"DON'T DO ABS... if you have FAT" | Brendan Meyers



and chin what's poppin gals that expand

my name is Brenda Myers and today I

actually wanted to talk about something

that man I see a lesson right over the

internet I see the messages come in

Aniyah I don't need to train abs because

I have fat over my stomach or you

shouldn't be training ads because you

have so much fat over you listen it

doesn't matter what body fat percentage

you are it doesn't matter if you have a

small amount of fat over those abs you

can't really see them you should be

working your core your abdominal muscles

and when I'm talking about abdominal

muscles all of them all of them your

rectus abdominus your transverse

abdominis your internal obliques your

external obliques

isn't that right Josh that's right yes

you need to be working your abdominal

muscles your core muscles even your

rectus Pranay coming down your spine

even your cue wells and each side your

lower back you should be working

everything every muscle in your body

you're going to think about it when you

get up in the morning how do you get up

well a lot of your abs core muscles are

engaged that specific movement when

you're walking really fast when you're

running so if you have weaker ABS if you

have weaker core what will that mean

well if you're in the gym and you're

training with weights you're not going

to be able to lift as much if you are

only doing bodyweight training and

you're at the beach or maybe you're at

the park and you're training

going through specific movements you're

not gonna be able to do as high

intensity exercises because you can't

stabilize in this position so my

suggestion for you is you're going to be

burning calories no matter what when

you're training but if you're able to do

those higher intensity exercises this

will burn more calories which means well

what does that mean well you'll burn

more fat remember caloric deficit is

where you need to be you see how we just

exchange that like the camera movement

now I'm walking backwards what's going

to do now okay but you need to listen

train your abs and I'm actually going to

drop down right now and give you an

exercise you could be doing right now I

mean it doesn't matter if you're in your

room it doesn't matter if you're at the

park wherever even at your business tell

go tell you're the CEO of your company

come out right now and do this exercise

but you get the whole crew around you to

do this it's very very simple this one

exercise is incredible pretty much for

every part of your core and your

Admirals let this guy walk through I

know is somebody coming behind me to

stash the camera and run so when we come

down okay let's let's go over here come

on let's go over here let's show you

anybody if you want to run on apartment

for rent

okay so we're going to come down right

here ready and check this out

all you're going to do is the most

simple exercise that you could be doing

okay gonna go on your back oh my gosh

everything's dropping everywhere I'm

going to go on your back you're going to

tuck in that chin right here just a bit

off of the ground and what I want to do

is really work those muscles in your

neck I mean why not work them at the

same time as building a strong core okay

remember keeping that lower back down

flat right and all you're going to do

bring your clear this to kill my vibe

thank you

to my buzz all right now we're to drop

down again they probably did that on

purpose because we were filming in front

of that house but you're going to come

down here okay again knees are up here

keeping that lower back on the ground

keeping that chin tucked here and all

you're going to do is drop down those

feet to the ground right before they

touch and come right back up and the

higher up your feet are the further

they're going to come down and remember

tightening up everything this is really

going to work your core are easy you

don't trust me try for yourself and

you're really going to be doing like 20

repetitions if you do three to four

steps of this and pretty much you know

that's one of the exercises you could be

doing to work you have a little muscles

now don't give in to all these myths on

the Internet this is extremely important

understand it doesn't matter like what

add exercise you're doing you know just

build it just working on your abs isn't

going to burn fat off right that's

number one it's not just going to burn

the fat off it really does come down to

your diet and that's what you need to

focus on but if you strengthen all the

muscles all over your body you keep up

with muscular dearth hypertrophy build

aside your muscles your strengthen your


so all translate into overall body

development exactly what you want so

stop making excuses get it done don't

just say hey I shouldn't be doing add

workouts and and just like just work

just work stay consistent and you'll get

the body you want

so hopefully this clarifies a lot of

information that I've been seeing on the

internet I do have some awesome things

coming soon so stay tuned for that

much love keep on grunted if you have

any questions you need answered or

anything I'm on snapchat I'm on

Instagram I'm all over all these social

medias check it out in the description I

got your back let's keep on grinding

love your fan talk soon