Ab Workout After Baby - Postpartum Ab Exercises - Diastasis Recti Safe Workout

what's up guys hey Jared Beck strand

here doctor of physical therapy Tona

tighten calm and today I wanted to run

you guys through a 20 minute ab workout

that is diastasis recti approved now

obviously as one who's never had kids

before I thought it might be fun to

bring on a co-star for this video my

wife's gonna help us out let's get to it

right now


all right you guys here we go so a

twenty minute ab workout that is

postpartum and diastasis recti friendly

I actually wrote this one for my wife

after having our kids and I wanted to

get on here and share it with you guys

we're gonna be doing nine exercises

one-minute intervals each let's go ahead

and get started the first one on the

list is some stomach vacuums and so to

do a stomach vacuum what I tell people

is the first thing you're gonna do is

lay down on your back with your knees

bent take a nice deep breath in and then

exhale all of that air and then at the

bottom of that exhalation what I want

you to do is focus on contracting that

deepest abdominal layer that's that

transverse abdominis muscle that's the

muscle that's actually going to suck

your bellybutton into your spine so deep

breath in breathe all your air out and

then try to pull your bellybutton into

your spine you're gonna hold it there

for five to ten seconds and then go

ahead and relax that contraction the

reason why we do the deep breath with

this is because I don't want you to use

your diaphragm to suck your stomach in

taking a deep breath you know we'll draw

your stomach in but that's a passive

contraction kind of more of a

diaphragmatic thing and we want that to

be an active thing with your stomach

with that transverse abdominis muscle

nice job you guys 60 seconds down let's

get into our next one is going to be a

pelvic tilt with a March and so to do

this the set up is really similar laying

on your back with your knees bent what

I'm going to have you do is rock your

hips backwards to flatten your stomach

or excuse me to flatten your back down

into the mat into the floor that you're

on so here your email is gonna reset it


and so you rock your hips backwards then

you hit one of those stomach vacuums so

I want you to contract your abdomen by

drawing your bellybutton into your spine

hold it there nice and tight and now

what we're going to do is add some of

these marches the biggest kind of the

most important part of this exercise

that I want you to keep in mind is keep

that back flat and keep that stomach

tight I want you to hold that vacuum I

want you to hold that posterior pelvic

tilt and that ta contraction the whole

time that you're doing these marches

you're gonna hit about three to four to

five to even six marches the longer you

hold it the more marches you can do

Camile she's been doing this for a while

so she's really good at it I want you to

do as many as you can

while holding that contraction take more

breaks than that if you need to let's

get into some side planks we're gonna

hold a static side plank she's on her

left side right now she's gonna hold

that for 30 seconds to get into the side

plank so her left elbows directly under

her left shoulder she's out on the

outside of her left foot and then I'm

looking for a straight line nose

bellybutton between her knees between

her ankles all the way down should be a

nice straight line bonus on this you can

hit one of those ta contractions and so

again while you're up in that side plank

position well there's 30 seconds left

now let's roll over on to the right

let's hit it for 30 seconds on that side

hit one of those ta contractions while

you're up so you'll notice that she gets

into that side plank position and then

I'm gonna have her draw her bellybutton

in again and so again it's all about

that transverse abdominis muscle that's

the one that's really that we're really

trying to activate that's the biggest

bang for your buck especially postpartum

that's the one that stretched out the

most and then that's also the one that's

gonna help with that diastasis recti

problem okay so there's 30 seconds

they're on our side planks let's go

ahead and let's hit some bridges with a

vacuum so we're gonna get back down into

that position laying on her back with

our knees bent she's gonna hit one of

those stomach vacuums so she's gonna

draw her belly button in towards your

spine and I want her to hold that while

we're doing one of these bridges and so

to do a bridge you're gonna contract

your glutes again hold that ta

contraction squeeze your butt together

use your butt to lift your hips up

towards the ceiling I don't want to just

focus on the anterior abdominal wall or

the anterior core this is gonna be a

complete core workout we're gonna hit

the front the ABS the side kind of the

obliques and then also those spine

extensors and those hip extensors in the

back as well and so again not just a

straight bridge up and down I really

want you guys to focus on hitting that

transverse abdominis contraction suck

everything in nice and tight squeeze

your glutes together and then that's

what you're going to use to lift your

hips up to the ceiling three two one

nice job everyone let's get into some

dying bugs we're coming at you hard and

fast with this we're about halfway

through the first set to get into the

dying bug we're gonna lay on our back

you'll see that her hips are bent to 90

and her knees are bent to a 90 degree

angle both arms reach straight up

towards the ceiling now what she's gonna

do is get one of those transverse

abdominus contractions so again we're

really trying to emphasize that

squeezing that belly button in really

trying to brace the stomach make it as

skinny as possible just trying to suck

everything in is what we're going for

with that activation of that deepest

core muscle then what she's gonna do is

lower her right leg towards the ground

while her left arm goes up and over her

head and then her left leg towards the

ground as her right arm goes up and over

her head a little bit more difficult

just because we're actually getting out

into this more kind of lengthened

stretched out position with this one

it's a little bit harder to hold that

transverse abdominus contraction but

again that's where your emphasis is it's

just trying to keep everything sucked in

just zipped up nice and tight down there

okay there's that with 60 seconds and

the in the dying bug let's get into some

side plank pulses we're gonna hit the

side plank again we're gonna take it up

a level again she's out on her left side

here to start get into that initial kind

of static side plank position and then

she's gonna hit that ta contraction now

what we're gonna do is add some hip dips

and so dip that left hip down towards

the floor and then use those muscles in

your side those obliques to pull your

right hip up towards the ceiling thirty

Seconds on the left and then let's flip

over and let's do 30 seconds on the

right again so now the right elbows

directly underneath the right shoulder

we're gonna get up onto the outside of

the right foot if that's too difficult

we can hit a modified side plank by

getting on your right knee instead so

it'll be on your right elbow and then on

your right knee just basically makes the

moment arm shorter principles of torque

applied makes it a little easier to do

when you're on your right knee and your

right elbow nice job everyone so there's

another 30 seconds on that and then

we're gonna get into some tabletop toe

taps very similar to the dying bug now

what we're gonna do is lay on our back

so both again hips and knees are at a 90

degree angle she's gonna hit that

posterior pelvic tilt so I want her to

flatten her back down into the floor I

want her to hit the transverse abdominus

activates activation so she's gonna suck

in her stomach she's really gonna try to

keep that TA engaged while we're now

just doing what we'd call toe taps so I

don't want her pail

to move her back stays flat her stomach

stays sucked in the nice stay at a 90

degree angle but now what she's gonna do

is alternate dropping just left toes

right toes down towards the table her

down towards the floor whatever surface

that you're on and so just a little tap

and then come right back up tap and then

come right back up again the most

important part here is I want that

transverse abdominus active and want

that stomach to stay sucked in just as

much as you can and then we're going to

tap tap alternating toes 60 seconds just

like that everybody you're doing great

let's get into another back exercise

we're going to do a bird dog with a

stomach vacuum she's gonna get down on

all fours and now what we're gonna do is

hit that T a contraction you'll see that

she sucks in her abs before she even

moves anything with this exercise and

now what we're gonna do is alternate

right arm reaching forward with left leg

kicking straight back and then left arm

reaching forward with right leg kicking

straight back try not to let your hips

rotate too much on this hips should stay

nice and level and again the bonus here

is that I really want you to focus on

sucking in that ta sucking in the

stomach sucking in those ABS this is a

little bit harder because the ABS are in

a little bit more dependent position and

so you have to work a little harder to

keep that transverse abdominus

contracted while you're doing this but

again we're just alternating left right

right left this is a great exercise if

you have some low back pain going on a

lot of the postpartum women that I see

come in to me and complain about some

low back pain this is a great way to

work on those muscles so there's your

bird dogs with the stomach vacuum I got

great news we're down to our last

exercise let's get into some side planks

with a key rotation also known as they

thread the needle side plank again up

into that initial kind of static side

plank position but now what she's going

to do is with that right arm reach up

towards the ceiling and then duck down

and kind of thread that needle that's or

thread that hole that's made from her

left elbow left arm and down through her

torso and so adds a little bit of a

rotational element to that side plank

position there's 30 seconds on the left

now let's get into 30 seconds on the

right again just like I've harped on

enough already you guys we're gonna keep

that ta active I really want you to

focus on Keith

the abs suck the end while you do this

and so there we go so we're just going

to hit 30 seconds on the right side I

know you're burning I know you're

filling up by now you've only got 10

seconds left and then we're done with

our first set after this what we're

going to do is we're just going to

repeat one more time this whole circuit

so two nine minute circuits nice job

everyone you did it okay take a 60

second break and then we'll come back

and we'll get it again

all right here we go welcome back 60

second break is over and again we're

gonna run through just that same 9

minute circuit so nine exercises 60

seconds each let's jump into our first

one is going to be that stomach vacuum

again laying on our back deep breath in

breathe all the way out completely

exhale all your air at the bottom of

that contraction we're really gonna suck

in we're gonna activate that transverse

abdominis muscle hold for a 5 to 10

second count and then repeat for the 60

second duration you'll notice that we're

not doing a whole lot of aggressive

sit-ups crunches planks things like that

the goal with post partum fitness and

the goal in healing up the diastasis

recti is that we're actually not going

to activate the rectus abdominis muscle

that's kind of that six-pack muscle that

goes right down the front and that's the

muscle that it's got two muscle bellies

to it that are separated vertically that

actually gets separated with the

diastasis condition so one of the worst

things that you can do that's going to

actually perpetuate that injury is

activate those muscles and so sit-ups

crunches planks things like that are a

big no-no with diastasis recti good job

ladies and so what we're gonna do is

three two one just like that and now

let's hit the pelvic tilt with the

Marches and so again flatten your back

tighten your tummy you're gonna hit that

ta activation suck your stomach in keep

it sucked in

while we alternate these marches looks

just like that so again the feet are

flat on the ground as opposed to the

tabletop that we're gonna do a little

bit later feet are on the ground

posterior pelvic tilt sucking your

stomach March March up to kind of four

to six times and then take a break if

you need to and so again not

aggressively activating the rectus

abdominis the whole goal here is to

activate the transverse abdominis I'm

gonna leave some links in the

description to this video I want you

guys to check them out I'll show you

guys how to check for the bass this is

correct eye condition there's also some

another video that has diastasis recti

kind of do's and don'ts as I've kind of

mentioned to you some bad exercises and

some better exercises that you can do

and then there's also another workout

kind of a progression of exercises that

are going to help you to heal that

diastasis recti

and so I hope you guys check

that out I hope that you know again just

check out the link and the distinct in

the description to this video for those

okay here we go a thirty second side

plank on the left and so again she's on

her left elbow left elbow is directly

underneath her left shoulder on the

outside of her left foot you can bend

the left knee and get on the outside of

the left knee for a modified position

again bonus if we can actually suck in

while you're doing this so try to

activate that deep ta layer hold that

stomach in nice and tight again that's

the goal with all these exercises that

we're doing activate that transverse

abdominus to hold everything in nice and


okay thirty Seconds on the left let's

jump into thirty seconds on the right

again I'm not gonna get you guys into a

straight plank here just because that

does put a lot of pressure on the rectus

abdominis but to get into a side plank

like this all of a sudden now that

pressure is on the obliques the weight

of your guts basically the weight of

your internal organs is on your side not

on your front and so this is a great

alternative to actually healing up that

diastasis without perpetuating the

problem all right here we go let's get

into some bridges with a vacuum and so

again on our back knees bent she's gonna

draw in her stomach she's gonna activate

that transverse abdominus squeeze your

gluts and then lift your hips up towards

the ceiling just as high as you can go

looks just like that we're gonna repeat

that for sixty seconds hold for about

three seconds up at the top of the

bridge three to five second hold and

then come on right back down again the

emphasis here suck in your stomach you

can track your butt contract those

glutes and squeeze those all the way

through hold that squeeze at the top of

the contraction and then come on right

back down nice job you guys looking

great we've got 20 seconds left on this

one I know you're burnin I know that my

wife certainly was by this point it's

tough you guys the whole pregnancy thing

it wreaks havoc on your stomach and so

this is just a great workout again this

is one that I've run my wife through

after each of our pregnancies after each

of her pregnancies and deliveries

there's sixty seconds right there some

dying buds is your next one so on your

back knees bent hips bent suck in your

stomach which stand your left leg reach

your right arm overhead extend your

right leg reach your left arm overhead

again the emphasis here is keeping that


active keeping everything sucked in nice

and tight keeping you back nice and

tight to the ground it's going to want

to arch up off of the ground as you

extend your legs out your job is to

activate those muscles to keep it flat

against the ground so one thing I need

to mention you guys I don't want you

doing any of these exercises before your

six weeks out if you had a normal

delivery eight weeks if you had a

caesarean above all please make sure

that you've got your doctor's go ahead

before you start this or any exercise

program it's important I mean you know

that doctor your personal physician he

or she is going to know exactly you know

what's going on in your specific you

know how the delivery went for you your

very specific details make sure you have

their clearance before you start this or

any exercise program that's job dyeing

bugs side plank pulses here we go we're

gonna jump up into that side plank

position and then again the hand goes

right onto the hip her right hands on

her right hip suck in the stomach and

then we're gonna drop the left hip down

towards the floor use those left

obliques to push that right hip straight

back up towards the ceiling

we took our static plank and now we're

just adding a little bit of movement to

it drop the hip raise the hip keep the

stomach sucked in

there's our 30-second mark on the left

we'll flip on over and we'll hit 30

seconds on the right right elbow is

directly underneath the right knee out

on your out the outside of your right

foot suck in the stomach and now drop

the hip down towards the ground use

those right obliques to put a loop to

push the left hip up towards the ceiling

you guys are doing great I know that

we're burning by now keep going we've

just got a few more exercises we've got

three more to get through looking good

looking strong let's get back into some

tabletop toe taps it's gonna be our next

one so on your back hips are at ninety

knees are at 90 flatten the back smash

that back right into the floor activate

that ta keep the stomach sucked in nice

and tight and then we're alternating

going down hey I hope you guys are

liking this I love putting these

together if you do enjoy this if you're

feeling the burn here if you think this

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yourself one population that I love

working with is postpartum women and so

again this is this workouts kind of with

you specifically in mind however there

are some guys who would benefit from

this diastasis recti is not a it does

it's not a respecter of gender I guess

guys guys get it just like women do not

as frequently but it does happen and so

regardless of who you are welcome here I

hope you like this video I hope you

liked this workout

okay let's hit some bird dogs and so

down on all fours activate the ta suck

your stomach into your belly button

now we're gonna alternate right arm left

leg and then left arm right leg again

the arm reaches as far forward as you

can the leg reaches as far back as you

can keeping the abs nice and tight nice

and sucked in keeping the hips level

you'll feel it in your back you'll feel

it in your hips and we're gonna take

turns alternating just like yes one more

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alright check it out one more exercise

60 more seconds and then we're gonna be

done with it so left side plank with

that T rotation or again sometimes

referred to as a thread the needle side

plank and so arm reaches up towards the

ceiling and then dives down again into

that hole created by your upper arm in

your torso and then rotate right back up

love this exercise it's a great way to

we're hitting the obliques with the side

plank but then we're also adding a

little bit of the rotary component to it

anytime we work in multiple planes

anytime we work the core in multiple

planes meaning we're doing that we're

resisting the side bend but then we're

also adding a rotation to it just makes

it that much better

that work a little bit harder you guys

are doing awesome we've only got 15

seconds left on this one and then that

is your 20 minute workout again my

emphasis my goal here was it was

diastasis recti friendly these are great

exercises that are not alone going to

help you increase your core strength it

can also help to heal that diastasis up

as well again check out the link in this

description for more videos check it out

you guys we're done excellent job

all right you guys so there you have it

a 20 minute core workout great abdominal

exercises that are also diastasis recti

friendly hope you guys check that out

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