10 Signs a Relationship is Becoming Serious

10 unexpected signs a relationship is becoming serious.

The first stage of love is always exciting, with your heart racing and butterflies ticking

your stomach, but there’s nothing like establishing a real bond with someone.

You learn to stop trying so hard and begin to see the other person for who they really

are, it becomes life changing.

Wondering if you and your boo are getting real?

Here are 10 unexpected signs a relationship is becoming serious.

1. You leave your belongings at each other’s places and when you forget things, you don’t

mind sharing each other’s deodorant and PJs.

2. You can share silence in comfort.

The right words can go a long way, but when silence feels right with them, those moments

can’t be replaced.

3. You go on trips together.

Whether it means driving across the country or booking a flight to Tokyo, adventures just

wouldn’t be the same without them.

4. You can talk about anything.

This doesn’t always mean romantic conversations under the stars, it’s not true love unless

you can talk about poop with your partner.

10 bonus points if you can also pee with the door open.

5. Arguments have only strengthened your relationship.

Relationships are only as strong as the communication.

When you can work things out with your partner, not only is it a sign of maturity, but it

helps the relationship grow.

6. Your families and friends have met.

Do you guys get together during the holidays?

It’s one thing to meet your lovers fam and friends, but it’s another thing entirely

when all of you begin to learn each other's names.

7. You adopt a pet together.

Congratulations, you’re basically parents! Pets are a huge responsibility, just like


8. You never get bored of your partner.

Wondering eyes and emotional cheating happen when people are thinking about giving up on

their relationship.

But when you appreciate your partner even on the bad days, then you my friend have found

yourself a winner.

9. You challenge each other.

Relationships are fulfilling when you and your partner can learn from one another.

Whether it’s sharing hobbies, trying new foods or helping each other reach your goals,

the two of you are self-actualizing together.

10. The future seems certain.

You can always count on your partner to be there for you through thick and thin.

With every step you take, you know they’ll be there right next to you, they’re not

just your lover, they’re your best friend for life.

Do you and your partner resonate with these signs?

What are some other dead giveaways you know of?

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