How to create a new paragraph

this video is going to talk about

starting a new paragraph and there's

there are a couple right ways to do it

but there's nothing a wrong way to do it

that a lot of people do we're gonna show

you how to eliminate that right now the

way you make a new paragraph is by on

your keyboard if you look over to the

left side a little ways up you'll see a

button says tab has two arrows pointing

in different directions tap the tab key

that's how you indent a paragraph you

never ever ever do spacebar a bunch of

times because then if you go back and

revise your stuff the Microsoft Word

doesn't know how to handle when you do a

bunch of spaces and I'll Jack your

document up and what's kind of nice is

if you start by hitting tab typically

when you hit Enter after them a

paragraph it just automatically indents

indenting is when you like jump that

space over it automatically indents for

you in the event that it doesn't or you

hit backspace accidentally you just hit

tab again and then you start your new

paragraph to turn this assignment in

create a share edit link go back to

canvas and turn that in and when you do

just make yours look like mine make sure

you have an indent here and that show me

that you can start a new paragraph you

can just type the words new paragraph

but make sure you have it indented using

the tab button and not the spacebar