly

or you may need to better hydrate an

electrolyte drink with sea salt and

lemon juice

or drinking bone broth are a few ways

i've worked through keto flu symptoms on

my own journey

do make sure to check in with your

personal care provider before starting a

new diet

he or she may be able to help you

identify the best options for you

based on your health goals and health

history alright thanks for taking the

time to learn about the various types of

low carb diets out there

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