Have A Great Ministry Idea? 5 Things To Do Before Starting A New Ministry

you're smart you're talented you're

hard-working and more than that you now

have a great idea that you just know

could change the world change life and

change eternity so the question is do

you begin to build a ministry from

scratch or is God calling you to do

something different with those one of

the things I love most about working

with lay ministers who have an

entrepreneurial spirit is that those

type of people can look at the world and

see it in all of its ugliness its

harshness and its brokenness and they

can look at the world and say wow there

are so many opportunities to do great

good here ministerial entrepreneurs are

the ones who can see the ugliness of the

world but they don't lose hope and more

than that these are the kind of people

who usually have the gifts and talents

to be able to pull it off which is so

exciting it's exciting when you stumble

across what a unique idea that no one

else is doing and it's exciting when you

begin to sit back and dream and realize

that it's possible that it's possible to

change the world and it's exciting when

you begin to do on it and see the

practical steps that would take you to

the place where that idea is no longer

just a dream no longer in an intangible

reality but it's real and it's making a

difference it's an exciting time

terrific al Qaeda had a very similar

experience and she was on that

and heard God her her hearts begin to

serve the poorest of the poor that was

an exciting idea and she jumps on it

right away because here's the thing most

ideas are stillborn they never receive

the breath of life that comes through

hard work determination and discipline

that brings the idea to life but Theresa

decided that she would be different and

so she gets off that train and she

immediately begins to make her idea come

into action and she does that by writing

to her bishop that was the first step

that she needed to take and she just

wouldn't stop bugging the guy for a long

time month after month letter after

letter she writes and write and write

write until he gets very irritated with

her and he also only sends back a letter

saying I will not permit you to start

this ministry until you answer these

question and I get really pumped when I

actually see the questions that he sent

to her because they are the basics of

any business plan that somebody would

want to put into action in order to

build a new enterprise but there's one

question in particular that really does

stand out to me as well he asked is

there anyone else already doing this

work now in the secular world doing a

research before you start an enterprise

or business is so important you need to

make sure that the market can support

your product there's even a desire for

the product and to see what other people

are doing so that you can know how you

can make unique contributions the field

but ministry isn't business so why would

the bishop asked Rufus do research

before starting this ministry

and importantly why should you also do

research before taking the enormous risk

of building a ministry from scratch let

me explain why while at the same time

walking you through the steps that you

need to take in order to do research on

your great awesome

Shanaya step number one do the research

the Internet makes this very easy you

can also call up your local diocesan

office and once you maybe find a

non-profit that has a similar initiative

you can ask them who are people also in

your field who will you collaborate with

and this gives you a broader base to

begin to understand who is already doing

something similar because chances are is

that your unique idea isn't that unique

hopefully other people have seen the

need and also share your passion and

enthusiasm for it and they're already

doing great things in the world go find

them because that will launch you into

step number two step number two is to

learn from them go and find out

everything you can about how they do

that ministry and why because chances

are they've already made mistakes and

learned from them so learn from their

mistakes learn about their style learn

about their approach study the weak

points in their ministry and try to

figure out why are those post weak which

then leads you into step number three

while you're studying these

organisations network with them if don't

see them as a competition these are

people who share your heart and

excitement for the same mission get to

know them encourage them let them

encourage you these people can end up

becoming some of your biggest allies

advocates and even collaborators so

reach out to them for ask yourself this

tough question

because this question actually stands on

the fact that a similar organization

already exists and that you have a

passion for their mission is there a

possibility that God could be calling

you to join their team instead of

starting a ministry from scratch because

you could be an answer to their prayers

they are searching for people who love

the mission and

have that passion enthusiasm if you

already have it maybe you're being

called to help support to them and what

they're already doing five if through

prayer you discern that God's actually

calling you to start a unique ministry

from scratch

then you must be able to answer the

question what is the unique contribution

that this ministry is going to make to

the field for instance maybe there is a

great ministry that's halfway across the

country that's been fabulous work but

you want to make it happen in your local

area or maybe you think those folks have

a great mission that you want to

prioritize its first set of values or to

focus on a different type of activity

adventure program so the thing is is

when you're a bishop or your staff or

your participants or your donors come to

you and ask what makes this ministry

different you must be ready to tell them

but more importantly I also think asking

about what unique contribution and

ministry can make to the world gives you

a chance to really wrestle with God and

come to greater self knowledge about the

gifts and talents that he has given to

you who does he create you to be

it's an exciting question and it's an

opportunity to grow in relationship with

them and in the end having that great

world-changing idea is so exciting and I

know you probably want to get started

right away so the first step that you

should begin to take is to do the

research and doing the research is not a

waste of time

it helps you to tighten your idea it

helps you to build up a network of

collaborators and advocates and

ultimately doing the research will help

give you more ideas so that the ministry

is ultimately going to be more fruitful

and don't worry about taking time for

research because if this idea comes from

God he's not going to let it leave it's

going to stick with you and it's going

to bug you you you you

so go go start doing a research through

the research so you can begin to change

the world but more importantly that you

would change life and eternity if you

have a great idea share it with us here

at the Ezzor project we would love to be

able to support and encourage you and in

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next week