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that'd be great today we're going to

show you

what we can sew in september

i just spotted a robin in my polytunnel

so it's a bit wet outside today so we're

in the polytunnel

sheltering from the showers but anyway

still so suits or so although september

is known as a tidying up season

with august being harvesting now


is a good time

to start uh clearing all the beds so


the nights are drawing in fast and the

early mornings

are not so early now so it's time to get

jobs done

clearing those plots and pulling the

compost in

so let's have a look at what we can sew

september so we can do chinese cow

this can be sown from april right

through to

september and these are fast growing

we've chosen 60 days from transplanting

we can use the flour stems in buds and

salads or stir fries

also spinach spinach is

far less likely to bolt during

september so get some late

crops of spinach in

so we've got stir-fry mix

we've got some rocket

and solid leaves

and lettuce all year round this can

still be done

in september and also

mizuma stir-fries

or mixed salads dark green properly

flavored leaves

can be picked over a long period you can

do some radish

and radish does prefer the late summer

with the longer days and the warmer


it's likely to flower up and bulb up


so still to get some radish in

the wind's getting up again we can do


this is a gardener's favorite reliable

producing white cards early summer

towards them

from successional sewings so all the


cauliflower so today we're going to sew

the cauliflower all year round so we've

got two

narrow beds just making a small drill

along the middle we're taking our seeds

and we're just sewing a few

in the row not many

just a handful

and we're just going to cover them up

this is just multi-purpose compost

and that's it jump done

you can do mustards this is an all year


this is great for salads and sandwiches

takes up little space and a small amount

of your time

so that's good and also

onions we can start sewing

seeds for onions in september and this

one is keeper

f1 hybrid and it's the best variety for

autumn sowing

and to overwinter exhibition quality

and a sure winner under the four ounce

glass so there we go

quality globe shaped bulbs with golden

skins and also

we can do some spring onions

these are white lisbon he's a mild

very quick growing salad onion good for

successional sewing

and very hardy

so this one is the f1

high keeper and we're doing this one

in the sultry and we've got some

sand some sharp sand we're just going to

add this

to our compost just to give a bit more


and then we take our day

and we fill our tray

with the sandy compost

we got our seeds

this is it and then we're just gonna

scatter them

around the tray

and then just firmly cover the compost

this is quite damp

they're going to sit in the polytunnel

to germinate

so september is the month for planting

out your sets

of overwintering autumn onions like the

japanese varieties

of which seeds can be sown in august

and september and they'll stay in the

ground all winter

grow in the spring ready for lifting in


check all your bulbs see if there's any


when you're no good

don't be fooled but the bigger bulbs

will do better as the medium size

or the smaller ones are a lot less

likely to bolt so worth checking them

all out

this one's soft they're good

so give a good size

make sure they're all good

this isn't bad at all

so first prepare the ground making sure

it's weed free and soft for the bulbs

can go in

and we take our sets and we look at the


see the bottom has got the roots and the

top is the top

and then we insert

the bulb just so the tops pointing out

and then we plant every six

inches five to six inches checking the


and we continue to do this

all the way along

making sure they're firm

alternative way to do your onions

is to use this module tray

and this is compost and we take our bulb

we look for the rooty end and we stick



the cell tray one per module

making sure the tips stick out

this will ensure the birds

don't pull them out if they're in the


there we go a tray full of onions

ready for next spring so good job done

so thank you very much for watching and

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so thank you very much what are you

sewing in september

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