starting my own business in 2020 | how to start an etsy shop


hey guys welcome or welcome back

to my channel my name is emma and i'm so

happy you clicked on this video

today i have a super exciting

announcement that i've been kind of

teasing here and there and something

that i've been working on for

quite a while now it's finally time for

me to reveal it to you guys and

to share my like secret project i've

been working on

so as you can tell by the title and the

thumbnail and all that

i am starting an etsy shop where i will

be making and selling my own stickers

so i'm starting a small business i

couldn't be more excited to announce it

and to finally get that off my chest

and to share this with you guys we are

kind of getting close to the time

where it's almost prepared to launch

since the shop hasn't launched yet to

keep up with me and to keep up with the

shop you guys can follow my instagram

and my tick tock so you know when the

launch goes up if you decide to support

my stickers which you guys will see

in this video i really truly appreciate

you guys can't thank you guys enough

and for today's video i'm just going to

be setting up everything for launch i'm

going to be showing you how i make my

stickers how i package them what things

i use and

the process that just goes into starting

my etsy shop

gonna be laminating stickers with you

guys i'm gonna be taking product photos

for the website

and i hope you guys choose to watch and

see the behind the scenes of

my tick tocks my products all that stuff

let's get right into it

these are some of the supplies that i

invested in for this business and some

things that i bought i started with my

sticker paper

what stickers are actually going to be

made out of is from

and i'm pretty sure i just got like the

simple matte paper

it was like 13 bucks for 100 sheets and

that's what's going to go in the actual

printer and what the ink is going to be

obviously printed on my printer is the

canon pixma

mg 3022 i think is the model or whatever

and it was actually a printer that we

had laying around

the ink cartridges for the printer are

value toner brand i'm sure you can get

them on amazon and i got one that came


a black ink and then just a tri-color

one for both black printing

and colored obviously this is a

transparent matte contact paper used for


and you just kind of put this over the

stickers that you want to use it on to

make them

more durable and water resistant and

this is what i'll be putting over the

stickers and you'll see more towards the

end of the video as well

i also thought i'd show you guys a

little bit more of what i'm going to be

using for packaging

once i do get orders and these are just

some cardstock like paper-ish envelopes

that i got from amazon as well most of

these things are from amazon

because they do have a bunch of

resources but i thought these would be

super cute but also super useful to use


basically just pack the orders and then

i got some cellophane bags which is what

the physical stickers

are going to be going in when i do

package them and they will have like my

business card in the back and then i got

a thank you for supporting my small


stick a roll so i can just kind of use

that for packaging as well

and then my organization is what you can

see over here i have

a that good lifestyle which is my logo

sticker that i made myself

and i do have to laminate those as well

but either way they are here for a

packet as well

as some washi tapes that i did order and

then my organization is

just some random stickers laying around

as well as my organized

ish pile of stickers using some

post-it flags just to keep them kind of

in order so that i know where each of

the stickers

would go i have some markers and some

pens and this is my organization that

will hopefully change

but this is what we're going with for

so that was an inside look into the

packaging and the products and where

they're from hopefully that helped you

guys out if you're maybe looking to

start your own

or if you're just curious about where i

got these products and all that stuff

and even a little insight into how i'm

going to package them

and once i do get an order how those are

going to be able to be

wrapped up to go out i also have some

sparkly tissue paper

a few sheets and maybe those will go

into some of the first orders that i get

but as you guys saw i've kind of got


organized and thought up since i have

put a lot of thought into this and

money also and i'm super excited to see

the result of

all of this i also showed you guys some

of the organization that is in my drawer

this is how everything is set up i've

got my desk right over here where i do

all of my

setting up stuff and then i've got this

drawer back here where you guys can see

everything is kind of organized so that

i have everything kind of in one place

it's all around me and the desk because

this is where i work as of now i would

like to

eventually have some better organizers

maybe back there since there's some

empty space over there

but as of now we're kind of working with

what we've got this is your quick

reminder to follow your dreams if you

have a goal of something you've always

wanted to do

if you want to start painting doing art

if you want to do commissions if you're

passionate about something if you like

making bracelets and you want to sell

jewelry stuff like that this is your

sign to finally get up

and make your dreams happen you were

never too young and i hope that i'm kind

of proving that as well

i support you i believe in you and you

believe in each other hopefully

and yeah now i'm going to talk and show

you guys a little bit more about how i

make my stickers how i design them how i

print them out how i cut them

laminate them and how i bring the

stickers to the final product

as well as showing you the final product

of all of my stickers that are going to

be in this launch and in this stock

all right so i designed my stickers on

this app called ibis

paint x and i actually just designed

them on my phone since my phone does

have a little pen

and that's what i use to draw and to

design the stickers which i will show

you guys the inside of that app and how

it works kind of on a screen recording

right over here

but that is where i designed them i

would like to of course in the future

get an ipad and move on to procreate and

that is where i would love to ultimately

design my stickers but as of now i have

really enjoyed the app ibis paint x so


go check out that app it's available for

both ios

android all of those i'm pretty positive

so you guys can always check that out if

you want to get into graphic design

this is where i'm going to reveal the

sticker designs to you guys

i truly hope you enjoy them some of them

i did laminate with this contact paper

that i showed you guys before and that

will be the finished product of the


so some of these at the top are finished

and i have them

in kind of a weird organization with

little post-it tabs to kind of organize

which ones the designs are but these top

ones are laminated

and the bottom ones are not so i will be

laminating the rest of my stickers for

you guys today before we go ahead and

start doing the photography

and taking all the product photos for

the actual etsy shop the first

sticker design that i have here to show

you guys is this

round one it is a one day at a time


it says one day at uh and then a half

o'clock so it's one day at a time

which i think is a good motto to have

and i thought it was really cute and

turned out pretty well the next sticker

that i drew

is this tea one it has a little tea bag

and a pink mug with some shine and

the tea bag hanging out of course i

thought this one turned out very cute

the next design that i have is this pink

dusty rose type of flower with the

inside middle i thought it was super

cute looks kind of like a daisy

it's so simplistic and kind of fun i

thought i love this color a lot the next


is this sticker that says you got this

and it has a bunch of squiggly little

colors in the back i love how the colors

turned out in this sticker

and i'm pretty proud of it actually i'm

proud of them all but i really do like

this one

also as seasons change and go i am of

course planning

other stickers to launch so there will

always be kind of new things coming in

once in a while the next sticker is this

cactus one and it has a little flower at

the end and i just thought it was simple

but cute with the yellow background to

change it up

to make it a little bit different from

the basic white background

and the next sticker is this sticker

that says you are some kind of wonderful

i thought it kind of resembled

a sticky note post-it little reminder to

let people know

that they are wonderful and i thought

the colors in this one were super cute

another sticker design that i have

available is this watermelon one that

actually turned out very cute and i did

a pink background to change it up once

again from the normal

white one that a lot of people do i

think this one turned out very cute

this next design avocado toast sticker i

really really like this one

i thought it turned out super cute it's

got the bread and the little

three-dimensional holes in the bread

even and then

the smushed avocado and the egg with the

little pepper in it and i thought if you

like avocado toast or

if you want to stick this on your

toaster or something like that even

i thought this was a very cute sticker

this next one is kind of an artsy

rainbow type of sticker it's obviously

not a traditional rainbow but i thought

it was very cute

also feel free to count in the comments

how many times i say super cute or super

excited this next sticker will always be

a special one because it is the first

ever sticker that i designed

it says bu and it's kind of a little

splotch in the back

and it's got a smiley face in the o and

then a little flower i thought this one

turned out

very cute i think the message is really

important just to

tell people to be themselves and to

learn to accept who they are

as people because you are beautiful i

tell you that at the end of every single

video because

i think it's an important message to

pass along and then last but not least i

have this

cow print lightning bolt i thought this

one is a super cute idea

i haven't seen anyone do this but i

thought i would do a lightning bolt

with a little cow pattern and a pink

background and i really like how that

turned out they've even got some little

dot details but i don't know if you guys

can see through the camera but

i thought this one was super awesome as

well let me know what you guys think of

the sticker designs it would mean a lot

for you guys give me your opinions

or tell me down below what other

stickers you would like to see

and also comment which one is your

favorite i would love to know and if

you'd like to see any stickers or any

designs that you would potentially

purchase let me know and

i will give it some thought of course

like i said i love interacting with you

guys now that i showed you guys kind of

how i design

where i design and some of the sticker

drawings that i did on

the ibis app that i just talked about i

wanted to show you guys a little bit

more about how i kind of

import my stickers into the computer how

i set them up on the sheet

and how i physically print them and make

them exist as stickers

rather than just online designs like i

showed you guys on my phone so let's get

into it

alright so i have a sticker designs kind

of folder in my computer and the way

that i did this was i just made a folder

for all the designs that i have

as you guys can see on here i just

basically emailed myself

each of the designs downloaded them onto

my computer and made myself

a folder for these now onto the setup of

these designs

i am starting off just putting them on


because i am a starting business i don't

have a cricut yet or

qriket design space or anything like

that so i am actually starting

by just doing it onward i got my design


and i just set them up in a way that

would fit the page

as best as i possibly can this is what i

ended up going with

it's got the cactus one the vu sticker

and they are just kind of set up

in the best way that i could do go ahead

and just print it right off of word

i go on to file then i go

on to print then i go ahead and do

printer properties make sure that the

quality is

on plain paper and that the quality is


so that the stickers just come out

better quality then i just confirm that

then i make sure that my printer is

turned on connected and everything like


now the printer is pretty much ready to

print and then

go ahead and click print on the computer

and the printer will do

its job ryan little


here all the stickers looking so great

and i'm going to be

cutting these out soon and laminating

them i'm going to be laminating the ones

that i've already cut out just by

putting the laminate on top you guys

will see

and then these ones i will be sticking

the laminate onto the actual paper and

then cutting them out if you're

wondering how they're actually stickers

and not just ink on a paper i use this

printer paper from online labels and it

is a sticker paper

so on the back it's got like a little

part that you would peel

and that does all the work for me now

let's go ahead and laminate we have a


stash of stickers


this is me laminating the stickers and

it's just the process that i

do to make them more durable water

resistant and just better quality


and what i do is i use this contact

paper got it from amazon i

peel it off and i cut it off to the

shape and size of the sticker i smoothen

it onto the sticker and then i cut

around it so that it's just a layer of

extra protection to make it more durable

and less likely to get ruined basically

and just better quality i hope you guys

enjoy that as well

and that's what i'm doing to the rest of

the stickers in my stash that hadn't

gotten that done yet and the peeling is

so satisfying by the way

but anyway it just adds a lot to the

quality of the stickers which makes me

really happy and now i'm going to be

laminating and preparing the rest of the

stickers i hope you enjoy



since it's getting a little bit late i

am not going to

laminate and cut out this sheet of

stickers i'm going to

do this some other time off camera once

i'm done filming this video

but basically all i just do is i cut

around the edges sometimes i leave a

little border

and sometimes i also file off the edges

just to make them

more smooth and everything like that so

i'll be doing this some other time

i'm going to be laminating these three

bu stickers which is the only thing we

have left

until all of the stickers are physically

made in my drawer completely done and

laminated and ready to go and then i'm

going to paint my nails because

my hand's going to be in the picture and

i don't want my nails to look rough

and then we are going to get started on

the photo

backdrop and everything like that and

preparing for the behind the scenes of

my photography tick tock and

taking the pictures of the product so

let's go



so my nails are painted the nail polish

was like thick or something

so they look nice and

rough but anyway the thumb looks alright

so that's the only part of the

hand that's gonna be in the picture

either way so let's start setting up the

backdrop for the pictures and

i'm gonna do the photography part of


on the etsy shop setting up

process all right so i put my rug on top

of my desk

and then i got like my fake plant that

hangs like back there by the door and i

just put it right here so that it can be

kind of

in the corner of the picture so we'll

see how this works out i'm just kind of

doing this on my desk and i have a

camera that i'm going to show you guys

that i'm going to take this with

so you've got this nikon camera and this

is what we're going to be using to take


product photos of the stickers yeah

let's go ahead and take out the stickers

and see how this goes i don't know how

much of this i'm going to be able to



all right guys that is it for today's

video i did take some pictures and

i've been working really hard on this

all day i filmed a tick tock and then

didn't save some drafts so i kind of


lost a tick tock that i worked really

hard on so i'm having a tough time

but either way all the pictures are

taken you guys will be able to see them

once the etsy shop goes live

and if you want to check that out it's

not live yet but you guys can follow my

instagram and my tick tock like i said

for updates on all of that

the pictures are all in this camera so i

think they turned out pretty cute

uh i will be editing them hopefully

filming this tick tock so maybe i'll be

able to insert it in here

but either way go ahead and follow that

stuff to keep up with the etsy shop keep

up with me

and i really hope you enjoyed this video

if you did please give it a thumbs up i

worked really hard on this

and i truly hope that you thought it was

kind of cool to see the behind the

scenes i hope you guys are excited for


as excited as i am maybe thank you so

much for watching like i said

remember you're beautiful you're amazing

you are loved

take it easy out there take it one day

at a time

thank you so much for your support

hopefully you'll check out the etsy shop

when it's live

and yeah i really appreciate you guys