Newborn Baby Routine (0-3 months) - Feed, play and sleep routine


a baby of a zero to three months will

follow a passion or rhythm of feed play

and sleep they don't follow a clock what

happens usually is they will feed they

will have some uptime and with their mum

and dad and then once they start to show

those tired signs they'll go back to bed

and have a sleep of one and a half to

two hours so once your baby's awake from

their sleep you'll pick them up you

might consider that a feed for them once

they've had their feed they might be in

a lovely relaxed state where you can

spend some time interacting with your

baby so things that you might notice

about your baby at this period of time

is they are interested in looking at you

they're having some lovely big smiles

with you they're looking for you when

you walk away they might be turning

their head and looking for that time to

interact with their mum or dad

it's an important time between yourself

and your baby it's a bonding time but

it's also a time for your baby to

develop language skills it's very

important for their brain development

they would rather much rather interact

with you and talk to you and have eye

contact and that's that's the most

important thing that you can do for them

at this age


yes the babies between the age of 0 to 3


there's no set times babies need to feed

somewhere between 2 to 5 Ally they're

all quite individual but generally over

a 24-hour period they'll feed between 6

to 8 times sometimes babies will feed a

little bit more in the evenings if

they're a bit unsettled and that's quite

normal at this age once you've had some

time of interaction where you might be

chatting to your baby playing with their

toes and fingers they might then start

just to look away from you they might be

starting to say hey mum and dad I'm

really tired I need to go back to bed so

then they might start to do a yawn they

might start to clench their fists again

and possibly even have a little cry so

then we recognise those tired signs and

we may pick our baby up again comfort

them and proceed to take them back to