he loves that welcome to another bowl of

a I'm just sitting here in my office

I am currently going to get started on

editing submitting some things that I

need to submit like a concept also what

else I need to work on my planner

because there have been so many things

that have been crossed off that now my

planner looks like a hot mess and I'm

talking about like more than 20 things

cancelled that we're on there so I felt

like just scratching off that entire

plan and then half of April is already

filled and now I'm like I don't know

what to do like I want a new planner I

don't like how long I know it's being a

little overdramatic with the planner I

don't know if you are really into your

planner and you love it and you want to

look perfect and beautiful it's hard to

like keep crossing things off so right


yeah I'm full I just had breakfast and

the baby is kicking away what does it

look so dark it's really really nice out

which makes me happy it is a Monday

today and I'm excited to go for our

daily walk we just walk around our

neighborhood and it's really nice and

it's crazy cuz you see a lot of people

like working on their yard or just like

being outside and it's kind of nice to

see that and for the first time in two

years we have seen a lot more of our

neighbors and we have since we moved in

and it's crazy like nobody goes up to

each other and like talks close but we

just kind of like wave hi to each other

but it's I don't know it's it's

different they're also building the

house next door and I showed you guys at

the progress of that last time right now

it doesn't sound like they're working on

it which is weird because it worked

through it through the weekend and we

couldn't sleep in like we wanted to in

the weekend but that's okay we did take

some naps throughout the day so yeah

let's get started I swear she knows when

we go for wal carro

she knows she's like where are you guys

going she doesn't want to eat your food

cuz she knows you're going you put on

our shoes and oh my goodness I feel so

so tired so I poured my coffee inside

this super cute tumbler and it says

bloggers fuel I love this so I'm just

gonna bring it with me on her walk so

that I can wake up but get some fresh

air and continue working by the way I

feel so amazing without any acrylics are

just with like my natural nails and they

haven't chipped yet which really

surprises me because I have like six or

seven coats on of nail polish two of the

treatment and five of the regular nail

polish and a top coat so that's like

eight layers of nail polish and they

have stayed on really really well which

I would think that if you put more nail

polish on that it would chip faster but

it hasn't been the case also I love

these shoes so much they're from the

brand called Bessie and I have not been

able to find tan or nude shoes like

these online and when I do they're

always sold out usually from like adidas

or Nike but I love how these don't have

like the brand name on them they're just

like so cute and I love them as a nice

and dry by the way my phone case is from

Kimmie Lux dolls on Instagram

and I love it I love it and the pops

I'll get to I bought these separately

from her shop they're so cute let's take

her coffee and let's go for a walk

alright so we are back from our walk and

my desktop has been acting up so much

ever since my hard drive stopped working

I have to start saving everything over

here so I think the way that we are to

explain it is that the RAM right the

Ram is slow because it doesn't have

enough memory and it just lags so much

it literally does not let me edit or do

anything on the computer and it takes

forever so like every time I would click

the mouse it would just do the little

colorful wheel and that was really

frustrating so Ricardo looked it up

online to see how we can add more of the

RAM and so we got these online cuz

you're just going to buy a whole new

desktop but we saved a few thousand

dollars by ordering these instead so

hopefully it works what do you need

please mom okay fine thank you outside

nuts so we're out here on the desk get

there building the house here's our

patio set which we left out in the rain

and therefore they got really damaged it

was our first time having patio

furniture and I had no idea that you had

to put the cushions away and we have all

of this to clean up and we just got to

wash them down so we're gonna get new

cushions wash these down so we have a

nice patio set again and actually this

actually came off during the winter time

I think it shrunk and it came off so my

dad helped and star this right here and

you need to get like the same kind of

staining that we have for the patio in

order to paint that we were just waiting

for it to get nice out because it

happened during the winter time and then

over here the same thing happened and we

need to put posts like what are they

called like the caps on these because

don't tell there's like poop everywhere

and it's gross I said go inside you lost

your privileges young lady

mm-hm update it has been an hour later

and Ricardo went ahead and installed it

and it took a while for it to start up

again and just for everything to load

but that's okay because now it's running

so smoothly hopefully it stays like this

everything is popping up a lot faster

it's not lagging and that little circle

the colorful wheel is not popping up

which is great because I'm able to open

up so many documents so fast and have

multiple windows up before I had to wait

10 minutes to do like another task which

is so frustrating and then I had to make

sure that I had one window open at a

time so it was definitely the RAM I'm

not exactly sure what that is but I know

it helps the speed of your computer and

we just inserted two new ones in the

back for a total of I think 16 gigabytes

and I think it had eight before and we

doubled the amount we didn't know we

could do that so we just looked it up we

did just some research and that's all we

found so now everything's running

smoothly I just have like my stuff over

here and let me show you guys that what

we did upstairs all right so we have not

touched this room since we moved in

about two years ago and last night you

went ahead and took out everything from

the room we use this as another guest

bedroom when our family from California

would come and when it was Christmas and

my sister would spend the night she

would spend the night here and then my

mom would spend the night over there

just so we could all wake up together

for Christmas morning and so we had an

extra bed over here and my brother just

came up the stairs and we clear this out

it was such a huge mess Ricardo took

some pictures I don't know why I didn't

bring out my camera he doesn't really

like being filmed he has to be in the

right mood to be filmed that's why I

didn't get a chance to show you guys how

he took everything out but we're

definitely going to do some paint

I'm pretty sure we have some paint from

when we did my glam room we just want to

paint the walls gray and I'll show you

guys what it looks like some of the mess

transferred over here so now I have to

get all this stuff but I really love

this color right here because it's

gender-neutral so whether we're having a

boy or a girl

we could definitely work with these

colors so this color is like a really

really really light gray and I think

it's so beautiful in the bottom we want

to keep white and then we're gonna do

something else I think we're gonna have

one of the walls over in the nursery be

like an accent wall and do some kind of

wallpaper but I'm not sure yet the

decals that you see here on the wall I

actually got online and their individual

stickers or decals and they do not ruin

your wall so if you want to take these

down you definitely can just peel them

off but they look like they're painted

on I think it's so pretty it's not

wallpaper or anything it's just like big

dick house and I'll have the link down

below where guys can find it but I'm so

excited you guys have no idea yeah I

really like those two colors so I think

that's what we're gonna do to this room

as well and like I said will have an

accent wall we're planning on putting

maybe the crib over here on that corner

I'm not sure though possibly have the

crepe over here the changing table over

here and then a chair on this corner so

I can nurse because I do plan to

breastfeed but I'm not sure if I'll be

able to but hopefully I can so I'll have

the chair over here and then I can have

like a bookshelf or something pretty

over here so it just depends I'm not

sure exactly what we're gonna do we do

have plenty of closet space so this room

comes the nice big closet which I still

have to take some stuff out and I will

over here's all my medication from IVF

and I did four cycles and some

medication I didn't news it's brand new

never been opened and I don't really

know what to do with it

if you guys know a website that I can

donate it to or whatever it is exactly

that I can do I will be more than happy

to I know the pharmacy won't take it

back because it's already been here and

they don't know if it's been properly

storaged but any medication that needs

to be refrigerated I have already used

and I won't be donating that but all of

these have been stored up here where

it's like a nice cool area it's like

room temperature away from the Sun and

it's brand-new never open so I don't

really know what to do with that

medication I don't know I mean I could I

don't know if I could donate it back to

my clinic and maybe it'll help someone

out because I know it is so crazy

expensive I know we spend a few thousand

dollars on the medication because some

of it was now covered by my insurance

and some of it that was covered my

insurance it gave me extra of so I do

have some medication extra and I don't

want it to expire because it expires I

want to say maybe a year after it's been

shipped and I don't want to wait too

long before somebody else can use it if

someone can because I know it is so

expensive and I also plan to put like

some kind of drawer system in here so

that way some things could be hung up

and then we have like a drawer inside of

here and then yeah that's how it look

he's far so we might either put the crib

here but actually it might not be able

to fit very well if we keep opening

those closet doors so most likely over

here we'll have there's like the

changing table and then over here we'll

have the crib or we could just have the

crib on this wall but I'm not sure I

don't know I don't know how I like it

we'll see so excited it's coming along

together I'm so excited you guys have no

idea it's gonna come along together we

don't have to go out and shop for paint

because I'm repainted our guest room

we've all paid for this from as well but

we never got around at the painting this

room and I'll show you guys what the

guest room looks like I guess and so

already up here so if you guys go over

here we do have oh the blinds are closed

why are the blinds closed

because it gets so hot in here if the

blinds are

Ben so yeah this is our guest room and I

love this color that's on the walls

Ricardo picked it out this is our guest

room and this is pretty much it I've

showed you guys in some videos it's a

really nice-sized room and it does have

the attached bathroom on here

it's called a jack-and-jill bathroom so

you can access the bathroom from that

side there is a door in between and then

whoever's in this room can access the

bathroom on this side so I think that's

what it's called jack-and-jill bathroom

and then there's a door right here which

you can close so two people can share

this room or this bathroom which is

really nice on the second floor and then

in our master bedroom which I don't want

to show you guys right now cuz I haven't

made my bed today but in that room we do

have a master bath which you guys see

and all my clean with me videos and then

this room right here is just my glamour

I'm pretty much where I work from my

closet where I do my makeup or I keep

all of my purses and my shoe stored it

is super exciting to get this nursery

started we went on a walk the other day

and we smelled someone that was grilling

outside and it smells so good so we are

taking advantage of the nice weather

even though I feel like I don't even

need this wearing this coat over here so

I thought it was gonna be cooler but it

didn't cool down too much we have a few

burgers on there and of course some

chili some jalapenos and I spent a

little olive oil on there put some salt

I'm so excited

I always forget to end Vox I mean it's a

for every single one so I'm always like

saying goodbye the next day at my desk

because that's what I'm doing now I

don't even know where to look look look

over here okay so I'm filming for my

phone because my camera is currently

charging no that's a lie I am NOT that

is lie and you want to know why because

if thunderstorm when was it the day

before yesterday it was so bad and so

loud and

the last luck that you guys sell

wherever you work cooking outside I left

my vlog out on the table on the patio

and then I forgot to bring it in and I

got soaked luckily that SD card did work

but I was too scared to turn on the

camera itself because it stayed out in

the rain and I was like if I turn it on

it's gonna get shocked

I don't know exactly what happens to it

but then it all stopped working so I put

it in the back of rice do you want to

see really quick what I did and let me

show you by the way I'm in this really

comfortable dress from JCPenney and I

love it because it's really hot out

today this is it right here and it's

been over 24 hours since they put it in

there and I'm just gonna wait a little

bit longer until I can turn it on which

makes me really sad because that was

kind of like a newer camera especially

for vlogging and I hope that it still

works so we'll see but I'm gonna end the

vlog here and I'll talk to you guys in

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