How to improve your writing by varying your sentence starters.



hi guys mr. B here and two dear I'm

gonna be looking at sentence stylist and

when are we looking at these because

being a teacher some Amma's when I read

people's work it's let down and starts

creating drug mean as much because to

start the sentence isn't the same we're

all the time that's normally using the

sort of their articles and indefinite

articles or even use some pronouns like

he/she they don't care we and and when

they used all the timing has a pedal and

it sort of makes the reader not care as

much about the stories was I did this I

did that he went there she what did this

they did that and the dog did this and

it just repeats all the time and it's

not the best but writing to make a

writing more creative and a drug it we

can change the different stare start

over sentences in order to to get the

reader more interested and today I want

to show you six different ways you start

sentences and if when you're writing you

use all these different very rears and

start a new sentences it should

hopefully make you writing a lot more

and eye catching and grab the reader and

keep them interested in your writing a

lot more okay now the first one that

we're going to look at if starting your

sense with a subordinating cause now if

you're not sure what a subordinate and

Clause is if you look up there you click

on there you know the my video on me and

subordinating clauses that will give you

more in-depth of what they are but

simply it said cause it doesn't make

sense on its own and it normally starts

with a subordinate conjunctions which is

because because all law if as if you

google online a subordinating

conjunctions you should see a big list

of different ones that you can started

with so as an example there are simple

sentence here I went to warm start with

home for now so we're going to change is

we're gonna add a subordinate cause at

the start to change the way this

sentence starts so now we've got because

it was called I went to do you remember

got a comma at the end of our

subordinating cause as well but that

adds more information and it means we

started telling the reader the

information straight away rather than

you see an I went home in case we can

say our sensors with is on in course and

we could use other ones so because it

was cool

I went talked and although I didn't want

to I went warm as I was finished my work

I went to lots of different ways to

start the sentence there I thought no

well next we have to start sentenced so

the next reel that we're going to look

at that you can start your sentences is

using a foot and adverbial again if

you're not sure what they are if you

have a look in that corner under my foot

adverbials video they'll tell you

exactly how they are how they use them

and what a bear for nonverbals actually

do okay it's basically in a quick going

over similar going over it's an adverb

that we put at the front of the sentence

okay so we've got a sentence here he

he'd until they were gone okay

what would do this we add a footman

adverbial so we'd not starting with

pronoun again to get ball and raise them

all again like we've said and we've got

sneakily he hit until the we've gone

who's telling us how he's hit and it

gives a bit more information about how

the action in the sentence other is

being performed user for adverbials can

really again grab the reader in give

them more information and keep them

reading let's look at it another way to

start a sentence so the third way we're

gonna look at how you can start your

sentences is starting up with a feeling

or care now we've got a sentencing they

looked everywhere for their doc what

we're gonna do is put a feeling at the

start with our comma and to break it up

from the men's their claws and then

repeat the sentence afterwards so

worried they looked everywhere for their

doc okay so it helps us connect more

with our characters let's know how

they're feeling

as well as that a lot of people think oh

well what's the difference between

adverbs and the but we really do look

for everywhere for their dog if you use

an adverb worriedly it talks about their

action so the really look at is you can

see that they're quite worried now when

we see worried they look for everywhere

for their dog they might be quite calm

they might be quite a good at looking

for they're not gonna pressure

oppression also searches use their

situation even don't care so they might

not be worriedly looking for the dog but

they are worried so it tells us how they

can't was feeling not necessarily how

they acted because we could have

something like worried he kept his calm


so that means it's not how they're doing

the actions

they actually feed on that so it's quite

different and this is a really good one

to let your character your characters

really connect with your reader let's

look at the fourth way that was gonna

start over sentences now this weird that

we can start with sentences is by using

a verb that ends in ing occasional verbs

that word doing words so because I would

say yeah they did their homework all

dere or when he do is to add at the

start of the sentence a verb that ends

ING with their word comma okay so here

we've got the so key they did their

homework all dear and this could let us

know a little bit more information about

again what's happened the main clause so

we could have he went for the bus we

could have running he went for the bus

walking he went for the bus and he gives

us different information because those

two different words completely changed

the way the characters acting in that

sentence and again means we're not

starting to pour now we're starting with

a different word that will make the

reader not bored of reading the same

things over and over again now let's

look at another way we can use our

sentence starters to make a writing

better now another way that you can

start your sentences in order to vary

your writing is to use either simile or

metaphor start that okay so we've got a

simple sentence thing is she entered to

the arena now what I've done is I'm at a

simile at the start as brave as a lying

she entered the arena okay and that

really gives us more information about

the character how the feeling or type of

person they are because on the flip side

we could change out could be as timid as

a mouse she entered the arena and that

completely changes the sentences so

adding this more information keeps the

really involved pits a better picture

for the reader in their head and that's

why we use them again it's got a common

separate from the main cause of it so

everything that we've got so far that we

add at the start the sentence is

sectioned off within a comment even

don't care to separate it from the main

clause of the actual sentence now the

next way that we're gonna last with me

the last week and with that one is the

one of the only ways where we don't use

the comma with these type of sentence

starters to start so let's have a look

about and this is the last way that

we're going to look at the start your

sentence to make sure a lot of them

okay and this is simply starting your

sentence with a noun or adjective like I

said before articles and pronouns can be

used a lot of the time to start

sentences and simply use an and now

non-article start your sentence couldn't

change it or wouldn't make it a little

bit more interesting having used to air

example that we want to change you

because this one works a little bit

different but if we look here we've got

reinforce which is a now three more

filled the sky so in this example we've

got our objective magical stars stand

down on them okay now this thing might

oh well that's an obvious sentence to do

but many people might like to reimburse

from the sky or a real ball filled the

sky again it means we will start in the

same way that was done a lot of that all

the sentences and some stars stare down

with them the style stare down with them

again we're using the pronouns that we

use them for a lot of them are weaves

and articles where is it got magical

star still stared down at them

it gets the reader more involved when

you start with these nouns and you start

with these adjectives at the start that

there are times when you really really

pull in that reader in or you see

magical star stand down on them and

night light shone from the window okay

and using up with a star a lotta

sentences this really starts to build a

picture and this is really good for help

creating a scene in people's minds now

hope you enjoyed the video and helps you

improve your writing by varying your

differents err sentence starters if you

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