Preparing a Tomato Planting Site

you know just recently I was out at a

local garden center in nursery here in

Stillwater and was talking to a friend

of mine that I was that garden center

and it was you know it was in late March

mid to late March I guess and it was a

really bright warm sunny day and he told

me that he had all kinds of people in it

in there that they wanting tomato plants

well obviously that's way too early to

plant tomatoes because of the dangers of

frost and also the solar temperatures

but we do really get really kind of

antsy so to speak when the weather gets

warm and we start seeing spring really

come to life but one of the things we

can do now is to go ahead and prepare

our tomato planting site which will

really help us out when we plant the

tomatoes later on when the temperatures

of the soil and when the danger of frost

is all passed and so what I like to do

is at least two of it maybe even better

three weeks before planting I like to go

in and prepare my planting site and the

way I do that is dig a hole where I'm

going to plant my tomato at least eight

inches deep maybe even eight to twelve

inches deep and about a foot wide then I

want to come back in and I want to

refill that hole with two parts of

compost and this is compost that's not

been screened it's just rough compost

but it's really good compost you don't

have to use compost but some type of

good organic matter maybe manure or or

some sort of organic matter will suffice

by they're two parts of that too one

part of soil then in order to give the

tomatoes a little bit of a start I like

to put in about a third of a cup of line

now the reason I like to put the lime is

is because I want some added calcium in

there to help prevent blossom end rot

and this particular lime is called rapid

lime it has soluble calcium in it so I

know it's going to go ahead and get into

the soil solution when I start the

process of mixing it in and

into the soil so I put about a third of

a cup of line two tablespoons of a good

complete fertilizer such as ten twenty

ten or twelve twelve twelve and then

just mix that in really good and then

we'll have about two or three weeks here

for all that compost to start continuing

to further decompose for the soil to

begin to take up some of the lime and

the fertilizer that we've put in there

and then I will have my hole all ready

to plant my tomato when time comes and I

won't have to do any type of preparation

in order to remember where this is

because I know it's going to rain and

things are going to sort of settle down

I just stick a flag in there or a stick

of some kind of marking exactly where my

hole is then when it comes time to plant

I know where my planting site is I can

put my tomato in there get it off to a

good start that after I plant my tomato

what I like to do is get just a garbage

bag such as this black garbage bag I'll

put it over that tomato hole I do this

about ten days before I plant stick it

down good with either rocks or boards

are these landscape fabric pins the

reason I'm doing that is because that's

going to help warm that soil up the Sun

will get onto the soil will warm it up

good and then I can just simply jerk

that off or even plant my tomato right

through a hole that I put in this

plastic and then I've got my Tomatoes

off to the start so when you get really

sort of in a hurry to plant your

Tomatoes this time of the year instead

of planting them go out and fix your

tomato planting site then you'll feel

like he does like me to help those

tomatoes out